Where Is the Best Place to Put a Cat Tree?

So, you just got your new cat tree? Congratulations! That’s a great step toward making your kitty happier! In order to achieve that happiness, there’s one thing left for you to do, which is to find the best place to put your cat tree. Otherwise, it wouldn’t really make much of a difference. 

You’re probably already wondering where is the best place to put a cat tree? It all depends on your cat’s personality, we’ll take a look at some of the best places to put your new cat’s furniture.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Cat Tree

Put the cat tree where you kitty spends most of its time. However, it’s important to consider the personality of your cat. If your cat likes to be in a secluded place, you’ll want to make sure it is placed in a spot where they can get some privacy.

This may sound confusing, but let’s take a closer look at the best spots to put your cat’s furniture. Of course, it will also determine what type of space you have in your home.

Somewhere They Love

Where does your cat spend most of its time? Which part of your place does he love the most? We bet you’re already thinking about a spot or two, aren’t you? 

The thing is, you can place the tree wherever it suits you but that won’t guarantee that your little fella uses it. Your cat doesn’t care about your decor, it cares about its favorite spot and nothing can change that. So if the tree is placed somewhere unappealing to your cat, that probably means it won’t be used any time soon. 

If you do, however, place it where your cat loves spending time, it’s going to get a stamp of approval pretty quickly. Your cat would get that the weird object in his personal space belongs to him. He would love it just because it happens to be in his favorite spot. If your cat is not using their cat tree, it could be because they don’t like the spot?

Other Places To Consider

cat tree in living room
Most cat lovers put their cat tree by the window in the living room.

Some of these other places will depend on your living space and your feline’s personality.

Somewhere They Claim

Cats can love spending time in several places but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they claim them all. How would you know where they’ve claimed? That’s easy. Which part of your home has been scratched to death? Yes, that’s the spot. 

Scratching is a feline’s way of demonstrating ownership. In the wild, felines scratch trees to claim them as their territory. Similarly, our cats scratch our furniture. Try explaining to the little furballs that our furniture is way more refined than trees and should be treated differently, we won’t stop you. 

You can yell at your cat, try using logic, tempt him with treats away from that abused object, but it won’t make any difference. Do you know what would? You got it! A cat tree. 

The trick is that you place the tree as close as you possibly can to the claimed furniture and leave it there. Then, all you have  to do is behold as your kitty scratches the life out of its own furniture for a change. 

Somewhere to Keep Watch

Do you know how cats are always sitting on top of a tree? It’s their instinct. They don’t just do it out of a love for heights, there’s a logical reason for it. 

When cats sit up high, they can see everything around them. They sit somewhere high so that they can scan and watch their surroundings. This is pure self-preservation instinct. They remain up there to maintain a good vantage point. 

If they’re high enough, nothing catches them off guard. They know exactly where everything and everyone is and nothing can reach them up there. 

A cat tree could do wonders to an anxious cat, only if it’s placed somewhere where he can actually see the surroundings. If you place it somewhere where your cat’s view would be obstructed, it won’t make the little thing feel any safer. 

So don’t put it in a secluded corner or in a closet or something similar where the majestic feline won’t be able to supervise you all the time. Make sure it’s in an open area so that the little fella can survey his surroundings well. 

Somewhere Near a Window

Cats like to sit on top of their tower and judge those beneath them. Seriously! So give them something worth judging! 

Placing the cat tree near a window would be like giving your kitty his own TV set. They can sit there for hours and hours simply watching passers go by and birds fly up high. Did you catch that rhyme? 

Anyway, cats, especially indoor ones, are fascinated with the miniature people walking across the street. Not to mention, the enticing birds that keep flying around. Don’t even get us started on the dashing squirrels! There’s also the bonus of basking in the sunlight! 

Somewhere Near You

At the end of the day, all the little furballs want to do is eat, sleep, drink, play, and spend time with us. If the cat tree’s location interferes with their quality time with us, they won’t pay much attention to it. 

Cats might appreciate their space but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be around us! If they can have both at once, it’ll keep both sides of their personalities happy! So make sure that you give yours what it needs! 

Place your cat tree somewhere where you spend a lot of if not most of your time. This way, he can stay where they’re safe and happy yet look up to see you whenever he pleases! You don’t want him getting lonely, do you? 

Somewhere Convenient

How can somewhere be convenient? Well, it’s simple. Do you know how sometimes you’re in a room in your house and need something from the furthest room from where you’re at? Pretty inconvenient, huh? Get what we’re saying? 

Cats make regular pit stops at food and water bowls and the litter. If they had to walk across the entire house to reach these things, how annoyed do you think it’d make them? This might make them use the cat tree less and less. 

If you have a get a big enough cat tree with a platform, you can place your kitties food on it so they can eat throughout the day. Don’t put their water on the furniture as there’s a good chance they’ll spill it and case a mess.

There are, however, other more important points to take into consideration. Besides, there’s an easy fix for this one, simply provide other food and water bowls as well as an extra litter box! After all, they’re much easier to move than a gigantic tree! 

Somewhere Warm

Have you ever caught your cat sitting on your laptop charger or even just your laptop? While it might be traumatic for you seeing your cat sitting on several hundred bucks, there’s a logical reason why he does this! 

Cats absolutely and unconditionally love warmth. They spot the nearest warm spot and just sit on it. If there’s a sliver of sunlight that’s made its way through the curtains, you know that’s where you’ll find your cat. 

So don’t make the little guy leave his cozy tree to find said warm spot. Put the tree somewhere that won’t make him have to sacrifice his comfort for warmth. 

The Bottom Line

There’s definitely a right and a wrong place to place your cat tree. If you do it the right way, your cat would make the most out of its new home! 

To strategically plan the location of a cat tree, you should bear in mind the places where your cat loves to spend its time. They should be near you and preferably near a window too. 

Try to choose a spot where you’d be visible to them most of the time. It should be somewhere they can clearly see their surroundings. 

Also, make it close to your most destroyed piece of furniture to switch the attention off it for a change. Don’t forget to have a food and water bowl and a litter box close by. Cats can be lazy sometimes! You probably know exactly where you’ll put it now, don’t you? 

Before you go, are you wondering if you should get another tree for your other cats? You can find out how many cat trees you need for two cats.

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