Siamese vs Bengal Cats [Similarities & Differences]

Siamese and Bengal cats are both beautiful, intelligent breeds that are highly popular across the globe. However, if you’re thinking of getting one, you’re probably wondering which would be right for you and how the two breeds are similar and different from each other.

Siamese Vs. Bengal Cats

Some of the most significant similarities include friendliness, high intelligence, and a fondness for physical contact. Both cats love to be petted and cuddled. They are also very energetic creatures and need a lot of time and attention from their owners. They differ considerably in terms of their markings and appearance, but their personalities are very similar.

What Are Their Similarities?

These two breeds have a lot in common, so we’ll cover similarities first and move on to the differences later. If you have owned a Siamese or a Bengal before, you’ll notice a great deal of crossover between the two breeds.


Firstly, both breeds are very friendly. They are friendly and highly affectionate, and Siamese often bond particularly closely with one of their owners. Bengals and Siamese love to have attention, and they are gentle, loving creatures.

Neither species is known for being aggressive or destructive, although they can sometimes be hard work. They like to be near their people at all times and will often insist on sleeping in the same room as you.

Both cats enjoy being the center of attention, particularly Siamese cats. While reasonably friendly with other pets, they can be somewhat jealous at times and will let you know very loudly if you have offended them. 

Bengals and Siamese can make excellent companions, but they will need a lot of your time and affection, and you will need to watch out for jealousy issues.


There are also a lot of similarities in terms of their activity levels. Both Siamese cats and Bengal cats need a lot of exercise and entertainment. 

Bengals have Asian Leopard Cat ancestry, and they love to climb, play, chase, romp, and hunt. Siamese cats are equally very active and athletic felines that enjoy games and challenges.

If you are going to keep either cat indoors full time, you will need a very good setup. Bengals, in particular, like to climb (their ancestors spend a lot of time in trees), so vertical space is essential. 

Ideally, Bengals should have some access to the outside world. However, you are the owner and choose whether you want to provide it. 

Wearing out Bengals and Siamese cats can be a challenge. They both will play for hours on end, and you need to make sure they have enough space to exercise in and enough toys to keep them busy. In addition, they are highly curious creatures. 

When left unattended for long periods, either breed can turn to mischief, which brings us to the next point.


These are not low-maintenance felines. If you are expecting a cat who will lounge on your bed for hours and then greet you for a head rub and go back to sleep, you are looking at the wrong breeds. Both Bengals and Siamese cats are highly active and keen to play.

They need a lot of stimulation. They like new toys, new challenges, and plenty of interaction with their humans. They can get into a lot of mischief if left alone and bored for any period of time.

Remember that cats are excellent adventurers, and they absolutely will get into things they shouldn’t if they are bored and seeking amusement. Bengal cats can jump about eight feet high, and Siamese achieve similar heights. Of course, large individuals will be able to leap further.

That makes it easy for them to access almost any part of your home, so bear this in mind when putting away things you don’t want them to have. Your kitty may not mean to cause trouble, but they will investigate things if they are bored and lonely.

Both breeds need a lot of your time, as well as toys and games. They like your attention to be on them, and they will show it through both vocalization and body language. But, again, if you want a pet that does not “need” you, these are not the breeds for you.

It’s important to make sure you can commit a few hours to your Siamese or Bengal every day. If you are often out for long hours, you might want to get your cat a companion. But this solution won’t always work, so don’t adopt a Siamese or Bengal if you can’t also give them plenty of love.

Despite being high-maintenance, they are fabulous cats who will reward you with affection and loyalty, so if you can commit to their needs, don’t be put off!


In case you haven’t already guessed, Siamese and Bengals are brilliant cats. You can often train them to do a few things with dedication, such as walking on a leash with a harness or coming when you call. 

You may even be able to teach them a few other tricks, but be aware that they have their own minds and can be stubborn sometimes!

What Are Their Differences?

So, how do these breeds differ? They clearly have a lot of overlap, but they are definitely not the same.


The most obvious difference lies in their appearance. Siamese have an extremely distinctive look, with light-colored bodies and darker extremities. In addition, the ears, tail, and paws are dark, and the face will usually have some darker coloration too.

By contrast, Bengals look rather like miniature leopards (which is another name for the breed). Both are renowned for stunning looks, but there’s no chance of mixing the two up! Bengals have rosettes, marbles, and spots, and they can come in a variety of colors.

They are both short-haired breeds, however. According to MyCatBreeds, a Bengal’s coat may be a little rougher than a Siamese’s, but they are both soft and silky and wonderful to pet. Neither shed much, making them low-maintenance in terms of cleanup, even if they need a lot of your time.

You should rarely need to groom these two breeds, although doing so may help to reduce shedding and improve coat condition.


Siamese cats are famous for being extremely noisy. But, you needn’t worry about not knowing when your Siamese needs something! They talk endlessly and will seemingly meow just for the sake of it at times. If your Siamese isn’t chattering away, it’s often noticeable.

Bengals are also very noisy. But less so than a Siamese is (although, of course, this depends on the individual). They will tell you when something is wrong, and they certainly don’t shy away from using their voices, but they are not quite so loud or persistent as Siamese cats can be.

Final Word

Bengal cats and Siamese cats have a lot of similarities, despite their very different looks. They are both beautiful breeds that enjoy play, affection, companionship, and challenges. 

They will reward their owners will loyalty and love, and if you have enjoyed owning one breed, the chances are that you will also enjoy owning the other.

They usually make good companions for each other too, so if you can’t decide which is more suitable for you, why not get one of each? But, of course, it’s important to check that your kitties are prepared to be friends first!

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