Are Ragdolls A One Person Cat? Getting Them to Bond With You

Some cats form very strong bonds with one other person, and while they may enjoy fuss from other family members, they mostly prefer the company of just their special person. This is often a breed-specific trait, so you might be wondering if Ragdolls tend to be that kind of cat or not.

Are Ragdolls A One Person Cat?

Ragdolls are highly sociable creatures, and they aren’t a one-person cat. They do form powerful bonds with their owners, but they also love meeting and socializing with new people. They are often at risk of being stolen because they are so trusting and friendly with new people!

If you’ve been considering getting a Ragdoll but not sure what to expect, this article will help you. We’ll take a look at how to bond with a Ragdoll and what to expect.

Will My Ragdoll Love Me Best?

It’s likely that your Ragdoll will form a powerful bond with whoever spends the most time with it. They are very companionable pets and like to be with their owners at all times when they are at home.

However, according to FloppyCats, they are also excellent pets in that they are not too clingy. That said, Ragdolls are more clingy than other breeds. They will leave their humans alone when they want some space and don’t generally push so hard that they are annoying. 

They can sit quietly beside you and enjoy your company without needing your entire focus all the time.

This makes it a bit easier to deal with their high sociability if you also need to do other things! Many Ragdoll cat owners will be experts at patting their cat with one hand and doing something else with the other.

If you spend a lot of time playing with and petting your Ragdoll, the chances are that it will love you best – but it may love guests too! 

Expect it to sit on their laps, wind around their legs, and follow them around your house.

Your Ragdoll wants to be everyone’s best friend, including yours. They are not shy of strangers, so they will probably investigate anyone you bring into your home as a potential new buddy.

Do Ragdolls Bond To A Single Person?

This usually depends on the particular Ragdoll. Like other breeds, some Ragdoll cats do form powerful bonds with just one person, but not all do. Some Ragdolls prefer to spend time with all the family members in turn and may alternate their “favorite” person from time to time.

If your Ragdoll does bond with one person, they will show it – though it may take time for them to do so, especially if you have adopted a Ragdoll that has had a previous family.

Ragdoll cats that have bonded will follow their favorite person constantly and may even groom them. If your Ragdoll starts bathing you, take it as a sure sign that it loves you! They also often like to sleep in bed with their owners, so be prepared to share your sleeping space with this kind of cat.

You might wonder what causes a Ragdoll to bond to someone, and usually, the answer is just that they spend time together. For a Ragdoll, the most crucial thing is companionship, and if you provide a lot of it, they are likely to stick by you through thick and thin.

Ragdolls can bond with people outside the home if they aren’t getting enough attention from the people they live with.

How Can I Increase My Bond With My Ragdoll?

Really, the best thing you can do is commit time to your Ragdoll, but there are other ways to increase your bond too.

Talk To Your Cat

For starters, learn your cat’s language!

Start focusing on how they talk to you and pay attention to their different meows, postures, and expressions. Ragdolls are often vocal, so learn what the noises your cat makes mean and listen to what they are saying. 

Being able to communicate with your Ragdoll will enhance your relationship. When your cat is talking to you, don’t be scared to speak to your cat as well.

Pay attention to your cat’s expressions. The angle of their ears and the position of their tail will tell you a lot about your cat’s mood and what they want. Use these so you know how your Ragdoll is feeling and what they would like to do.

Communication is a two-way street, of course, so if you’re going to learn your Ragdoll’s language, help it learn yours, too. Cats listen to the tone of voice a lot, so use your tone inflections to help your kitty understand what you want and need.

You may even be able to teach your Ragdoll a few words, as it is believed that cats have some word recognition. Choose simple phrases such as “food” or “cuddle,” and see if your cat starts to pick up on them after a while. This kind of communication is key to a strong bond.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a great part of bonding with your cat, and you can train your Ragdoll to do lots of different things – such as playing fetch! What better way to create a powerful relationship? Plenty of treats, ear scratches, and praise are great ways to show your kitty that you’re happy with it.

Play With Your Cat

Next, spend a lot of time playing with your cat. Ragdolls love to play, even though they don’t have much of a hunting instinct, so get out their favorite toy and roll it around or wave it at them.

Keeping them entertained can also keep them from becoming bored and scratching the furniture or getting into other trouble.

This sort of focused quality time is key to building a good relationship. Teach them some tricks, and make treats a part of the fun.

Feed Your Cat

You should also aim to be the one who feeds your cat, at least most of the time. This will help establish trust between you both and help your cat understand that you care for it and look after it.

Ragdolls love eating, so being the one to feed them is a great way to get them to associate you with all the best things in life!

Groom Your Cat

Grooming your Ragdoll is another good way to spend quality time together, especially if your cat likes being groomed. You should always aim to make grooming a positive experience for your cat, with lots of treats, encouragement, and ear rubs.

Ragdolls should be groomed twice a week, which is less frequent than some other long-haired breeds. Keep an eye on your Ragdoll and encourage them to settle down for a brushing whenever their coat is starting to look a little matted or dirty.

Grooming is a wonderful, peaceful quality time to spend with your cat, so make the most out of it. You can put a film on while you sit and brush out their gorgeous coat and admire them. This sort of gentle touching and physical contact can be a great way to increase your bond with your Ragdoll.

Final Word

Your Ragdoll might bond with you specifically, or it may share its affection equally around the whole family. It depends a bit on the cat, on you, and the family dynamics. 

If you want to create a special bond between yourself and your kitty, use the above techniques to make the most of your time with them.

Quality time matters to Ragdolls more than anything else, so give your kitty lots of attention, and they will treat you as their best friend – even if they do also want to investigate any guests that you have in the house; too!

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