Bengal Cat vs Sphynx [Similarities & Differences]

Anyone weighing up the pros and cons of different kinds of cats is likely to compare the Bengal cat and the Sphynx cat at some stage. Of course, these two are both popular breeds, but how do they compare to each other and make a better companion? Let’s take a look at their similarities and differences!

The two differ quite a bit in terms of their activity levels; Bengal cats tend to be more boisterous and excitable than Sphynx cats, which are laid back and gentle, and are usually much calmer. Bengal cats also have amazing coats, while Sphynx cats are a hairless breed. However, both are loving and intelligent companions, and they love to cuddle with their owners.

Bengal Cat Vs. Sphynx

Let’s start by exploring how the cats are similar to each other, and then we’ll move onto differences.


Both cats love to be near their humans and will often greet you at the door when you return home. They are highly affectionate and gentle creatures. Bengal cats and Sphynx cats have a lot of love to offer!

Because they are calmer, Sphynx cats may take this to a higher level than Bengal cats. Sphynx cats tend to be good with other animals and people and can even be gentle with children and smaller pets. Bengal cats are loving, but their bouncy nature may make them less suited to a home with young children.

Bengal cats also have a stronger hunting instinct than most Sphynx cats. Their wild cat ancestry plays into their desire to hunt and attack, and they will pounce on anything that moves – although they are very gentle and don’t put their claws out while playing. 

Sphynx cats do enjoy playing, but they are usually gentler and calmer than Bengal cats.

Both are very loyal and affectionate, so you won’t want for cuddles with these felines around. Indeed, Sphynx cats are sometimes known as Velcro cats because of their keenness to be close to their humans!


Sphynx cats and Bengal cats are both intelligent breeds. They can figure out puzzles and possibly even learn tricks with relative ease, and if you want to teach them anything, you should be able to do so with a handful of treats and a bit of patience.

Remember, of course, that cats can be contrary creatures, and you may find you have a particularly stubborn individual. Just because they can learn it doesn’t mean that they will want to. 

However, in particular, Bengals can be taught to come when called and even to play fetch with you.

This intelligence is a great thing, but it does mean that both these cats need entertaining, especially when you are away from home and they can’t turn to you for interaction and amusement. So you will need to devise games and activities to keep them occupied.

Plenty of toys make for a good start, and you can rotate these, so your cat doesn’t lose interest in everything it has. Cardboard boxes are great for making obstacle courses or puzzles in which the cat wins a treat.

Keeping either species occupied can be a challenge, but it’s essential to attempt it because a bored cat can be very destructive. So you need to think about their engagement and keep them busy to keep them out of mischief!

If you are often away from home for hours at a time (such as for work), you may want to consider getting your cat a companion, whether you have a Bengal or a Sphynx. 

Both of these could benefit from a friend, but you need to get them simultaneously or carefully introduce a new cat to avoid jealousy and fighting.

What Are The Differences?

So, those are some of the similarities. What about the differences between the two breeds?


Appearance is the most apparent difference. A Sphynx cat looks nothing like a Bengal, and even if aesthetics aren’t as important as personality, they will probably attract different kinds of owners. 

Some prefer the glossy, leopard-like coat of the Bengal, while others will love the hairless and adorable Sphynx.

The Sphynx cat’s hairlessness is a genetic mutation that has occurred throughout the history of cats. In the 1960s, someone began to breed this mutation into their cats deliberately. It took a little while for the breed to become established, but eventually, it did.

Bengal cats, by contrast, are often bred to make the most of a beautiful coat and stunning markings. This makes the two cats very different in terms of appearance, but both are lovable, and many people equally appreciate both breeds.


If you’re wondering about how much work these cats need, there are some significant differences there, too. Let’s start with grooming. A Bengal cat might surprise you by needing minimal work; although it has a fur coat, it is a single layer, and therefore the cat sheds very little and should not need brushing often, if at all.

By contrast, a Sphynx does need a surprising amount of work because it will need washing. This is because its skin will get oily. In cats with fur, this oil is pulled away from the skin and then washed off by the cat, but Sphynx cats don’t have fur to serve this purpose and may need help to keep clean.

TheSprucePets recommends bathing your Sphynx cat once a week with a suitable pet shampoo to keep it clean and healthy. You need to wash your cat thoroughly and then dry its skin well to protect it from skin conditions.

You also need to protect a Sphynx cat from extreme cold or a lot of sun; its skin is much more vulnerable to frostbite and sunburn due to having no coat. A Bengal cat, by contrast, will not have these issues – but has its own maintenance requirements.

Bengal cats need a lot of exercise, and this can be time-consuming. Some people take their Bengal cats for walks to help keep them fit and healthy. If you don’t have much outdoor space, this will be an important aspect of caring for them properly.

Bengal cats need a lot of stimulation because they are such wild, excitable felines. While a Sphynx cat will probably be happy to cuddle up to you after a reasonable amount of play, a Bengal cat is likely to want to keep going and going and going – even when you’re ready to stop! What time you save on grooming, you will lose to playing!

You’ll have to decide for yourself which of these sounds like a better deal to you, but make sure you’re prepared to put the work in either way; this is a vital part of owning either kind of cat.

Final Word

Bengal cats and Sphynx cats are very different creatures, but they both make extremely loving companions. If you would like a more cuddly, relaxed pet, a Sphynx cat could well be the friend for you, as they will be happy snuggling up and purring away, especially if they are able to sit in your lap.

If you’d rather have a cat that doubles as a dog and is happy to play with you for hours on end, a Bengal cat will make a great companion. 

Both of these cats require some maintenance to keep them happy and healthy, but with your affection and love, they should thrive.

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