Do Scottish Fold Cats Shed? [What You Need To Know]

The Scottish Fold possesses high grooming needs thanks to a moderate to high shedding tendency. Therefore, you will need to brush their felines frequently to prevent matted fur, excessive shedding, and furballs. 

Shedding is a regular part of any cat’s life, so it’s essential to establish a good grooming routine that you can follow. 

Continue reading to discover how much Scottish Folds shed, why this is important for them, and what you should do to help them maintain optimum health.

Do Scottish Fold Cats Shed A Lot?

A Scottish Fold cat’s overall amount of shedding depends on the thickness and length of its coat and whether or not they have a double coat. This breed is known as a high shedder and requires a proper grooming routine to maintain clean and healthy fur.

How Much Do Scottish Fold Cats Shed?

The Scottish Fold has a moderate to high shedding tendency, which increases or decreases depending on the length of their fur. While many cats shed more through the summer, this breed sheds year-round. They shed at an increased frequency during the spring and fall.

Is Shedding Normal For Cats?

Shedding is an integral part of a cat’s life, regardless of its breed or fur length. Shedding helps a cat regulate its body temperature in varied climates while aiding in bodily functions and contributing to its overall health.

There are other reasons cats shed that include ridding themselves of dead and loose strands of fur. Shedding enables them to replace the dead strands with fresh, healthy strands. This new and robust fur helps to protect a cat’s skin from bacteria and other substances.

While a cat needs to shed their fur regularly, it’s also essential that they maintain a healthy level of fur for bodily functions and don’t shed too much.

Can My Scottish Fold Shed Too Much?

Yes, there is an optimum amount of shedding for a Scottish Fold; too little or too much can negatively impact their health. On the other hand, too much shedding can occur if your over-groom your cat or if they have underlying health issues.

If your cat is shedding clumps of fur or displaying any bald patches, you must visit your local vet. They will be able to diagnose any issues and offer advice for keeping your Scottish Fold healthy.

How Can I Prevent Too Much Shedding From My Scottish Fold?

There are several reasons why your cat could be shedding too much; the most concerning is if your cat is overweight or sick. When you fail to maintain a proper healthcare routine for your cat, it will cease to groom itself, creating mats and clumps.

Scottish Folds can be characteristically lazy, but it’s essential to keep them active so they don’t become overweight. For example, a cat with extra weight may struggle to reach certain spots when attempting to wash itself.

Also, a Scottish Fold that spends time outdoors requires more care and attention than an indoor pet. An outdoor environment exposes your pet to germs and diseases, so cleaning becomes essential.

What Does The Fur Of A Scottish Fold Cat Look And Feel Like?

Scottish Fold cats are famous for their bushy tails and soft coats. They present in a range of colors, including beige, black, blue, cream, ebony, fawn, gray, lavender, orange, red, silver, and tan. In addition to this wide range of colors, the Scottish Fold comes in several styles such as solid, bicolor, tricolor, tabby, and tortoiseshell, among others.

This breed has both long and short-haired versions that can affect the coat’s texture and the level of the cat’s grooming needs. If you own a Scottish Fold, you will need to stick to an established routine to ensure your feline’s health.

Does The Fur Of A Scottish Fold Mat Easily?

Due to the nature of their coats, the fur of a Scottish Fold is more prone to mats and tangles. This increases further in the longhaired variant of the breed.

Are Scottish Fold Cats Hypoallergenic?

All cats, regardless of breed, produce Fel d 1, the allergen responsible for shedding. This protein forms in the saliva, which spreads to their body when they groom themselves. As a result, the Fel d1 spreads from the dander in the cat’s fur, resulting in shedding. 

How Should I Manage The Coat Of My Scottish Fold?

The Scottish Fold has special grooming requirements that revolve around the length of its fur. Therefore, you must have the appropriate tools and routine for your Scottish Fold’s coat to maintain its health. In addition, you must be careful when handling this delicate kitty, particularly around its sensitive tail area.

A Short Haired Scottish Fold requires one to two brushes per week, while a longhaired Scottish Fold requires three to four brushes per week. A gentle daily pet can also help keep your cat’s coat soft.

It’s essential to begin and maintain a steady routine when your Scottish Fold is a kitten. They feel comfortable on a schedule and enjoy being brushed during playtime. However, they are a very sensitive breed, and brushing can be painful; take extra care to be gentle when attempting to untangle any knots.

What Tools Do I Need For Grooming My Scottish Fold?

Use a steel comb to brush the coat of your Scottish Fold, regardless of its length. This ensures the removal of loose hair and keeps the coat soft and tangle-free. By beginning with the areas that feel good for your feline, you can get them to accommodate your brushing. 

Once you have their trust, you can tackle the more challenging areas.

Damp cotton pads are an excellent product for wiping the inside of your Scottish Folds’s ears, while a moist, soft cloth is suitable for wiping any debris from their eyes. 

When your Scottish Fold lives inside, you’ll also want to trim its claws at least once a month to avoid them scratching up your favorite furniture.

How Can I Maintain The Health Of My Scottish Fold’s Coat?

Like humans, the diet and nutrition of a Scottish Fold affect its overall health and appearance. Your cat must receive adequate hydration, but this can sometimes be a challenge as cats have a low thirst drive.

Wet food is an excellent option for adding water into your cat’s diet; you can talk to your vet about a healthy eating plan that provides your Scottish Fold with all its nutrients. 

As cats find water movement fascinating, a water fountain can also be an excellent option for encouraging adequate hydration.

Do I Need To Bathe My Scottish Fold?

Most cats do not need bathing, but the Scottish Fold is one of the exceptions, particularly if they spend a lot of time playing outside. Their folded ears are susceptible to germs and bacteria, which can become infected when you don’t clean them regularly.

Is It Better To Keep A Scottish Fold As An Indoor Or Outdoor Cat?

Scottish Folds thrive as indoor cats and are best suited to home life. Unfortunately, the gene which causes their ear fold can also cause degenerative joint disorders. This makes the cat particularly sensitive, and it could easily injure itself if left to wander outside unaccompanied.

Final Thoughts

The Scottish Fold sheds. A lot. But this shedding is essential for its health and wellbeing, so learning how to help them effectively manage this process is an integral part of being a cat parent. 

With regular brushing, gentle petting, and bathing sessions, your Scottish Fold can thrive. Its fresh, healthy coat will help protect it against bacteria and germs. Investing sufficient time in your Scottish Fold will reward you with a loving and loyal companion.

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