Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With Dogs And Other Cats?

Ragdolls are one of the world’s most affectionate and loving domestic breeds of cats. But you might be wondering whether or not that applies to love and affection for other cats and other dogs. 

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Ragdolls are very open and friendly cats who love other pets—especially other cats and dogs. So long as they are a part of the family. A Ragdoll may be a little standoffish if it’s an animal that is a kind of guest, not normally a part of the family. 

The fact is, Ragdolls are simply family-oriented. Of all the cat breeds—with Siberians and Ragamuffins being a close second and third. Ragdolls are among the most sociable and accepting cats and the least territorial-minded breed. 

Ragdolls don’t engage in drawing a line around their personal space. The female Ragdoll can be a little bit of an exception. Still, it’s by no means a fiercely territorial cat and is only slightly more irritated by intrusion than the male Ragdoll, which is virtually zero irritation.

Ragdoll Cats and Dogs

Ragdoll cats are perfectly at ease in a home with dogs as their primary companions. There are exceptions, of course, but that mostly revolves around the dog, not the Ragdoll. 

For instance, a high-strung, fiercely territorial dog like the Chihuahua could be problematic because their nature is exactly the opposite of a Ragdoll’s, and they will fight tiny teeth and tiny nails over their small bowl of dog food that the Ragdoll probably doesn’t even want. 

So there are exceptions to the rule. For the most part, however, Ragdolls will get along with almost any kind of dog breed for various reasons. 

  • Ragdolls get along with everyone
  • They have sociable personalities
  • Ragdolls act like dogs
  • They are large and durable

Ragdolls are one of the more friendly breeds of domestic cats and will be happy to openly engage in play and introduction with a dog. They have a lot of trust, and even though that can place them in danger—especially if they escape outside—it’s perfectly suited for an in-home environment.

Ragdolls also happen to act like dogs themselves, which will help smooth over any temperamental issues that the dog may have. As they get used to each other, a Ragdoll will become more openly affectionate and playful with the dog.

Ragdolls are also big for cats, with the males reaching 20lbs at maturity. 

They are very durable cats and can withstand the sometimes rougher play of a large dog breed. Since most large dog breeds are “gentle giants,” a Ragdoll may find such a dog to be its best friend. 

Best Dog Breeds for Ragdolls

While most dogs and Ragdolls get along just fine, a few dog breeds stand out in terms of being the most compatible with Ragdolls. 

  • Beagles
  • Pugs
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Black Labradors
  • Great Danes
  • Irish Wolfhounds
  • Bull Mastiffs
  • Saint Bernards

Beagles and pugs are on the same size level as a Ragdoll, whether male or female and are generally not hyperactive dogs. They get along great with Ragdolls because they are often as laid back as they are. 

Golden Retrievers and Black Labradors are more energetic but easy-going, friendly, and open dogs who would get along great with a Ragdoll and find an outstanding companion. 

Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, Saint Bernards, and Bull Mastiffs are the true giants of the dog breeds. However, they are gentle giants and would find a great, loyal, consistent companion in a Ragdoll. 

Ragdolls and Other Cats

Ragdolls aren’t territorial, and when cats typically fight, it’s over turf. Turf isn’t necessarily defined by an area, either. Turf can be just about anything, from food, water, human companionship, a favorite relaxation spot, a cat scratching post, a cat house, etc. 

As with dogs, it’s not the Ragdoll that will define the nature of the relationship but the cat that stands opposite of the Ragdoll. Ragdolls have no territorial aspirations and will get along with almost any cat, so long as that cat will get along with it. 

You have to be a little more selective when choosing a cat companion for your Ragdoll, irrespective of whether you own a male Ragdoll or a female Ragdoll since both are very similar in personality. 

While the male Ragdoll is more aggressive in its younger years, that aggression is playful, not a predatory or cruel one. Female Ragdolls are a little more aloof and far less aggressive in their youth than their male counterparts. 

Best Cat Breeds for Ragdolls

It’s something worth considering if you’re looking for a companion for your Ragdoll as the age and gender of your Ragdoll may make all of the difference in the world with the other cat. But, as with dogs, Ragdolls get along with most cats, with some specific cats better than others.

  • Maine Coon Cat
  • Siberian Cats
  • Ragamuffins
  • Another Ragdoll
  • Persian Cats
  • Birman Cats

Main Coon cats are another large, domestic breed that is highly affectionate, people and pet-friendly, and intelligent. They get along with Ragdolls because they have a lot in common, including their size as opposed to a male Ragdoll. 

Siberians are very similar in temperament, personality, and behavior and are one of the breeds known for their ability to get along well with Ragdolls and Ragamuffins. The same goes for Persians and Birman cats.

Persians are long-haired cats that are renowned for their incredibly calm personalities and. Of course, how beautiful they are when they reach maturity. They get along great with Ragdolls because they both share a calm temperament. 

Birmans are essentially Ragdolls when it comes to much of their behavior and temperament. The Birman is a highly intelligent, calm, and very affectionate cat, a perfect companion for a Ragdoll.

Ragamuffins are practically Ragdolls themselves, as they are a part of the Ragdoll bloodline that split off a few generations back because of the strict breeding requirements of the Ragdoll. However, they have retained much of the personality of their very close cousin and get along great with Ragdolls.

Last but not least, the best way to find a feline companion for your Ragdoll is to return to the source, which is another Ragdoll! Ragdolls get along great with each other, probably more so than any other cat.

It’s especially nice to own two Ragdolls as you know exactly what you are going to get when you pick up the second one. There’s nothing to worry about in terms of getting two males or two females. As this breed is simply not that territorial at all. 

As far as other cats, avoid the most territorial breeds if you can; since that is not a part of the Ragdoll’s personality. It will find that it is difficult to perceive what the other cat is so upset about. A Ragdoll is far too laid-back for those kinds of shenanigans.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to getting a companion for your Ragdoll. The shopping list of choices is extremely large as a Ragdoll will get along with almost anything that will get along with it. 

If you can find a breed that shares similar traits with your Ragdoll, both will be better off.

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