What Breed Of Cat Should I Get? [How To Choose]

You may already know which cat breed you’d like to get, or you may feel overwhelmed by choice and need a little bit of guidance. This article will help you pair up with your ideal four-legged friend for a happy, healthy home.

When deciding which breed to get, consider your lifestyle, people in your home, and feline temperament. 

When you own a cat, you get to create a happy and fulfilling existence for yourself and your feline. Continue reading to discover which cat breed best suits you.

Which Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Which Cat Breed To Purchase?

The first factor to consider when picking out your new four-legged friend is your level of experience. Do you already have experience with fur babies, or is this your first time? How much playtime are you willing to factor into your schedule each day?

Next, think about the temperament you would like your cat to possess. Are you looking for a calm and docile cat or one that is playful and curious? In addition, do you want a cat who loves to be around people and will thrive on attention, or would you prefer a feline that is happy to have independent time? 

Would you like a quiet cat who will snuggle up for cuddles, or would you prefer a talkative friend to chat to through the day?

Then, consider the look of your cat. Do you want a lean, agile cat or a fluffy ball of cute? If you want a fluffy cat, are you prepared to put the time and effort into maintaining its grooming needs?

Finally, think about the environment you can provide for a cat. Do you live in a townhouse apartment and are looking for an indoor cat, or are you on a farmstead perfect for an outdoor breed? Do you have children and other pets that you’ll need your cat to adapt to? And will they be left alone for long periods of the day? 

What Are The Best Cat Breeds For A First Time Owner?

There are many factors to consider when becoming a cat parent for the first time. With so many cats to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. But some breeds of cats are particularly well suited to first-time owners thanks to their easygoing, calm, and loving nature.

The American Shorthair will love your company without overly demanding your time and attention, and many will tolerate children and other pets. While the Birman is a quiet breed known for being extremely gentle and affectionate, they have a high level of patience, making them perfect for a family environment.

The Cornish Rex is a playful companion who is highly adaptable and will happily live in a house with children and dogs. The Maine Coon is the gentle giant of the cat world, with a huge heart and a dependable nature; they make the perfect playmate for children.

Persian cats are remarkably calm and pretty low maintenance; they will mostly laze around with short playtime bursts. In contrast, the Ragdoll is a quiet breed that will happily play with you when prompted. And the Scottish Fold is a quirky and intelligent feline who is affectionate and adaptable to many different living conditions.

Which Are The Most Playful Cat Breeds?

If you’re looking for a playful cat to bring energy and fun into your home, these active cat breeds could be the perfect match.

Thanks to their playful energy and mischievous nature, people often refer to the Abyssinian as the “clown of the cat world.” They have an impressive ability, and sharp mind and are a breed that will charm you.

One of the most playful cat breeds is the Japanese Bobtail, with its playful nature and energetic spirit. The Bobtail is the perfect kitty for families looking for a soccer or fetch companion. 

Another exceptionally active cat is the Bengal. This mini leopard is curious, agile, and constantly on the move. If you get a Bengal, prepare yourself for plenty of high-energy adventures.

Munchkins are a friendly and playful breed that maintains a lifelong curiosity and playful nature. When you let a Munchkin into your home, no corner will go unexplored. While the Turkish Angora is a happy and playful breed, who will love to engage in all of your daily habits.

Other playful breeds include the Siamese, Manx, Siberian Forest, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Ocicat, and Turkish Van.

Which Cat Breeds Get Along Best With Children?

Having a cat in the house is a great way to teach your children vital social skills such as patience and responsibility. And they make a great first-time pet thanks to their low-maintenance needs. 

Thanks to its loyal and affectionate nature, the Abyssinian is a great companion for children. Their dynamic personalities will keep your kids entertained for hours, and they are intelligent enough to learn some tricks. Burmese cats are also well adjusted to a busy house and lifestyle and will love playing fetch-style games with children.

Ragdoll cats are so named for their ability to go limp when picked up; this gentle temperament makes them perfect companions for children. Similarly, the Maine Coon may be one of the largest cat breeds, but it also has one of the largest hearts and is incredibly soft and patient with children.

A Siamese cat is the perfect partner in crime for a mischievous child, and the pair can easily entertain each other with their intrigue and playfulness. 

Other child-friendly cats include the Persian, Bengal, Himalayan, Manx, Ragamuffin, British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, and Siberian.

Which Are The Most Agile Cats Suited For An Outdoor Environment?

If you live on a farm or homestead, you may want a cat who can double up as pest control. In addition, some breeds need outdoor space for their well-being.

Domestic and wild breed crosses such as the Bengal or Savannah cat need plenty of outdoor stimulation to satisfy the wild traits of their personality. They are excellent hunters with athletic and agile bodies who will thrive on time spent in their natural outdoor habitat.

The American Wirehair is another breed particularly well adapted to outdoor living thanks to its unusual coat that resembles a sheep’s wool. This breed is well suited for farm life, with a robust and muscular body that makes it the perfect hunter.

Chausie cats are impressive in size and can grow up to 25 pounds. In addition, they have remarkable agility, making them excellent hunters, while they are gentle and loving towards their owners.

The Maine Coon is another of the largest domestic cat species and is perfectly built for a life outdoors. They have a double layer coat to prevent them from the outdoor elements and a muscular body to aid their athletic pursuits.

Other athletic cat breeds include the Abyssinian, Somali, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Egyptian Mau, Oriental Shorthair, and Ocicat.

Other cat breeds suited to a life outdoors include the Norweigian Forest, Manx, European Shorthair, Russian Blue, American Bobtail, and Korat.

What Are The Best Indoor Cats?

While some cats thrive on time outdoors, other cats are happy to stay home and curl up on your lap each evening. If you live in an apartment or townhouse, here are some of the best options for an indoor cat. Many cats will be happy enough to live out their lives indoors as long as you provide adequate stimulation and enrichment for them.

The American Shorthair will entertain itself with various toys and window watching. They don’t require much space, but they require attention, so make sure you have ample time to spend with this breed.

Birman’s are affectionate cats who are happy to spend time with their humans, and they don’t care where that is. They enjoy playtime but are easily satisfied with toys, love, and attention. Similarly, Persians love taking time to rest and relax and aren’t fond of climbing or jumping, so smaller homes are perfectly suitable for them.

And the Ragdoll is a breed that has a playful nature but will mostly enjoy simply spending time with its owner – similar to the calm and friendly nature of the Scottish Fold.

Other cat breeds that make ideal indoor pets include the British Shorthair, Burmese, Exotic, and Russian Blue.

Breeds that you’ll want to avoid for apartment living are Bengals, Savannahs, Abyssinians, Balinese, and Siberians, as these cats all tend to thrive on adventure and exploration.

Final Thoughts

There’s no such thing as the perfect cat; any cat can be perfect when it’s matched with the right owner. The trick is to think about what you would like in your fur baby and what you have to offer in return. By assessing these factors, you can select your perfect pet.

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