What To Know About Ragdolls [Personality, Temperament & More]

Ragdolls are extremely popular cats, and those who own them can’t say enough about the positives that come with having a Ragdoll as a cat companion. They are highly affectionate creatures and transcend other cats in terms of how they act amongst members of their family. 

There are several great reasons to join Ragdoll owners’ large and continually growing family. If you’re on the fence about it and don’t know much about Ragdolls, this is the guide for you. 

You’ll find everything you need to know about Ragdoll’s personality, temperament, and behavior to determine whether this cat is right for you and your family. 

Broad Overview of Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls are renowned for being very similar to dogs regarding their affection towards their owners and family members. 

They are often known as puppy cats because they are doglike in their pursuit of your attention and affection. 

  • Highly affectionate and loving
  • Love to stay close to their family members
  • Very laid back
  • Highly receptive to other family members and other pets
  • They will follow you everywhere

Unlike many cats, who remain aloof from the rest of their family, only approaching when it is time for dinner and a pat on the back, Ragdolls integrate with the family in almost everything. 

They love to spend time with you and ignore the solitaire leanings of other domestic cat breeds. There is little doubt that a Ragdoll cat will remind you of dogs, and if you’ve ever had a dog, you will recognize the shared traits immediately. 

You can expect your Ragdoll to be highly receptive to other dogs, cats, and even pets such as larger reptiles and/or amphibians. Conversely, smaller reptiles and amphibians can trigger your Ragdoll’s instinctive hunting behavior. 

One thing is for sure. There will be very little time when you are alone, as Ragdolls tend to follow their family members everywhere they go throughout the house. 

So you can always expect your Ragdoll to be by your side.

Ragdoll Personality

Now that you know what you’re getting into as a Ragdoll owner let’s dive deeper into their personalities. 

Ragdoll cats are not highly active and usually have a very calm demeanor. They’re one of the more laid-back cats, and the female is especially so. 

Ragdoll cats have a lot of personality traits, and, although every cat is different, there are a few core personality traits that you will find with almost any Ragdoll: 

  • High level of sociability
  • Devotion
  • Doglike
  • Very quiet
  • They love to snuggle

Ragdolls are enormously sociable and will get along with just about anyone, including other pets. They love spending time with their family and are rarely too far away for you to reach out and pick. 

They are highly devoted cats as well. Once you’ve established a firm level of trust and appreciation between you and your Ragdoll, you will have the world’s most devoted fan for life. 

The Female Ragdoll is not quite so hardcore about it, but she’s close. 

They’re doglike in their behavior and are even known to fetch. Dogs tend to be incredibly submissive to their family members, and Ragdolls are the same, even though they express it in a much more graceful manner. 

Ragdolls are not very vocal cats and tend to meow only when it’s close to dinner time or if they are really pining for your attention. 

Part of their popularity is due to their quiet and graceful body language, communicating how they feel and what they want. 

You also couldn’t ask for a better snuggle buddy. Ragdolls are incredibly affectionate and never feel suffocated under your patting, petting, rubbing, hugs, and attention. 

They are more than happy to burrow into the covers and snooze right next to you while you watch a movie. 

Ragdoll Temperament

We must be honest here when we say that Ragdolls are incessantly lazy, especially females. As such, it is very easy for them to gain more weight than is healthy for their breed. 

The male Ragdoll can easily reach 20lbs, and passing that weight can make for a giant cat. 

Female Ragdolls are not as heavy, but they are even lazier than the males, making it more frequent to see overweight female Ragdolls. 

One of the reasons that Ragdolls are so valued and popular is because of how well they get along with children and other pets. They are very patient cats and will tolerate a 2-year-old child tugging on their tail. 

During the early years of a male Ragdoll’s life span, they can be a little aggressive in their play.

Not in a bad way. But whether cat claws are used aggressively or in a hyperactive play session. The result can often be the same, especially for young children who aren’t big enough and strong enough to push a male Ragdoll away, letting it know that they are done playing.

Females are far less aggressive in their early years but still appreciate plenty of playful activities. 

However, as females get older, they aren’t as affectionate as their male counterparts, so there’s a little give and take when choosing either a male or female Ragdoll. 

Outside of that, Ragdolls are sincerely chill cats who are unlikely to get overly aggressive. They adore all their family members and get along great with anyone or anything. 

Ragdoll Behavior

Ragdolls behave in much the same way as dogs, albeit very lazy dogs, and they will spend a lot of time by your side. They are even known to appreciate and engage in play that is typical of an owner and a puppy, like fetch. 

Also, like dogs, they are highly sociable and affectionate at the same time. A Ragdoll never meets a stranger, so giving your Ragdoll easy access to the outside world is never a good idea. 

They will trust anyone that comes along, making them vulnerable to being easily snatched.

Their trust also conveys a level of expectations. Routine is everything with Ragdolls; if you break that routine, your Ragdoll may let it slide a few times. However, break an established routine frequently, and you will lose their trust.

Ragdolls are very submissive to their family members, and much of that submission is in recognition that you provide them with everything they need to survive. 

So it’s easy to see how the trust is broken if you forget to feed your Ragdoll three or four times in a few weeks.

Lastly, Ragdolls are very open and have almost zero propensity for establishing territory. They are not territorial cats and will let you or anyone else or another animal approach them at any time while welcoming all of you with open arms. 

Final Word

Ragdolls are perfect for laid-back people who love the companionship a Ragdoll cat brings to the table. You won’t find a better companion type of cat anywhere in the world. 

These cats are especially great for large and small families and owners of other animals. 

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