Does CVS Have Cat Toys? [What Is The Selection Like?]

Do you have a cat? If so, you know how much they love playing with toys. But some people may ask the question, “Does CVS have cat toys?” It is important to understand that not all stores carry these items and it can be difficult to find where they are located in certain stores. We’ll take a look at cat toys offered by CVS and as well as other pet supplies.

Does CVS Have Cat Toys?

CVS pharmacy carries a small selection of inexpensive cat toys. The selection will vary depending on where you live, but many stores carry a variety of balls, plush, fabric, and mice toys for cats.

When I walked into my local CVS to get my prescription filled, I had trouble finding the pet section. It was a small section in the back of the store.

I wanted to surprise my cat with a new toy. After locating the pet section, I was surprised to see they offered cat food (soft and hard), cat litter, and a small selection of toys. My biggest gripe is the dog section is much bigger than the cat section.

How Do They Stack Up Against Other Pet Stores?

Like most cat toys you find in pet stores, they are made overseas and will tear apart quickly. Companies prefer buying in bulk because it saves them money on production and results in larger profit margins.

So what does this mean for your cat?

Not much, except that you’ll have to monitor your cat closely. When the toy starts falling apart, it’s time to throw it out and pick them up a new one.

Are CVS Cat Toys Safe to Buy?

For the most part, it is safe to buy your cat toys from CVS. That said, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t put any type of restriction on cat toys. And the Consumer Product Safety Commission only takes any type of action if the toy in question puts people at risk.

Therefore, it’s up to you as the pet parent to ensure you buy your cat toys that are safe for them. While most CVS toys are safe for full-grown cats, they may not be safe for young kittens.

Many pet toys (especially for dogs) have the age the toy is recommended for marked on the packaging. I didn’t see that on the ones being sold at CVS. That’s why it’s important for you to know which toys are best for your pet according to their age.

Inevitably, as cats become adults, they no longer have as much energy to keep moving and playing. However, the right type of toys such as balls, tunnels with balls, cat puzzles and etc can help keep them healthy.

Kittens will play with pretty much anything around them, so anything (even a box) can be a toy for them. That said, you don’t want a kitten playing with toys or objects that can cause harm.

Some toys as well as household items can pose a threat to your feline friend, regardless of age. Below is a list of objects to keep away from your four-legged friend:

  • Feather toys
  • Paper clips
  • Toys small enough to swallow (glitter, marbles)
  • Dental floss
  • Ornamental house plants
  • Stuffed toys (torn apart)
  • Yarns and string
  • Rope toys
  • Hair Ties and Twist ties

Types of Toys You’ll Find At CVS

Now that you know which types of toys can be harmful to your cat, what will you find at CVS? My local CVS had two types of cat toys and they were:

  • Fuzzy Mice Cat Toys
  • Laser Chaser II

Every store is different and won’t necessarily carry the same supplies. So it’s best to check their website to see what your local store carries.

The toys above are perfectly fine for cats. Of course, there have been many debates on whether laser cats are safe for cats. There have been many horror stories of behavior problems and preventable deaths that many people believe were associated with laser toys.

That said, if your cat has more than these two toys in their toy chest, they won’t be the only toys they play with.

Are They Cheaper Than Other Pet Stores?

CVS pharmacy is a store that is known to offer prescription drugs and a wide assortment of general merchandise. They tend to carry a little bit of everything, making it easy to find what you need quickly.

The downside is their selection is so small, you’ll usually end up paying more than if you stopped at Walmart for your pet supplies. For instance, I found a 3 pack of Fuzzy Mice Cat toys for $3.79, which averages out to $1.26 per mouse.

While it won’t break the bank, I found a 10 pack of SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Cat Toys for $5.09 a pack.

Expect to pay more for the convenience of buying cat toys, food, and other pet supplies from CVS.

Pors and Cons of CVS Cat Toys?

The biggest benefit of buying cat toys from CVS is the convenience. If you need to make a quick stop to get your prescription filled, you can pick shop for cat supplies. No more having to visit more than one store to pick up certain items.

CVS sells a variety of pet supplies from; flea and tick, cat litter, grooming supplies, cat toys, etc. That said, be prepared to pay more for these products than you would at a pet store.

Should You Buy Cat Toys From CVS?

If you’re in the store shopping and you want to surprise your cat, picking up a toy is fine. However, if you’ve just gotten a new cat and are shopping for their basic needs, CVS is not the place to shop.

Not only are they more expensive than most pet stores, but their small selection won’t have everything you’re looking for. Welcoming a new cat into your home requires quite a bit and you’ll fair much better shopping elsewhere.

Also, if your cat destroys or loses their toys easily, you may not want to purchase their toys at CVS. Instead shop value stores such as Dollar Tree or Dollar General cat toys.

This way, you won’t have a hard time throwing out their toys, when they tear. And it will be less expensive to replace them than buying them from CVS.

Do All CVS Stores Carry Cat Toys?

CVS is a 58-year-old corporation with subsidiaries including CVS Caremark and CVS pharmacy. Meaning, if one store carries pet supplies, all the stores will carry them.

That said, it’s best to check their main website to see if your local CVS carries them. You can even pick up the phone and give them a call to see what kind of toys they carry, if the website isn’t working properly.

Final Word

CVS pharmacy stores do carry cat toys and other pet supplies. They are perfect if you’re filling up your prescription and want to surprise your kitty with a toy. While they won’t last long, your kitty will be happy you thought of her.

All toys, regardless of whether you buy them at CVS, Dollar Tree, Petsmart, etc, need to be thrown away when they start falling apart. Letting your kitten or adult cat play with broken toys can cause intestinal blockages, cuts, or other injuries that will require a veterinarian visit.

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