Why Does My Cat Keep Drinking My Water? [Why They Like Your Glass]

It’s a common question that pet owners ask: why does my cat keep drinking my water? It can be strange behavior to see your feline friend stick their face, paws, and even hands into your glass of water. But what causes this behavior and what can you do to stop it?

Cat’s are picky eaters and drinkers and the most common reasons they will drink from your glass is because; they think it’s safe, it has your scent, it tastes different, it has ice cubes, increased thirst, or curiosity.

Let’s discuss each of these details in more depth and give you some solutions on what to do and what not to do.

5 Reasons Why Cats Try to Drink Water From your Glass

Any cat owner will tell you that it’s not unusual to see their cat drinking from their glass, cup, or bowl. For some reason, they won’t drink from their own water bowl, even though it has fresh water in it.

There are several reasons this happens, so let’s take a look at them to uncover this unusual behavior.

Safety Concerns

In the wild, cats will only drink from water sources they deem safe. They don’t like old water. If your cat prefers drinking from the same glass you do, it’s likely due to the fact they think the water in the glass is fresher than the one in their bowl.

Especially if they saw you fill the glass up from the sink. Your cat knows it’s fresh, and will prefer drinking it. They may even try drinking the water from the faucet as it goes into the cup.

It Has Your Scent

One reason cats love drinking out of glasses is that they can get a whiff of their owner. They don’t have as good a sense of smell like dogs, but it’s better than ours.

The glass has your scent, and your cat finds it comforting. This is why they may also try to sleep in your bed, sit on your lap, or follow you around the house.

The Ice Cubes

Cats love playing with ice cubes. They will push an ice cube with their paws around the kitchen. Some cats will even try to eat the ice cubes. If your cat is obsessed with the ice, they’ll likely put their paws in the glass to push it around.

It Tastes Different

It could be as simple as your cat likes the taste. If your cat’s bowl has tap water and your glass has filtered water, they may prefer the taste of the filtered water. Cat’s are very sensitive to the taste, and temperature, of their water.

If your cat is constantly drinking from your filtered water, consider filling their bowl with the same type of water.

Increased Thirst

A cat that isn’t drinking from its bowl on a regular basis, will be tempted to drink from your glass. Especially if your cat is a senior, they may be drinking more water to stay hydrated.

If you’re concerned that your cat isn’t getting enough water, consult with your veterinarian about their diet and how much water they should be drinking each day.

Their Curiosity Got The Best of Them

Cats are naturally curious animals and will explore their surroundings with their senses. When they see you drinking from a glass, it looks like an interesting thing to them and they’ll want to check it out.

They may stick their paws, face, or even their whole head in the glass to get a better look.

Is It Bad If Your Cat Drinks Your Water?

As long as the water doesn’t have any citrus fruits such as; oranges, limes, or lemons, it is fine. The good news is that your cat is staying hydrated, which can cause dehydration or can cause issues in the organs, energy, and skin health.

Signs and symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Lack of energy
  • Dry mouth and tongue
  • Sunken eyes
  • Weakness

If your cat isn’t drinking enough water, it’s vital to take them to the vet. Dehydration is a serious issue and if left untreated, it can be fatal.

Can You Get Sick From Sharing A Glass With Your Cat?

It is possible to get sick from drinking from the same glass as your cat. Think about it, your cat cleans herself with her tongue and licks her paws. If she has any type of infection, it’s possible for you to get that infection as well.

Cats are popular pets, but like dogs, they can carry infections, parasites, viruses, and fungi that can be transmitted to humans. They can be transmitted when you’re bitten, scratched, or come into contact with the animal’s dander, saliva, or waste.

Most people will be fine and never get sick from sharing a glass with their feline. However, pregnant, children, infants, or individuals with compromised immune systems should guard their cups, glasses, and bowls when the cat is around.

How Do I Get My To To Stop Drinking From My Glass?

Most people think it’s cute, but no one wants to drink out of the same glass as their pets. The good news is there are some things you can do to get your cat to stop drinking from your glass.

Below are some tips to help you get your cat to stop this unwanted behavior.

  • Use a Cup With A Lid: This will help your cat from seeing or getting to the water.
  • Try a Different Water Bowl: If your cat is only drinking from your glass and not their own bowl, it’s possible that the bowl isn’t clean or doesn’t have enough water in it. Try filling their bowl with more water or get a new bowl that has a different design or color that your cat may find more appealing. You can even try using a cat water fountain.
  • Feed Them Wet Food: If your cat isn’t drinking from their bowl, they likely aren’t getting enough water. Consult with your veterinarian to discuss adding some wet food to their regular diet. Wet food has a high water content, which will help keep your cat hydrated.
  • Replace the Water in their Bowl Often: If you’re not able to get your cat to stop drinking
  • Don’t Leave Your Glass Sitting Around: Stop leaving glasses around the house with water in them.
  • Use a Bottle: Switch from a glass to a refillable water bottle. It will help you stay hydrated throughout the day, without worrying about your cat drinking from it.
  • Switch to Plastic or Spill Proof Containers: If nothing works, then consider switching to a spill-proof container. It will help keep your cat safe and there’s less of a chance for broken or spilled water on the floor.

What Not To Do

I understand you want to stop this behavior, especially, if you’re a germaphobe. But, please don’t punish your cat for drinking from your glass. They are only doing what comes naturally to them and you could be hurting them in the process.

Yelling or scolding your cat will only scare them. They’ll end up running away causing the glass to fall on the floor and break. Or the glass can get stuck on their head, which can cause injury.

The video above will help you understand why cats do this behavior and some tips to get them to stop it.

Final Word

Like us, cats need water to stay hydrated. They will drink from any water source they can find, so it’s important to make sure their water bowl is clean and full of fresh water at all times.

If your cat is drinking from your glass, don’t worry, there’s no harm done. It will take time and patience to stop this behavior, but eventually, your cat will get the message.

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