Does Dollar General Have Cat Toys? [Safety Tips]

When it’s time to get a new toy for your feline friend, you’re likely not thinking about Dollar General. These stores are becoming more and more popular because like big box stores, they carry groceries, clothing, beauty aids, etc. But does Dollar General have cat toys and are they worth it?

Does Dollar General Have Cat Toys?

Dollar General carries inexpensive cat toys, but don’t expect quality toys. They carry a variety of cat toys from plush, fabric, mice, balls, and all kinds of other toys and other pet supplies.

As mentioned, similar to Dollar Tree cat toys, these are cheap. But many pet owners love them because it helps them save money, and their cats love playing with them.

Let’s take a closer look at how these pet toys stack up with other stores, safety tips, and other pet supplies you’ll find at your local Dollar General.

How Do They Stack Up Against Other Pet Stores?

Regardless of whether you buy your cat toys from Dollar General, PetsMart, PetCo, or any other large pet store chain, you’ll notice one thing, all the toys are made in Mexico or China.

Companies do this because it’s cheaper to buy products from China than cat toys made in the United States.

So what does this mean for your kitty?

Not much, except for the fact that the toys won’t last very long. Plus, you’ll want to monitor your feline friend and when you notice the toy falling apart, you’ll need to throw it out.

Is It Safe To Buy Dollar General Cat Toys?

For the most part, it is perfectly safe to buy your cat toys from Dollar General. Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate pet toys. And the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s only concern is that the toy doesn’t put people at risk.

This means it’s up to you as a pet parent to ensure the cat toys you buy are safe for your kitty. While most of the toys sold in stores are safe, there are horror stories online where a toy killed someone’s pet. It’s usually a horror story about a dog choking on a ball.

This doesn’t mean cats are immune from the dangers of playing with the wrong type of toys. All cat toys and some household products your cat loves playing with can pose dangers.

Below is a list of the most common dangers found in toys, as well as household objects to keep your cat away from.

  • Toys small enough to swallow (marbles, ping-pong balls)
  • Paper clips
  • Dental Floss
  • Stuffed toys (ripped apart)
  • Ornamental house plants
  • Toys with removable parts (ribbons, plastic eyes)
  • Feather toys

Avoid toys or household objects that pose suffocation, ingestion, strangulation, stabbing, or any other kind of injury to your feline friends.

Ensure you’re buying the right kind of cat toys based on your cat’s age. Never buy a kitten a toy that is meant for an adult cat. If you have children, you know you never buy a toddler a toy that a 10-year-old would play with.

Types of Cat Toys You’ll Find At Dollar General

You’ll find a small selection of cat toys at Dollar General. In fact, most stores will have cat toys, litter boxes, litter, food, beds, and all the pet supplies in one aisle. This means you won’t have a huge selection of toys to choose from.

One of the biggest complaints I read online was the cat section was smaller than the dog section.

After browsing their website; here are some of the products I found that are in the store near me.

  • Forever Pals Cat Toys Balls (8ct)
  • Forever Pals Furry Mice Cat Toy (2ct)
  • Mesh treat holders
  • Balls with bells
  • Feather toys

Every store is different, meaning most of them will have a different selection of toys. The great thing is that they are continually building new Dollar General stores so you likely have more than one in your town.

Are They Cheaper Than Other Pet Stores?

The Dollar General slogan is “Save time. Save money.” After doing some price comparisons, their cat toys do cost less than the ones at reputable pet stores. Of course, you’ll want to do your due diligence before going shopping.

One of the best ways to do this is to search the main Dollar General website to find the type of toys your cat likes playing with. Then head on over to the pet store website to find that toy (or similar) toy to see which one is cheaper.

The biggest challenge I found when doing some research is the Pet Stores don’t carry the same cat toys as Dollar General.

Pros And Cons of Dollar General Cat Toys?

The biggest benefit about buying your cat toys from Dollar General is they are less expensive, which means you’ll save more money. This is great news, especially, since everything is so expensive. You can still buy your feline friend some toys, without breaking the bank.

Cats are athletic creatures with amazing strength and agility. They need toys to keep stimulated and get regular exercise. Therefore, it’s important to ensure they have several toys to keep them entertained, otherwise, they will scratch up your furniture, climb on counters, etc.

The downside of shopping at Dollar General is the toys won’t last long and there’s not a huge selection. If you just got a new kitten and you’re looking for stimulating toys, catnip, stimulating toys, then you may want to shop at a pet store or online at Amazon.

But if you’re out and about shopping and want to surprise your cat with a new toy, it’s perfect!

Should You Buy Cat Toys From Dollar General?

If your cat destroys or loses its toys quickly, Dollar General cat toys are perfect. It won’t bother you as much when your cat loses the $3.00 toy you just bought them. It’s easy enough to replace it.

But when your cat loses their expensive toy, you’re likely not going to replace it. At least not right away, because if they can’t take care of their toys, why should you keep buying them. At least that’s what I always think when my cat loses their expensive toys.

The cost of gas, groceries, clothing, etc keeps going up in price. As pet parents, it’s nice to know that we can save money on our cat toys.

That said, I wouldn’t recommend buying cat food or cat treats from Dollar General. Cats require high-quality cat food to maintain a happy and healthy life.

Always consult with your veterinarian to ensure you’re feeding your cat a healthy diet.

Do All Dollar General Stores Carry Cat Toys?

Most Dollar Generals carry cat toys, as well as other pet supplies.

Final Word

Dollar General stores do carry cat toys as well as other pet supplies. Your cat won’t care whether you bought them a toy from Dollar General or Petsmart. All they know is they have a new toy and they’ll love playing with it.

Regardless of where you buy your cat toys, always throw them out when you notice it falling apart. Letting your cat play with broken toys can lead to intestinal blockages and expensive vet bills.

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