Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me? [5 Top Reasons]

It can be pretty frustrating when your cat runs away from you. You may wonder what you are doing wrong or if there is something wrong with your cat. In most cases, there is nothing wrong – cats have their own personalities and preferences. So what causes it? Well, let’s take a look at this behavior.

Cats most often run away from their owners because they prefer their own space. However, cats can also take off from you if they are injured or ill, sense a threat or another animal, are not socialized, or want to play. 

Although cats make some of the most amazing pets, they can be complicated and kind of hard to read. This is why we decided to do a little digging and provide you with all of the reasons your cat may be running away from you.

Why Is My Cat Running Away From Me?

Unfortunately, we cannot verbally communicate with our feline friends, so you can’t ask them what the problem is and why they keep running away. Luckily, it isn’t tough to figure out what your cat wants or doesn’t want through its behavior, demeanor, and actions.

Here are five of the most common reasons cats keep their distance when their owners come close.

1. Cats Are Territorial

Sometimes your cat simply wants his or her own space. For example, because cats are territorial by nature, they may take off on you when you come to sit next to them, and they are uncomfortable with you in their space. 

2. Injury or Illness

Many cats do not want to be bothered or touched when they are in pain or not feeling well. If your cat is running away from you, it may signify that something is wrong with their health, especially if this is a new behavior. 

3. Scared or Feel Threatened

If you have the scent of another animal on you, your cat may sense it and feels threatened. This situation will have a cat immediately want to leave your side.

4. Not Well Socialized

Is this a new behavior, or has this been the typical actions of your cat since the day you brought them home? 

If this is how your pet has always acted, they may not have had much socialization, making them uncomfortable being around you, especially if you are trying to cuddle or pet them.

5. They Want to Play

Maybe your cat is speeding off, hoping you will chase after them or want to play. Sometimes a cat that runs away from its owner is initiating a fun play session, letting you know they are excited and ready to go.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Running Away From Me

Before you can fix the situation, you must first identify the problem. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to keeping your cat calm and in place when you come near them.

Each of the problems listed above will require a different approach when gaining your cat’s affection and attention.

1. Find Common Ground

If your cat is taking off every time you come near, it may have something to do with the location you are impeding on. If you try and pet your furry friend while they are sleeping on the sofa, wait for them to move locations and see if you have better luck in the bedroom or sitting on the floor.

2. Take Them to a Vet

If this is a new behavior, watch for other signs that they may be sick or in pain. These are both big reasons cats will shy away from their owners even if they typically enjoy daily cuddles.

3. Wash Up After Playing With Another Animal

If your buddy isn’t happy with you associating with other cats, then wash your hands and even change your clothes before getting too close. This is going to get rid of the intimidating smells, allowing your friend to feel comfortable around you again.

4. Spend Extra Time With Them

Cats don’t feel comfortable being close to people when they lack socialization skills. Unfortunately, this is very common in rescue cats since there is little socializing in shelters. 

The best way to help a cat cope with getting comfortable in new surroundings is simply by spending some extra time with them, helping them acclimate to their home.

5. Purchase Cat Toys and Get on the floor

Cats can’t ask for your attention, but they can lead you to wherever they want you to go. If they are running from you when you sit near them, see if they come back once you grab a cat toy or wiggle your fingers in their direction.

Why Does My Cat Run Away Every Time I Stand Up?

Similar to playtime, cats will try to tell you when they want something, and they are great at picking up patterns and ques. When you stand up, cats know they can lead you to a location, letting you know it’s time for dinner, a treat, or a clean litter box.

If you are frequently known for picking your cat up every time you get up from a sitting position, they might run away if they do not feel like being held.

Why Does My Cat Run Away When I Go To Pick Them Up?

Some simply cats don’t like to be held. Other cats just aren’t in the mood for cuddles every time you are. If your cat is running away from you when you try to pick them up, they probably just prefer spending time next to you or on your lap and not necessarily being carried around or confined.

However, if this is a new reaction, you should contact the vet to ensure nothing is health-related. 

If your cat never seemed to mind being picked up before, there may be something going on that causes pain when you are holding them, such as an injured limb, stomach problems, or confusion.

Final Word

The best way to understand why your cat is behaving in a specific way is by understanding and truly knowing your pet. Spending plenty of time with your cat each day will help you identify their common behaviors and traits. 

Making it easy to spot when something is off can help you better understand why they keep running from you.

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