Are Ragdolls Clingy? How Much Attention Do They Need?

Anyone considering getting a Ragdoll cat might be wondering how affectionate they are, and whether they need a lot of your time and attention. Are they clingy cats, or are they generally happy doing their own thing?

Are Ragdolls Clingy?

Ragdolls are quite clingy, yes. They need more attention than the average domestic breed, and they like to have a lot of time spent on them. If you’re thinking of getting a Ragdoll, you need to make sure that you’ll be home most of the time or that your cat has a friend or someone dropping in to check on it.

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How Much Time Do Ragdoll Cats Need?

As a general rule of thumb, adult Ragdoll cats need at least an hour of attention every day, spaced out across the day. If you work, you will need to play with your cat before you go and when you get back. 

If you’re working very long hours, your cat will need more attention before you go and after you return.

A young cat will need about double that, so you should have at least two free hours per day to entertain and exercise your cat. If you can’t commit, you should reconsider whether a Ragdoll is a right cat for you. 

A Ragdoll that doesn’t get enough attention will be miserable and sometimes destructive. Ragdolls, like other cats, will scratch furniture, chew cords, and other bad behavior.

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According to RagDollLove, Ragdolls love to follow you everywhere when you’re at home. You can expect them to want to be in the room with you most of the time and demand your attention whenever they feel like it.

Ragdolls are also major talkers, and they will often chatter away to you, especially when they are youngsters. You will soon learn to distinguish between your Ragdoll’s meows, but you may find that often, they seem to meow for the sake of meowing.

In general, meows that aim to get your attention will be short little chirps, but they can range in sound quite a lot.

Ragdolls do tend to get less excitable and demanding as they get older, according to PurrCraze. Kittens can be very hard to handle and need a lot of time and attention, but they should mellow and calm down as they age a bit. An adult Ragdoll still needs plenty of your time, but not quite so much.

Can I Leave My Ragdoll Alone Overnight?

Leaving a cat alone always depends on your setup and the cat’s temperament. For example, a clingy cat that wants a lot of attention will not be happy if left alone.

If you are confident that your cat is safe and comfortable at home, you can sometimes leave domestic cats alone for a weekend, provided they have all their needs met. 

Ideally, you should also have a neighbor or somebody checking on them every so often to make sure they are okay.

A Ragdoll cat, however, is less likely to be happy if left for a whole weekend. If your cat is particularly relaxed and calm, perhaps you know that it will manage – but ideally, you shouldn’t do this.

If you do have to leave your Ragdoll for more than twenty-four hours, you should aim to make sure somebody is not only checking in but also spending some time with your kitty. 

Perhaps a friend would be willing to sit and watch a TV show while providing a bit of play or fuss. Alternatively, maybe you could hire a pet sitter.

Most Ragdoll cats won’t be happy if they are left for more than twenty-four hours alone – and some may not even manage that. So if your Ragdoll is still young or unsettled, don’t leave them unattended; make some other arrangement if you have to go away.

You might want to get a pet camera if you are going to leave your Ragdoll overnight. This is the same camera we’ve used in our household as it works great for both cats and dogs.

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This will help you keep an eye on your furry friend and help set your mind at rest about how it’s doing. If you get one that you can also talk through, you can chat to your cat, although some cats might find this confusing!

What Should I Do Before Leaving My Ragdoll Alone?

Before you step out of your front door, whether it’s for an overnight trip or just a long workday, think about your kitty and make sure it’s comfortable. 

Obvious things that need to be looked at include food and water. Does your kitty have something to eat, and is there a source of cold, fresh water for it to drink?

A litter box is also essential, and it should always be cleaned before you go out. Unfortunately, many cats won’t use a dirty one.

Make sure your cat has some comfortable napping spots, and then consider investing in some good cat toys. What should your cat play with while you’re out? 

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Can you set up any puzzles for them to explore, or can you find a new toy they might play with?

You should also remove anything they might hurt themselves with if they get bored and start investigating things – especially if you will be gone for longer than usual. 

Think about things that could fall on them, things they might chew, or fragile things that you don’t want them to break.

While Ragdolls generally are laid back and not super destructive. If your Ragdoll is left alone a lot, it may get into things that it shouldn’t and could hurt itself or your furnishings!

Should I Get My Ragdoll Cat A Friend?

Many breeders sell Ragdolls in pairs and refuse to sell them alone. Because Ragdolls are such sociable creatures, and this is an excellent way to ensure that they always have a friend nearby. 

If you are at home most of the time and you would rather have one cat, your Ragdoll will be fine – provided you play with it regularly.

However, if you are working a lot or often out, you should consider getting another Ragdoll or another cat to be friends with your kitty. 

Ragdolls do best with relaxed, gentle playmates, so try and avoid choosing a domineering or bossy cat.

Kittens are often the best option; these will grow up alongside your Ragdoll and feel comfortable with it. Often, Ragdolls will take better to kittens than to adult cats.

MyRagdollCats also discusses introducing your Ragdoll to a dog. But this is something you should consider very carefully because some cats won’t cope well with a dog at all. It will be very much dependent on the personality of both animals.

Always spend time introducing your cat to a potential friend and seeing how they interact before adding to your household.

If you are getting a Ragdoll kitten, think about getting it a friend at the same time so that you don’t have the difficulty of introducing two animals.

Final Word

Ragdolls are clingier than most cats and will need a good amount of your time and attention. They like to spend time playing with you and cuddling. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on them, you should consider a more independent pet.

Don’t take on a single Ragdoll kitten unless you can dedicate several hours to it every single day. It will not be good for you or the cat. 

However, if you want a loving, highly affectionate, and very relaxed feline friend, a Ragdoll could be just perfect for you!

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