Why Does My Cat Chew Carrier Bags?

Cats are curious creatures, and their curiosity often leads to some actions that we might not find any explanation for. Most of the time, it’s amusing to watch your feline buddy jump from table to table or sneak into a cardboard box.

However, your cat might start doing other stranger things, including chewing on odd objects.
You can often find yourself asking this question: Why does my cat chew carrier bags?

In this article, we’ll answer your question and discuss how you can work with your cat to stop
this behavior.

Why Does My Cat Chew Carrier Bags?

Cats tend to chew carrier bags or other objects out of boredom, lingering smells, dental disease, boredom, enjoyment, and to play.

For instance, these bags might have lingering food smells on them, which can be a source of
attraction to your cat. Not to mention that they might taste like the food that you’ve picked in

Also, your cat might enjoy the noises a carrier bag makes when chewing it.

To put into simple words, a plastic bag might be a stimulator to your cat’s senses of taste, smell, touch, and hearing.

Another point you should keep in mind is that a cat tends to chew on things a lot if there’s
something wrong with her teeth. Chewing on odd objects might also be a result of an insufficient diet.

Either way, it’s a good idea to pay the vet a visit to make sure everything is well with your little
buddy’s health.

Boredom can lead to destructive behavior, as well. If your cat’s day isn’t full of activity, chances are she’ll chew on anything or scratch your furniture just because she can.

Not to mention that it can be her own way of relieving stress that you might not be aware of.
This may be the case if she has issues with another cat in your household.

Also, your cat might be under stress if there are changes in your behavior or any tension
between family members. Therefore, chewing on strange items can be a sign of her inner

Cats are playful creatures, especially, if you have a young kitten. It’s totally normal for a cat to want to play with bags, cardboard, or other items in the house.

Is Chewing Carrier Bags Bad for My Cat?

why do cats like carrier bags
Cats chew plastic bags and other bags for several reasons.

The short answer is yes.

These bags are made of lightweight, thin material. Therefore, after a short while of chewing on one, chances are the cat will swallow the plastic, which might lead to undesirable results.

For instance, it can get stuck inside her airways and block air. Also, plastic is an alien to a cat’s
stomach, so it might cause intestinal distress.

Of course, this isn’t the only reason why you should prevent your cat from chewing on plastic
bags. The handles that you normally use to carry those bags can be an issue for your cat, too.

Her head might become stuck into one of those, making breathing harder for her and cutting off her oxygen intake.

It’s pretty clear by now that letting your cat use a plastic bag as a toy isn’t the wisest idea. It’s
time that you start looking for ways to keep this from happening.

Tips to Keep Your Cat From Chewing Carrier Bags

In this section, we’ve compiled possible solutions to all the reasons that lead to chewing on
plastic bags. By getting rid of every obstacle, your problem should be solved by the end of the

Keep Your Carrier Bags Out of Reach

This tip goes without saying. The best thing you can do when you come home from grocery shopping is to empty your bags and store them somewhere safe.

You can keep them in a drawer or a storage closet for recycling.

For people who reuse these bags in garbage cans, you most likely won’t need to worry about
your cat chewing on those. Cats are intelligent creatures, and they don’t associate garbage with food as long as they’re properly fed and healthy.

Another way you can eliminate the risk once and for all is to shop in eco-friendly bags. These
are usually made of hard, sustainable materials that your cat would have no interest in. Not to mention that you’ll be doing Mother Earth a favor.

Bring Your Cat More Attractive Toys

If putting her hands on a carrier bag is the highlight of your cat’s day, you should start asking
yourself why. The simple answer here is that she might not have any fun toys to play with.

Also, your cat might have become bored with her existing toys and is looking for more
challenging ones.

Your best bet here is to invest in a cat puzzle to capture your cat’s attention. This would
hopefully make her stop looking for harmful alternatives.

If your cat keeps returning to chewing on odd stuff, you can pick her a toy especially made for
chewing. This way, you’ll be able to fulfill her desire to chew without fear of swallowing the
wrong thing.

Ultimately, you can create a chewing area in the corner of your living room. Fill it with chew toys, treats, and stuffed animals to let your cat know that you’re not entirely against her behavior.

This way, your little buddy would be content in her own chewing haven with no risks.

Play With Your Cat

Buying your cat a toy will keep her busy for a while until she’s bored again. The best way to
eliminate boredom is to spend an hour or two playing with your cat every day.

Not only should it keep her active and healthy, but it’ll also strengthen the bond between you

Talk To The Vet

As we previously mentioned, chewing on plastic might be an indication that there’s something
amiss with your cat’s teeth. Also, her diet might not match her body’s needs, which might lead
her to seek unlikely options like plastic bags.

For these reasons, make sure that you take her to the vet and tell them your concerns.

Wrap Up

Cats tend to chew their carrier bags for several reasons, but it’s usually due to boredom, natural instinct, teeth issues, or a combination of these factors.

No matter the cause, make sure that you figure out a solution to this action as soon as you can. After all, your pet’s health is your number one priority, and keeping a close eye on how they act can be the first step to giving them a happy life with you.