Do Maine Coons Like to Swim? [Do They Like Water?]

Have you ever wondered whether a Maine Coon enjoys swimming? Most cats are known for their hatred of water. But Maine Coons differ from standard house cats in many ways, and they tend to enjoy things that other cats don’t.

Do Maine Coons Like To Swim?

Maine Coons often love water, and many seem to enjoy swimming in it on the whole. Of course, not every Maine Coon is guaranteed to like swimming. But quite a lot of them do and will be very happy if they have an opportunity to plunge in and paddle around.

How to Tell If Your Maine Coon Likes Water

Don’t assume your Maine Coon will love water just because many of these felines do. Instead, it is a good idea to check first. For example, you can test whether your Maine Coon likes the concept of water by leaving the bathroom door open when you’ve had a shower or a bath.

If your cat climbs into the wet cubicle or tub, the chances are that it likes water. It may even take an interest in joining you while you are in there yourself if you leave the door open, which will clearly show whether it likes being wet.

You may also notice that your cat plays with its water bowl, patting the water with its paws or even standing in it. Maine Coons love to drink water and have a tendency to drink more than most domestic felines.

This sort of behavior is a clear indication that your cat sees water as a play thing. It’s much more likely to be a keen swimmer if that’s the case!

According to MaineCoonCentral, it’s possible for Maine Coons to learn how to turn the faucet on so they can play with the water. So if your cat has watched you turn the water on, it may well learn how to do so itself. 

How Should I Introduce My Maine Coon To Water?

If you are introducing your Maine Coon to the concept of getting wet for the first time. Make sure that the water is warm, and the cat goes to it of its own accord. Do not put your Maine Coon in a bath or shower. Instead, let your cat decide to jump in.

The idea that Main Coons enjoy water has been exaggerated, and many do not, so it’s important to respect your cat’s wishes. If they don’t want to get in the water, don’t make them.

You are much more likely to get a positive reaction if you leave them in control and don’t rush them. Some Maine Coons may take a while to come around to the idea of getting wet, while others will love it straight away. If your cat is not keen, don’t push them.

Try offering them the same opportunity a few times, without any pressure. If they don’t seem keen, it’s possible your Maine Coon simply does not like water, and you should give up as they are unlikely to change their minds on this.

Should I Let My Maine Coon Swim?

Even though they enjoy the water, many Maine Coons do not seem interested in learning how to swim in it. Some Maine Coons might like to dip their paws in and play around, but they will retreat with speed when it comes to paddling about.

Others, particularly those who have been introduced to the concept of swimming at a young age, will take to the water more readily. So you shouldn’t be surprised if they come and hop in a bath with you and paddle around!

This is fine; as long as they are enjoying themselves, there’s no problem with them swimming. Indeed, if they like it a lot, you might want to consider it as a regular form of exercise. Then, you could either fill the bath for them or buy a small paddling pool so they can swim whenever they want to.

Of course, you don’t have to do this. Your Maine Coon doesn’t need water to be happy, although if they love swimming, providing it could enrich their lives.

Can My Maine Coon Swim In A Lake?

Swimming in a bathtub, even if the water is deep, isn’t like swimming at all. There isn’t much for your cat to do in there. It might enjoy interacting with you or pouncing on bath toys, but it will probably get bored fast – so what other swimming options are there?

Find more water! If you have a lake nearby, consider walking your Maine Coon there, provided it is comfortable with walking on a leash. You can then let it get in and swim around, but make sure that you are nearby if there are any issues.

While Maine Coons are strong cats and good swimmers, you shouldn’t leave your kitty in the water unattended just in case something goes wrong. Keep an eye on your cat at all times and stay nearby.

If your Maine Coon has never been exposed to water before, it is unlikely to find the lake very appealing.

You can try sitting by the edge or paddling a bit yourself to encourage it, but older cats are rarely keen to be introduced to something new, so if your Maine Coon has not already got accustomed to water, you might find it does not want to swim.

Why Do Maine Coons Like Water?

You might be wondering why Maine Coons are usually so fond of water when most cats hate to get wet. Of course, Maine Coons aren’t unique in their love of water (other cats such as Bengals, Savannah cats, and the Turkish Angora cat enjoy it too), but what makes them like it when many of their cousins so famously hate it?

It isn’t exactly transparent why Maine Coons like water. It may be because they have dense coats that prevent them from getting very wet. Rumors have said that it could be because they are thought to be descended from Norwegian Forest Cats or Turkish Angoras, and both of these breeds love water.

The Maine Coon may, in its past, have hunted in the water or used water as a way to cool off during hot weather. The cat’s ancestors likely enjoyed playing in the water, but you can dismiss this if anyone tells you it’s because they are part raccoon.

The myth has been disproved by scientists, who say that it is biologically impossible for cats to mate with raccoons. Furthermore, the Maine Coon’s name does not come from a garbage-disrupting thief, and these cats are not part raccoon.

How Do I Stop My Maine Coon From Playing With Water?

If your Maine Coon loves water, this could become problematic because nobody wants water trailing all over their home. If you’re constantly finding damp patches on your floors and furniture, you might want to prevent your Maine Coon from playing with water, but how?

You should first try to cut off your cat’s access to water besides its drinking bowl by closing the doors to the bathroom and kitchen. This will prevent your Maine Coon from going in and turning the taps on whenever it feels like it.

Next, try to keep your cat entertained in other ways. Lots of toys and attention from you should distract it from its quest to swim!

Final Word

Maine Coons can swim, and many enjoy swimming. Not all like a dip, but if you have a Maine Coon, offer it the chance to play in your tub or even a larger body of water if you have access to one.

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