Why Do Cats Like Playing With Toy Mice? [3 Reasons They Love Them]

Do you have a cat? If so, chances are you’ve seen them play with toy mice. But why do cats like playing with toy mice in the first place? And more importantly, what can we learn from this behavior?

Some people say it’s because cats are natural hunters and that the instinct to hunt is hardwired into their brains. Others say that cats simply enjoy the challenge of trying to catch a moving object. And still, others believe that the reason cats like playing with toy mice is that it simulates the act of hunting real prey.

No one really knows for sure what motivates cats to play with toy mice, but it’s definitely an interesting question!

Cats love all kinds of toys, but some will go crazy over a mouse toy. Let’s take a closer look at why cats like playing with toy mice so much.

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Do Cats Think Toy Mice Are Real?

Cats know a toy mouse is fake because it doesn’t have any real fur, smells, or blood of a real one. But that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy playing with them!

According to Mike Delgado, cats are attracted to toys that look, feel, look, smell, and move like real prey. The more realistic the toy looks, the more response you’ll get from the cat.

You’ll get more responses from a cat when they are given toys that entice cats to hunt, as that is their natural instinct.

Giving your cat a mouse toy won’t help them become a better hunter, so don’t expect your cat to cat the unwanted mouse in your home.

3 Reasons Cats Like Playing With Toy Mice

Cats Are Natural Hunters

One possible reason is that cats are natural hunters and the instinct to hunt is hardwired into their brains. In the wild, cats spend a lot of time hunting for food, and playing with toy mice provides them with an opportunity to exercise those hunting instincts.

A toy mouse will bring out the natural instincts of your indoor cat. However, it may not do anything for a feral or outdoor cat, because they are used to hunting live prey.

It Moves Like Real Prey

Cats are attracted to toys that move, so they can chase them. Some cat owners have a hard time getting their cat to play, it’s likely the toys you’re giving them. At about 21 weeks of age, kittens lose interest in things that don’t move.

This is why cats are attracted to toys that move such as string toys, or when you’re moving a toy mouse. It becomes more real and they can pretend to hunt it.

They’re Challenged By It

Cats are also attracted to things that provide a challenge, such as toy mice. The harder the toy is for them to catch, the more fun they have playing with it.

Most cats won’t play with a toy that lies around on the floor. Unlike dogs, they get bored easily after three times of playing with a toy, they get bored with it.

If your cat won’t play with the toy, spend some time playing with it.

It Looks Real

Cats are attracted to mouse toys that look and sound real. Like the Our Pets Toy Mouse, it not only looks real a real mouse but it squeaks like a real mouse that will encourage mental and play stimulation.

In addition, it has a catnip smell that will drive your cat crazy!

Should You Let Your Indoor Cat Play With A Toy Mouse?

Feline owners know how quickly cats get bored with their toys. If you want your cat to be mentally stimulated, give them a mouse toy that looks as real as possible. Not only that but allowing your cat to play has other benefits, such as social development.

You’ll be surprised at how much they enjoy playing with it, especially when it’s new. Monitor them closely and as soon as you notice them starting to tear or gets chewed, remove it and replace it with a new one.

Most mouse toys are stuffed animals, so it won’t’ take long for a cat to tear apart, especially, if they have sharp claws. The great thing is a mouse toy is inexpensive, so you can afford to replace it often.

Where To Buy A Mouse Toy for A Cat?

You can buy a mouse toy for your cat at most pet stores or buy it online. Always do your due diligence to ensure that the toy is safe for your cat. Choose toys that are age-appropriate, as some toys can be dangerous for kittens.

If it’s your first time buying your cat a toy, consider taking them to a pet store such as Petsmart, so they can pick their own toy.

Final Word

Cats are drawn to mice toys because it brings out their natural hunting instinct. Toys that resemble birds, mice, snakes, and mice will make your cat want to play more than a ball.

Cats know they are not real, but they just seem to enjoy playing with them. If your cat loves to play with toy mice, don’t be surprised – it’s completely normal!

Make sure you get one that looks as real as possible so your cat can get the most out of playing with it.

You’ll get some enjoyment out of watching them play, and they’ll get a lot of exercise and stimulation from chasing around their little toy mouse.

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