Why Does My Cat Drink Out Of The Dog Bowl? [Can They Share One?]

It is not uncommon for your cat to drink water out of the dog bowl. In fact, it happens so often that many people wonder if this is normal behavior or a sign of something wrong with their pet. There are many reasons why cats might be drinking from Fido’s water bowl and we will discuss them in detail below!

Your cat may drink from the dog’s bowl because they prefer the taste, it’s cooler than theirs, the bowl doesn’t irritate their whiskers, it’s at a higher level, it holds more water, it’s fresher or they just feel like it.

Unlike dogs, cats are more independent and do not necessarily need someone to constantly be by their side. This means that they are often more willing to drink from a bowl that is not always in the same spot or readily available.

This is why you will see a cat drinking from the toilet, a running faucet, or the bathtub.

However, when you see them drinking from the dog’s water bowl, it usually has to do with the following reasons.

5 Reasons Your Cat Prefers Drinking From The Dog Bowl

Cooler Temperature

Cats prefer water that is cooler because it is more refreshing to them. If you’ve recently replaced the water in the dog’s bowl, you’re likely to see the cat take a taste.

If you want your cat to drink from its own bowl, make sure you replace the cat’s water at the same time as the dog’s water. Make sure the cat sees you doing it so they know where the new water is coming from.

Lower Height

Cats are often attracted to things that are at a higher level than they are, such as counters or shelves. This is because it allows them to feel more in control and dominant.

The dog’s bowl is typically at a lower height than the cat’s bowls, so your pet may drink from it because they can see the water level. Cat’s have great far sight but have trouble seeing things that are close up, making it hard for them to see the water level in a smaller bowl.

Different Texture

The surface of a typical cat bowl can be quite rough on a cat’s whiskers. This can cause them discomfort and make drinking from that type of bowl difficult. The smooth surface of a dog bowl does not have the same effect on a cat’s whiskers.

Since a dog’s water bowl is typically wider than a cat’s bowl, its whiskers won’t rub up against the sides as much. Cats prefer bowls that do not irritate their whiskers.

Holds More Water

A dog’s water bowl typically holds more water than a cat’s bowl. This is because dogs are usually larger than cats and need more hydration throughout the day.

Your cat may drink from the dog’s bowl if they feel like they need more water or if the cat’s bowl is empty. Make sure to refill your cat’s bowl regularly so they always have access to freshwater.

Tastes Better

If your dog’s bowl is stainless steel, and the cat has a plastic bowl. It’s likely the cat prefers the taste of the stainless steel bowl. Plastic bowls can leach toxic chemicals, while ceramic bowls can leech lead paint into food and water.

Use a pet-safe bowl that doesn’t taint the taste of the water. Stainless steel or glass bowls are a good option.

If you suspect that your cat is drinking from the dog’s bowl because they enjoy the taste of the water, try adding a little bit of lemon or tuna juice to their own water bowl. This may make the water more appealing to them.

They Feel Like It

Your cat may be drinking from the dog’s water bowl because they feel like it. Cats have a tendency to do what they want when they want. It could also be that your drinking from the dog’s water bowl, makes your cat feel superior to your dog.

Pets are like siblings and will often compete with each other for dominance.

Now that you understand why your cat prefers drinking from the dog’s water bowl. Your wondering is there any harm to let them share the same water bowl?

Can A Cat And Dog Share A Water Bowl?

Having a multi-pet household, means you’re going to run into issues where the cat drinks from the dog’s water bowl and vice versa. The great thing is that it’s perfectly fine, as long as both pets are healthy and have no underlying medical issues, and both pets don’t mind.

If your pet is ill, consult with your veterinarian to ensure the sickness isn’t contagious. Pets that have been vaccinated against illnesses, like parvo and distemper, are typically safe to drink from the same water bowl.

If you’re still unsure if it’s safe for your pets to share a water bowl, consult with your veterinarian. They will be able to help you make the best decision for the health of both of your furry friends!

However, you will want to keep an eye on your pets’ water bowl hygiene. Make sure to clean it regularly, so that bacteria doesn’t build up and make either pet sick.

It’s also important to note that cats and dogs should not share the same food dish, as this can also lead to stomach problems.

Should Dogs and Cats Drink from The Same Water Dish?

That said, pets should have their own bowls. Cats are extremely territorial and will often refuse to drink from a bowl that has been used by another pet. While they may take a taste or two of your dog’s, they may not like it when the dog takes a taste of their water.

Having one bowl for all your pets can lead to squabbles and fights, so it’s best to just stick with separate water and food dishes for each pet.

Final Word

Cats and dogs can share a water bowl, as they are healthy and don’t mind. However, it’s important to clean the bowl regularly and keep an eye on your pets’ hygiene. Pets should also have their own water and food bowls for optimal health and a peaceful household.

If you’re having trouble getting your cat to drink from its own bowl, consider getting a similar bowl to the dog’s bowl. This will help make it feel more comfortable and entice them to drink from it.

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