Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs [Which Is The Right Breed For You?]

There are two types of people: cat lovers and dog lovers. But what about those of us who are both? Is there a way to achieve the best of both worlds? The answer is yes. While cats may be famous for their aloof and independent nature, several breeds share many characteristics of their canine counterparts.

Read on to explore the cat breeds that act the most like dogs in this list of loyal, playful and easily trainable felines that will have you questioning whether you own a cat or a dog.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the list of cat breeds that act like dogs, keep reading to get a more detailed answer:

  1. Abyssinian
  2. American Bobtail
  3. American Curl
  4. Birman
  5. Bombay
  6. Burmese
  7. Chartreux
  8. Maine Coon
  9. Manx
  10. Ocicat
  11. Ragamuffin
  12. Ragdoll
  13. Siberian
  14. Sphynx
  15. Turkish Angora

Which Cat Breeds Act Like Dogs?

From the Maine Coon to the Birman, several breeds are deemed “the dogs of the cat world.” Several cat breeds act like dogs, the video below will show you a cat compilation of cats acting like dogs.


This intelligent and curious cat makes the perfect pet for owners who are more accustomed to dogs. Renowned for their social skills, these felines enjoy hanging around various people and engaging in lots of playtime.

Abyssinians can be compared to dogs because they love to play fetch, follow their owners around the house, and are open to leash training. The only drawback is that, like a dog, you can’t leave these felines alone for too long because they require much attention.

American Bobtail

They may look wild, but the American Bobtail is an easygoing, friendly cat who will get along with your family members – human or furry. This confident breed has no problem fitting into family life, and they love playing games with their humans.

Like dogs, the American Bobtail will play fetch and hide and seek. Additionally, you can train them how to walk on a leash.

American Curl

The American Curl – so-called for its unique curled-over ears – is an affectionate and docile cat who loves nothing more than spending quality bonding time with its owners.

This breed maintains the curiosity of a cat without the indifference that is synonymous with felines. Instead, they display a dog-like attentiveness and will happily follow you around the house to take a look at what you’re doing.


Birman’s make an excellent companion for individuals and families. They get along exceptionally well with children and are a perfect option for families who want a low-maintenance pet that their kids will adore.

Some traits of the Birman are canine-like such as their sociable and friendly nature; and the desire to be people-oriented.


The Bombay may be the perfect cat companion for owners who are used to dog behaviors. These curious and energetic cats adapt quickly to change and love exploring the world around them; they enjoy regular playtimes with games such as catch each day.

In addition, these felines use their intelligence to create new ways to keep themselves – and you – entertained. So when you adopt a Bombay, you get a dog’s personality in a cat’s body, with a feline friend who will keep you entertained for hours on end.


People often liken Burmese cats to dogs thanks to their inclination to “shadow” their owners and loyally follow them around. Another canine quality this breed possesses is entertaining and amusing the whole family as it learns new tricks and skills.

Like a dog, the Burmese needs human company to maintain its wellbeing, so it’s better suited to families who are home often. This intelligent and affectionate breed will bond with the whole family, including other pets.


The Chartreux is one of the easiest, most placid cats around who will attach themselves to every member of your family with their loving and loyal nature.

Even dog lovers won’t be able to resist the smiling face of a Chartreux as they respond to you calling their name and can even be taught how to fetch.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is famous for being a dog-like cat breed, probably due to its size. This magnificent feline can grow up to 18 pounds! And it’s not just the size of a Maine Coon that has people comparing it to a dog.

With a big heart and a playful nature, this breed is a devoted and loyal pet that will love its owners much as a dog would. They can, however, be a little more reserved towards strangers and people they are unfamiliar with.


The Manx isn’t necessarily synonymous with a dog-like cat, but they share many canine behavior traits. For example, Manx cats will play fetch and even bury their toys sometimes. In addition, they can learn simple commands such as “no” and will come to you when you call their name.


The Ocicat may resemble a small wildcat, but its DNA is entirely domestic. Therefore, they will adapt to and bond with most people, though they will choose one person to be their person with whom they will have an extra-strong bond.

These cats are extremely intelligent, active, and social, requiring lots of interactive play plus time and attention from their humans.


The even-tempered, placid Ragamuffin will get along with all members of your family and adapt quickly to changes in their routine and environment.

Ragamuffins act similarly to lapdogs – they will greet you when you get home, follow you from room to room and be loyal companions to you and your family. This breed loves plenty of attention and fussing from their humans.


Deriving its name from its ability to go limp and ragdoll-like while resting in its human’s arm, this breed has a chilled-out, easygoing personality that pairs well with both adults and children. The Ragdoll will easily adapt to a household with cats and dogs to become a much-loved member of your family.

Like dogs, the Ragdoll possesses a playful nature and engages in various games with its owners. But, they are lower maintenance than a canine and not so energetic that they will overwhelm your lifestyle.


If you have a household with a cat person and a dog person, then the Siberian may be the perfect compromise. This affectionate and playful breed will trick you into believing you’ve adopted a puppy with its loyalty and problem-solving skills.

They are good with children, seniors, other cats, and dogs and make the perfect pet for an owner who is more experienced in caring for a canine.


As a hairless breed, you will often find the Sphynx on a sunny windowsill or underneath a blanket where they can keep warm. These lovable cats are highly extroverted and will love entertaining guests in your house.

And, like dogs, they will show affection to their humans, wag their tail when they’re happy, and follow you around room-to-room.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is one of the highest maintenance cats on the list, with a sensitive personality that does not adapt well to changes. This being said, they make extremely affectionate and loyal companions who love to play. They are even known to go for a swim now and then.

This breed will greet you when you come home and love meeting new people when you host visitors. Thanks to their sociable nature, everyone who visits will undoubtedly fall in love with this beautiful feline.

What Behavioural Traits Do Cats And Dogs Share?

Cats and dogs have different reputations, and many people are surprised to learn just how similar the two species can be. Both express themselves through ear and tail movements, vocals, and facial expressions. They also predominantly use their sense of smell as a way to explore and understand the world.

Both species carry an excellent ability to bond with their owners. Though obedience, communication, and playfulness are most synonymous with dogs, both of these animals can show these traits.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t choose between a canine or a feline companion, then a dog-like cat breed could be the option to give you the best of both worlds. 

These kitties will be loyal pets who get along with the rest of your family and enjoy lots of games and cuddles. But they won’t require as much maintenance as a dog and are suitable for busy family lifestyles. 

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