Why Do Cats Love Backpacks? (The Best One To Get)

You may have noticed your cat laying on your backpack, bookbag, or gym bag whenever you leave it lying on the ground. This behavior may have you wondering why do cats love backpacks and what is the best type to get one?

Why Do Cats Love Backpacks?

Your backpack is familiar and has your familiar scent all over it. Therefore your cat wants to sit, lay, or get inside the backpack because they feel close to you and love confined spaces.

It may not look comfortable when you see your cat lying on top of a backpack filled with textbooks, laptop, pencils, pens, and etc, but they really love it. Some cats love it even more when they get to share the world with you while riding inside of a bubble backpack with a window.

Keep reading to find out what the attraction is too backpacks for cats and whether or not you should consider getting one.

The Attraction Of The Backpack

do cats like being in backpacks

Like dogs, cats use their sense of smell to identify people and objects. They have more than 200 million odor senses in their nose, while humans only have 5 million. Therefore, cats can smell 14 times better than humans.

To you and I, your backpack is just a filthy bag that carries your school stuff, clothing, computer and etc. When your feline friend sees (or smells) this bag, they get a whiff of you, the outside world, other animals, and etc. This intrigues them, so they rub up against it, lie on it, and try getting inside it to try to get as close to the unique smells as they can.

When a cat rubs against the edge of your bed, dresser, or other furniture, they are depositing their scent on it and make it smell more familiar to them.

Do Cats Like Being In Backpacks?

Yes, some cats love getting inside plastic bags, backpacks, boxes and etc. Cats are curious and natural predators so when they get bored, they love playing inside boxes and bags to stay active.

It may seem cruel when you see someone toting their cat with them inside of a cat backpack, they are completely safe and most cats love them.

However, most cats love it, especially, if it has a window. It allows them to see the world while being in a safe confined space.

Confined Spaces

why cats like confined spaces

Another reason cats are attracted to backpacks is because of the small confined space they provide. It’s not unusual to see a cat snuggled inside of drawers, baskets, boxes, cat carriers, or other small spaces. Being in a small space provides them comfort, warmth, and protection from outside danger.

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All cat’s whether indoor or outdoor feel protected in smaller defined spaces. Felines have a natural instinct to feel warm and protected while they nap.

You should ensure that your pet has several small confined spaces they can doze off without being bothered by other pets, children, vacuums, and etc.

Cats And Scent: 5 Things About A Cat Nose

how cats use their nose

As mentioned above, cats have a strong sense of smell. In fact, most people have no clue how a cat’s nose works. Having a better understanding of your cat’s nose will help you understand why she lounges all over your backpack, clothing, shoes, and other items you own.

Here are 5 things you should know about your cat’s nose and strong sense of smell.

Your Cat’s Nose Helps Her Protect Her Surroundings

Both males and female felines are territorial animals. They use their nose to alert them of other cats, dogs, or anything usual in their environment. Cats have a second scent sensor, aka Jacobson’s organs, which are located in the roof of their mouth.

When a cat senses something unusual like another cat, their face will take on a weird contortion. One that causes them to sneer or pull back on its upper lick. When a cat does this, they are using their mouth, not nose to suck in air and using their secondary sense of smell.

Find Food

A newborn kitten uses their sense of smell to locate their mother’s teat when they’re hungry. From that point on, a cat will use their sense of smell to find whether it’s in a corner of a cabinet, on the couch, and other unlikely places.

If your cat doesn’t eat the cat food you put in front of them, it could be because their taste buds don’t like it.


A cat’s nose is much more than just a cute, cuddly thing you like to kiss. It is their primary way to identify people and objects. Their sense of smell is one of the best hunting tools a cat has. They have the ability to detect danger long before the danger is near.

They can find a hidden cat morsel that is stuck in a dark corner you’ve never seen before. Their sense of smell can make them look like they have superpowers. Like other animals, cats have regular olfactory (scent) receptors that allow them to detect aromas in the air.

If you come home after visiting a friend with a cat, your cat will be able to smell the scent on your clothing, even if you didn’t hold the cat because you didn’t want to make your cat jealous.

Social Communication

Felines use their nose to communicate with the world. When you first meet a cat, you’ll notice that they will sniff their finger when you lift it up to their nose. It’s no different than a dog sniffing your hand when you reach out to pet them.

When a cat meets another cat, they will touch and sniff each other’s noses. This behavior is the way that cats greet and get to know each other.

You may have noticed your cat likes to touch her nose to your nose aka nose poke. The nose poke is a sign that your feline friend trusts you. Some experts say that this behavior releases scent glands when rubbed and the nose poke is considered a gentle rub or touch. (source)


Just like you and I shake hands or hug someone we know, cats use their nose to greet others. Cats have four legs and paws, but no arms and hands. Their only way to communicate and greet people and other animals is to use through their nose.

They use sniffer greetings, and nose touches to show trust and explore the world. At three weeks of age, a kitten’s sense of smell is well developed. Their sense of smell and hearing is not fully developed until it they are four weeks of age.

From that point on, cats use their nose to meet and greet people and other animals.

Get Your Cat A Backpack

kitten sitting in backpack

Now that you know cats love backpacks, you’re probably wondering should I put my pet in my backpack and take her outside? You can, but it’s best if you invest in a backpack designed for cats.

They come in several different designs and have windows and plenty of ventilation to keep your cat safe while exploring the outside world with you. Check out the Petnami Deluxe Pet Backpack Carrier that your cat will really love.

Although, don’t be surprised if you have a hard time getting your cat inside of the backpack when you want her to. Most cats tend to have a mind of their own and will only get inside when they feel like it.

Related Questions

Why Do Cats Like Bags and Boxes?

Cats are naturally attracted to small confined spaces because it makes them feel safe and warm. Felines are ambush predators and are naturally attracted to confined spaces where they can hide, hunt prey, and feel safe.

Why Do Cats Lay On Your Stuff?

Cats like to lie on folded towels, blankets, clothing, shoes, and whatever, not only because they smell like you their owner. This makes them feel safe and secure, and helps fill their need to have a warm place to lay their body.

Bottom Line

Cats love backpacks because of the warmth and comfort they provide, as well as the wonderful scent of their owner and the unique outside scents of the world.

If your cat loves your backpack and shows interest in seeing the outside world, you may want to consider getting them a backpack of their own. Check out our recommended products page to find the right backpack for your feline friend.