Is Whiskas Dry Cat Food Being Discontinued? [Why It Is Hard To Find?]

As some cat owners may know, Whiskas has chosen to discontinue its range of dry cat food. This food was previously made in the USA and offered a balanced diet for cats aged one and older. And these aren’t the only WHISKAS products that consumers are struggling to find.

Continue reading to discover what has happened to WHISKAS and why it’s so hard to find their products on your supermarket shelves. Then, learn when this brand is likely to return and how to satisfy your feline in the meantime.

Where Has Whiskas Cat Food Gone?

Whiskas is among the brand leaders of cat food, which provides meaty food packages in jelly, gravy, or sauce. The Whiskas brand provides consumers with nutritional content and guaranteed product analysis with recognizable purple packaging.

During the COVID pandemic, the world saw an increase in pet owners and, therefore, increased pet food demand. Unfortunately, at a time when manufacturing became limited, the supply rate was unable to meet these increased demands. The effects of this are still felt by consumers today.

Why Is Whiskas Out Of Stock?

Whiskas is out of stock because of several reasons:

  1. An increase in demand hit the company at a time when production was challenging.
  2. Global supply chain issues make getting their products on the shelves challenging.
  3. A quality control issue has seen Whiskas eradicate its dry range.

In an online statement, Whiskas said, “We are working hard to get our normal stock levels back on the shelf as soon as possible.”

Has Whiskas Recalled Their Dry Cat Food Range?

Several dry cat food products that Whiskas produce have been recalled since 2021. The parent company of Whiskas has stated that a selection of the raw ingredients didn’t meet the stringent quality specs of the manufacturer, which is why they recalled the products.

There had been no consumer complaints from this issue, but the products were issued throughout Canada.

What Is The Quality Control Process For Whiskas Cat Food?

Whiskas take quality control very seriously, with 20 control points throughout the manufacturing process. These include chemical analyses, packaging, machine checks, and full traceability of ingredients to ensure they deliver the best food quality to their consumers.

Which Of Their Dry Food Products Has Whiskas Recalled?

Any products whose ingredients did not meet the quality specifications received a recall notice. A complete list of these products is detailed below.

ProductBest By DateUPC
Meaty Selections 670g6/13/2022 – 7/19/2022058496 43320 8
Meaty Selections 2kg6/23/2022 – 8/12/2022058496 70322 6
Meaty Selections 4kg7/17/2022 – 8/12/2022058496 70124 6
Meaty Selections 9.1kg6/16/2022 – 8/17/2022058496 70329 5
Meaty Selections 11.6kg6/24/2022 – 7/22/2022058496 44481 5
Beef Selections 2kg6/25/2022 – 8/6/2022058496 44451 2
Beef Selections 9.1kg8/13/2022058496 43353 6
Seafood Selections,
Natural Salmon and
Shrimp Flavor 2kg
6/25/2022 – 8/18/2022058496 70332 5
Seafood Selections,
Natural Salmon and
Shrimp Flavor 4kg
8/9/2022 – 8/10/2022058496 02681 3
Seafood Selections,
Natural Salmon and
Shrimp Flavor 9.1kg
6/26/2022 – 8/13/2022058496 42152 6
Tuna Selections and
Natural Tuna Flavor 9.1kg
6/25/2022 – 8/7/2022058496 43469 4
Kitten Dry Cat Food 1.5 kg7/18/2022058496 70310 3
Indoor Dry Cat Food 1.5kg6/23/2022 – 7/19/2022058496 23285 6
Indoor Dry Cat Food 3kg7/19/2022058496 42153 3

Why Is It Difficult To Find Whiskas Cat Food?

It’s not just the discontinuation of Whiskas dry range that makes this cat food challenging to find; global supply chains are also struggling. Issues with supply and shipping delays mean Whiskas is struggling to get its products on supermarket shelves.

In 2021, after the COVID pandemic, manufacturers warned that stockpiling would lead to supply shortages, which are still rife as we move through 2022. In addition, international supply chains continue to struggle with reduced levels of manufacture, limited freight movement, and increased demand for certain products.

It’s not just cat food; other necessities such as paracetamol have also struggled to reach consumers.

Why Did Whiskas Choose To Recall Their Dry Food Products?

Whiskas did not receive any consumer complaints in relation to the quality control issuing that they flagged in manufacturing. However, Whiskas pride themselves on a quality product and are committed to removing any products that do not meet its standards.

Where Is Whiskas Cat Food Manufactured?

Whiskas products are made in Australia and Canada; the pouch products are made in Thailand.

How Is Whiskas Cat Food Made?

Whiskas prioritizes ingredients such as poultry, beef, and fish which are chopped and milled. These meat products are essential for a cat’s diet, as they are obligate carnivores who obtain all of their nutrition from protein sources.

Whiskas design their wet food pouches as the primary source of a cat’s protein and water intake. All ingredients are chopped and mixed into smooth chunks or pate; these are combined with a water-based texture that your cat will love, such as gravy or jelly.

The remaining part of the protein sources is cooked and mixed using an extruder. Here, they are combined with vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and cereals. The mixture expands and hardens thanks to a contrasting pressure and temperature, forming a crunchy texture.

What Are The Ingredients In Whiskas Cat Food?

Whiskas make their food from raw ingredients, including poultry, beef, pork, fish, offal, vegetable, cereals, vitamins, and minerals. Each recipe delivers the right mix of nutrition for your feline, and all ingredients are naturally harvested.

Whiskas pride themselves on eliminating genetically modified ingredients, and all components are suitable for human consumption. However, every ingredient must comply with their detailed nutritional specifications, and supplies are regularly checked.

Is Whiskas Cat Food Coming Back?

Yes, Whiskas has confirmed that their full cat food range will be available on supermarket shelves at some point in the near future. 

What Is The Best Alternative To Whiskas Dry Food?

Whiskas may be returning to our shelves in the future. But what’s the best cat food range for our felines in the meantime?

Iams is another cat food company that Mars, Inc. owns. They manufacture a range of cat foods to suit your pet’s individual needs; these cater to every life stage and activity level. In addition, they offer a “ProActive Health” dry range of food and three wet food lines – Purrfect Delicacies, Purrfect Delights, and Perfect Portions.

DINE is another brand that offers a range of fine foods for your feline. 

Their range includes pieces of real meat and fish in various sauces. This brand provides products for every cat’s lifestyle and appetite with varied textures and tastes.

Final Thoughts

You may be struggling to find Whiskas cat food on your local supermarket shelves. This is due to several combined factors: COVID has created a situation with increased demand and decreased supply, preventing Whiskas from being able to produce an adequate amount of food effectively.

In addition, the global supply chain crisis prevents the products they have manufactured from making it onto supermarket shelves. And to top it off, Whiskas decided to recall their dry food product range due to a quality issue.

The Whiskas website contains up-to-date information, including its intention to put products back on consumer shelves as soon as possible. In the meantime, try IAMS or DINE as an alternative selection for your fur baby.

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