Is Meow Mix Wet Cat Food Good For Cats? [What You Need To Know]

With its catchy jingle, “the food cats ask for,” Meow Mix cat food is a favorite among pet parents for its product variety and availability across the country. But is Meow Mix wet cat food good for cats?

Is Meow Mix Wet Cat Food Good For Cats?

Meow Mix is one of the most popular brands because cats love the taste. There are a variety of flavors from salmon, chicken, turkey, ocean fish, etc. It’s not the healthiest food on the market. Still, it does contain all the essential vitamins and minerals cats need for a complete and balanced diet. 

This article explores product sourcing and varieties, ingredients’ quality, and the overall value for money. It also evaluates the recall history of Meow Mix plus the pros and cons of this product range.

If you’re unsure of what to feed your cat or if it requires special needs, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian. They will be able to recommend the best commercial cat food for your feline friend. 

Who Created Meow Mix?

The Ralston Purina Company began to create Meow Mix in 1974. Over the next several decades, the brand was sold from owner to owner, including Del Monte Foods.

In 2015, J.M.Smucker purchased Meow Mix and integrated it into his Big Heart Pet Brand line. Today all of Meow Mix’s dry food products are made in Alabama (the location of their head office). 

But Thailand produces all of the wet food, and no information is publicly available on the sourcing of their ingredients.

What Food Varieties Does Meow Mix Produce?

The wet food varieties of food that Meow Mix produce include Tender Favorites, Classic Pate, Pate Toppers, and Simple Servings.

Among the most popular Meow Mix food varieties is the “Tender Favorites with Real Tuna and Whole Shrimp in Sauce.”

What Ingredients Are In The Tender Favorites With Real Tuna And Whole Shrimp In Sauce?

This chunky stew is fish-based with a primary protein of salmon. The first ten ingredients listed are Tuna, Fish Broth, Ocean Fish, Shrimp, Soybean Oil, Natural, Artificial Flavors, Tricalcium Phosphate, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, and Salt.

The primary fat source of this food is soybean oil, and it obtains a flavor boost from a combination of natural and artificial flavors. However, the food uses guar gum and carrageenan as stabilizing agents. Neither of these substances is species-appropriate, but carrageenan is especially bad.

While professionals call food-grade carrageenan “safe.” There is no way to tell whether or not this substance is contaminated with degraded carrageenan. This latter product could cause inflammation. 

The ingredients list also contains “color,” which the manufacturers do not define as natural or artificial.

Overall, this food offers a good protein blend with low carb and fat content. And it provides 62 calories per cup. But it is fish-based, which is not always good for a cat’s diet.

Which Is The Best Wet Cat Food From Meow Mix?

If you’re looking for the best wet food product from Meow Mix, it’s hard to go past their Tender Favorites Poultry; Beef Variety Pack. These packs contain juicy pieces of real chicken, turkey, or beef in a creamy sauce.

This food is a rich source of protein and an array of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to their health. Three distinct flavors offer variety to your feline and are a great source of hydration. But, this food also contains carrageenan and other questionable fillers and additives.

Is Fish A Good Source Of Protein In My Cat’s Diet?

Many cats love the taste of fish, but is it a good food to feed your cat daily? Like all foods, fish is suitable as part of a balanced diet. But some fish contain high amounts of fatty acids, leading to a Vitamin E deficiency.

Vitamin E is essential for cats to maintain optimum health. This antioxidant protects cells for cardiovascular health, neurological function, and a robust immune system. Signs of vitamin E deficiency include muscular weakness such as heart dysfunction.

However, other components of fish are highly beneficial for a cat’s diet, so achieving the right balance is an excellent supplement to your cat’s health.

How Do Consumers Rate Meow Mix?

Meow Mix has a 3.7-star rating on Consumer Affairs, with most consumers rating the product an equally dispersed amount of threes, fours, and fives. However, there are also many one-star ratings; some of the lowest reviews contain complaints of vomiting and ill health caused by eating Meow Mix.

Some reviewers say that Meow Mix caused vomiting in their felines, which ceased when they replaced the food with a different product. Other reviewers claim the product causes diarrhea and even seizures in cats.

But other reviewers claim their cats have eaten Meow Mix for their entire lives and are happy, healthy felines. And some comment that this is the only brand their fussy cats will eat.

How Does Meow Mix Wet Food Compare With Other Products On The Market?

Meow Mix has a combination of positive and negative reviews, but how do its protein, fat, and fiber contents compare to the industry average? Not too bad if you check out the data below.

Meow Mix Wet Food (average pack)Industry (average pack)
Protein10.7 grams10 grams
Fat2.3 grams4 grams
Fiber1.3 grans1.25 grams

Nutritional Value of Each Meow Mix Wet Food?

The table below shows each wet food varieties’s protein, fat, and other fiber content from the Meow Mix website.

Food ProductProteinFatFiber
Tender Favorites with Real Salmon, Crab Meat in Sauce12g1.8g1.5g
Tender Favorites Surf’ N’ Turf Variety Pack12g1.8g1.5g
Tender Favorites With Real Tuna, Whole Shrimp in Sauce12g1.8g1.5g
Classic Favorites Variety Pack12g1.8g1.5g
Classic Pate Variety Pack12g3.5g0.5g
Classic Pate Mixed Grill With Real Beef, Tuna, Chicken12g3.5g0.5g
Classic Pate With Real Chicken Liver12g3.5g0.5g
Classic Pate With Real Tuna12g3.5g0.5g
Simple Servings With Real Tuna, Shrimp, Whitefish in Sauce12g2g1.5g
Simple Servings With Real Tuna, Ocean Whitefish in Sauce12g2g1.5g
Simple Servings With Real Chicken Breast In Gravy11g2g1.5g
Simple Servings With Real Tuna, Salmon in Sauce11g2g1.5g
Simple Servings With Real Chicken, Beef in Gravy11g2g1.5g
Simple Servings With Real Chicken, Turkey In Gravy11g2.5g1.5g
Simple Servings Poultry Variety Pack11g2g1.5g
Simpler Servings Seafood Variety Pack11g2g1.5g
Seafood Selections Variety Pack11g1.8g1.5g
Pate Toppers Seafood, Poultry Variety Pack11g2.5g1.5g
Tender Favorites With Real Turkey, Giblets in Sauce11g1.8g1.5g
Tender Favorites With Real Chicken, Liver in Sauce10g1.8g1.5g
Tender Favorites With Real Chicken, Beef in Sauce10g2g1.5g
Tender Favorites Poultry, Beef10g1.8g1.5g
Poultry Selections Variety Pack10g1.8g1.5g
Real Chicken in Gravy Grain-Free9g3g1g
Poultry, Seafood Variety Pack Grain-Free9g3g1g
Real Tuna and Whitefish in Sauce Grain-Free9g3g1g
Savory Morsels Seafood Entree in Gravy9g1.8g1.5g
Savory Morsels With Chicken Breast in Gravy9g2g1.5g
Savory Morsels Seafood Favorites Variety Pack8g2g1.5g
Poultry; Seafood Variety Pack8g3.5g1.5g

Has Meow Mix Cat Food Ever Been Recalled?

No, Meow Mix has never been recalled.

However, in 2015, a consumer group crowdfunded a study to examine the contaminants in various pet foods. Of all the foods put to the test, Meow Mix Tender Centers had the highest mycotoxin mold contamination levels, categorized as “high risk.”

Fungus or mold creates mycotoxins when they grow on grains. When ingested, these toxins can cause acute illnesses; prolonged exposure can result in cancer, kidney and liver toxicity, and chronic immune system suppression.

How Much Does Meow Mix Cat Food Cost?

For a cat weighing around 10lbs, Meow Mix wet food costs around $1.65 per day. The price will vary depending on where you purchase it from and the cat’s size. 

However, Meow Mix is a budget-friendly option, which is why it is one of the most popular cat food brands on the market.

Final Thoughts

Meow Mix is perfectly fine for many cats, plus it’s great for owners who are on a budget. But, this is by no means the best wet food on the market. That said, wet cat food should consist of no more than ten percent of your cat’s diet. The rest should be a high-quality dry food or raw diet.

Meow Mix has some good protein sources and low carb content, it has various fillers and artificial ingredients. In addition, it’s hard to know how the ingredients are sourced or the level of quality control.

Other options may be better if you have the funds, but Meow Mix is an adequate food to supply.

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