Do Ragdoll Cats Travel Well? Tips For More Pleasurable Trips

Are you considering getting a Ragdoll cat? If so, you may be wondering if they are a good breed for traveling. Let’s take a look at everything you need to make your traveling experience better.

Ragdoll cats are among the most lovable and easygoing pets who behave well under most circumstances. These cats may not enjoy traveling, but they will stay calm and composed when they travel with you. This breed is a real people pleaser, and as long as they’re close to you, they’ll just want to make you happy.

Keep reading to find out how Ragdoll cats travel on different modes of transport. And learn some tips for making these trips a happy experience for both you and your fur baby.

Can You Travel With A Ragdoll Cat?

Ragdolls are gentle and loving cats who love to please their owners. Thanks to their easygoing and friendly nature, these cats make the perfect indoor pet. Because of this, you may worry that taking a Ragdoll outside could cause great anxiety, but this is not the case.

In general, this breed will be happy as long as they can follow you around and be close to you – and it doesn’t matter if that’s inside or outside. Ragdolls may take a while to settle into the car, but they won’t meow or make the same fuss that other breeds do.

Do Ragdoll Cats Enjoy Car Rides?

Most Ragdolls will tolerate a car ride, but whether they actually enjoy it comes down to their personality. Regardless of their natural inclination for car rides, there are things you can do to make it more enjoyable for your cat.

One of the best ways to get cats used to something new is to allow them time to familiarise themselves with it. New sights, sounds, and smells can cause anxiety in your feline, but the more they get used to these sensory experiences, the more comfortable they’ll be.

Before taking your cat on a car ride, give them time to get used to the car itself. Leave the doors open and allow your Ragdoll to explore the environment at their own pace. You can add their favorite blanket or toy so they build positive associations. And reward them with treats and praise – they will love the fact that they’re making you happy.

Once they are relaxed, try turning on the engine to see how they react. Start slowly with small distances and low speeds until they get used to the sensation of driving.

In addition, many cats can experience motion sickness when they travel in a vehicle. By recognizing the signs, you can help to minimize the impact. For example, if you notice that your cat seems anxious when the car is moving, or their body becomes rigid, they may be experiencing motion sickness. You can help to combat this with medications from your vet.

How Much Space Does A Ragdoll Cat Need When Travelling?

There is no perfect measurement for a cat carrier – it all comes down to the size of your cat. In general, you want to make sure that your Ragdoll can stand up, sit down, and turn around within their enclosure.

This breed is pretty easygoing when it comes to space; they’re perfectly happy to live in a small home as long as they can be close to you. And it’s no different when traveling; they won’t be too fussed about how much space they have as long as they can interact with you.

How Can I Make My Ragdoll More Comfortable While Travelling In A Car?

While Ragdolls are a reasonably docile breed anyway, there are things you can do to make their car ride a little bit more comfortable.

Prepare your cat carrier ahead of time. Place one of your pet’s favorite towels or blankets in the carrier’s base so they have a familiar scent. Adding one or two of their favorite toys is another great way to keep them comfortable and entertained.

Once the cat carrier is ready, allow your Ragdoll to spend time playing and relaxing inside it. Don’t fasten them in straight away; allow them to familiarize themselves first. 

When the car and carrier are set up and ready, try to tempt your Ragdoll to enter the carrier of its only accord with a treat or toy. Then, as you drive, make sure that the car has sufficient heating or air conditioning. If your cat is at its optimum temperature, it will be a lot happier during your trip.

And music can be an excellent way for getting a cat to relax. Try something soft and soothing; you can even find cat “sounds” and playlists on YouTube that they will love to listen to.

Do Ragdoll Cats Enjoy Plane Rides?

No cat enjoys plane rides; it’s an unfamiliar environment where they can be taken away from their owners and exposed to loud noises. With that in mind, preparing your Ragdoll for a flight should begin at least one month before your trip.

How Can I Prepare My Ragdoll Cat For A Plane Ride?

The first step is to choose a suitable carrier and allow your Ragdoll plenty of time to familiarize and build positive associations with it. When you purchase the carrier, check that it meets the airline’s requirements and that it is the right size for your feline to be comfortable.

Next, place some of their favorite things inside the carrier. Incorporate this into playtime and rests during the lead-up to the flight. Feeling like they’re in a safe surrounding will go a long way to helping you Ragdoll overcome its fears.

Another helpful tip is exposing your cat to loud noises and getting them used to it. Try starting your car engine or vacuum cleaner around them. As you make these noises, give your cat plenty of attention and reassurance so they learn that these noises are not a threat.

It’s better if your cat is allowed into the cabin of the plane, as you can keep them at the base of your seat where they can still see and smell you. But many airlines will insist that cats travel in the cargo hold. If this is the case, ask where you can pick your feline up as soon as the plane lands.

When you arrive at your destination, allow your cat plenty of time to calm down and readjust to its new surroundings. Make sure they have a quiet space and somewhere they can retreat if they wish. Then, praise them for their excellent behavior and reward them with treats.

What Are The Pros Of Travelling With A Ragdoll Cat?

This all-around cat is a great travel companion, thanks to many factors. They are intelligent and accommodating, making them easy to train and open to learning new things. They won’t fight with other pets during your trip, plus they’ll remain pretty quiet.

What Are The Cons Of Travelling With A Ragdoll Cat?

Ragdolls can grow pretty big – up to 15 pounds – and if your feline is on the larger side, they can be tricky to haul around to different locations. In addition, they have long hair that ends up all over the place.

Final Word

Ragdolls are incredibly easygoing cats who make one of the best travel companions, thanks to their docile nature. They will travel with minimal noise or fuss, causing very little stress or hassle. 

However, if you want to ensure their optimum wellbeing for the trip, follow the tips in this article.

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