What Do Scottish Fold Cats Eat? [Do They Have A Special Diet?]

Scottish Folds are adorable, so it can be easy to forget that they are carnivores and need to eat meat each day to survive. The best diet for your Scottish Fold feline is full of protein and animal fat, only containing low amounts of fillers such as vegetables and grains. 

Continue reading to discover the dietary requirements for your Scottish Fold, any special requirements this breed has, and how best to structure their diet. In addition, we’ll examine some of the most popular premium and economy cat food brands to find out which is best for your feline.

What Do Scottish Fold Cats Eat?

All cats are obligate or “true” carnivores meaning that animal flesh provides all necessary nutrients, with digestive systems designed for a meat-only diet.

While cats can digest small amounts of plant matter, their digestive systems aren’t built for it, so you must keep this type of food to a minimum. 

Cats are natural hunters, and if they’re allowed outside, they will likely supplement the food you provide with live edible creatures. Along with protein, cats benefit from Vitamin A, taurine, and niacin. 

Do Scottish Folds Require a Special Diet?

You can feed a Scottish Fold much the same diet as you would feed any other cat; however, this breed has some unique traits that you need to consider.

The Scottish Fold is still closely related to its cousin, the panther. Though they are visually different, their digestive systems are remarkably similar, meaning that their optimal diets should also be similar.

Scottish Folds (like their ancestors) require a diet primarily of meat, cartilage, and bone; they have a sensitive stomach and digestive system that can react badly to carbohydrates and other fillers. Also, they don’t get as much exercise as their larger cousins and can be prone to obesity if you don’t monitor their diet efficiently.

Which Food Brands Are Good For My Scottish Fold?

The best food for your Scottish Fold comes down to its circumstances. However, there is a selection of popular food brands that cat owners recommend as a good starting place.

The best dry foods should contain more than 30% protein, with meat and organs as the primary ingredients. In addition, they should have minimal filler ingredients such as carbs or grains and plenty of vitamins and minerals to aid your cat’s health, particularly taurine.

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free.

Grain-free dry foods are the best option for your Scottish Fold, and Taste of The wild contains 42% protein – one of the highest commercial cat food brands. The main protein is chicken, but the product also has roasted venison and smoked salmon to suit the tastes of a range of cats.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Salmon.

This Blue Buffalo product is also grain-free and contains only healthy fillers such as tapioca root and Flaxseed, packed with vitamins for your cat. In addition, the food is 40% protein and contains no corn, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors and preservatives.

Iams Proactive Health Dry Cat Food.

The primary ingredient of this Iams cat food is chicken. In addition, it contains supplements such as omega 3 and 6 to help your cat maintain a shiny, healthy coat. The brand is well established and easy for you to source, plus it helps indoor cats to maintain a healthy weight.

Purina One Tender Selects.

Purina is a high-quality dry food that adds texture to your cat’s meal with plenty of meaty chunks. There are two flavors available – chicken and salmon – so you can adapt the taste to suit your cat’s preferences. The protein content is 34% which still falls in the optimum range for your cat while being a more affordable product.

It’s crucial that the diet of your Scottish Fold also contains wet food to keep it happy and hydrated. In addition, it’s better to feed your cat smaller amounts of high-quality food than larger amounts of low-quality ones.

Nutro Perfect Portions Grain-Free Pate.

Grain-free wet food is difficult to source, but this Nutro product lacks corn, wheat, or soy, making it an excellent choice for your feline. In addition, there are no artificial flavors or preservatives, and the food is around 12% protein (a good level for wet food).

Iams Perfect Portions Grain-Free.

This Iams brand is similar to Nutro. It contains about 2% less protein and carries a lower price tag. The first three ingredients listed are chicken, broth, and chicken liver, and with no artificial preservatives, this is an excellent wet food to add to your cat’s diet.

Purina Fancy Feast.

Purina is a popular choice of cat food, creating affordable options to suit the needs of your feline. They offer three flavor varieties that all list real meat as the primary ingredients, and there is a healthy protein content of 11%.

This product is cheaper because it contains small amounts of fillers and artificial flavors, but on the flip side, there are essential vitamins and Taurine to help boost your cat’s nutrition.

Sheba Perfect Portions Pate.

Sheba is a popular and affordable brand with various proteins and flavors. This is an ideal option to diversify your cat’s diet while providing real meat with every meal.

Can My Scottish Fold Eat A Homemade Diet?

Many owners are keen to try their Scottish Folds on a homemade or raw diet. This is entirely possible as long as you have the time to properly prepare each meal and consult with your vet to ensure that your cat is getting the right nutrients.

What Are The Eating Habits Of A Scottish Fold?

Scottish Folds have eating habits similar to other cats, and if you leave food out for them, they will eat until they are satisfied. Then, when allowed to go outside, they will supplement their diet by catching natural prey.

Many owners opt to have a continuous stream of food available for their feline friends; however, it’s essential to monitor how much your cat is eating.

If your cat consumes too much food, it could quickly become overweight, leading to a greater risk of developing health issues such as diabetes mellitus, urinary tract disease, or respiratory disease.

The amount of food your Scottish Fold requires depends on several factors, including their size and daily activity level. If you’re not sure of the correct portion size for your Fold, consult with your vet, who will be the best person to offer advice for your cat.

Is Dry Food Or Wet Food Better For A Cat’s Diet?

Both dry and wet foods can meet the nutritional needs of your cat. However, there are a few reasons why many pet owners opt for the wet variety. The first is in the name “dry.” Cats are one of the domesticated animals to have descended from desert species, and, as such, their thirst drive is low.

To consume enough fluids each day, most water will come from their food. By feeding your cat wet food, you increase their liquid intake and help to prevent health issues such as kidney problems.

In addition, makers invented dry food as a convenient option for humans that is easy to store and makes less mess than wet varieties. But like our convenience or “fast food,” dry food can come packed with fillers such as grains and carbohydrates that your cat is not equipped to digest.

On the other hand, some research has suggested that dry food can help maintain good oral hygiene in cats. So try combining wet and dry foods in your cat’s diet to give them the best of both worlds for the best results.

How Can I Change The Diet Of My Scottish Fold?

If you need to change the diet of your Scottish Fold for any reason, it’s best to do it in steps to allow them to get used to the change.

Start slowly, mixing the new food with their old food and gradually increasing the new food ratio until they are weaned off their old diet completely. Remember that you mustn’t starve them as this could lead to fatty liver disease (hepatic lipidosis). If they point blank refuse to eat something new, then their old food is better than nothing at all.

Final Thoughts

As an obligate carnivore, your Scottish Fold requires a high protein diet with minimal carbs or fillers. Every pet is different, but a good general rule is to look for products with high protein content and only minor fillers. Combine wet and dry foods to give your pet the best of both worlds, and look out for the vitamins that can increase the nutritional value of your cat’s diet.

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