Scottish Fold Vs Exotic Shorthair Vs. Russian Blue

Are you trying to decide whether to purchase a cute Scottish Fold, a playful Exotic Shorthair, or an easygoing Russian Blue? These cats are all loyal and loving breeds, but they do possess distinct characteristics. The Russian Blue is perfect for first-time owners, while the Scottish Fold is friendly with everyone, even strangers.

Continue reading to discover the key characteristics of the Scottish Fold, Exotic Shorthair, and Russian Blue. Then, explore the similarities and differences between each breed to establish which one is the perfect fit for your home.

What Are The Key Characteristics Of A Scottish Fold, Exotic Shorthair, And Russian Blue?

The Scottish Fold, Exotic Shorthair, and Russian Blue share some similar characteristics and some points of difference, as detailed in the following table.

Scottish FoldExotic ShorthairRussian Blue
Height8-10 inches10-12 inches9-11 inches
WeightFemale: 6-9 lbs
Male: 9-13 lbs
10-12 lbs7-12 lbs
Life Expectancy11-14 years8-15 years15-20 years
Easy to train
Easy to train
Low prey drive
High prey drive
Grooming NeedsLow – easy to groomHigh – requires a lot of
Low – easy to
Coat LengthShort, LongShortShort
Friendly towards
humans, strangers,
and other pets.

Tolerate being alone
Affectionate Sociable
Friendly towards
humans and other

Loyal good lap cats
Friendly towards
humans and
other pets.

Loyal good lap
cats tolerate
being alone.

Good for first-time
Color VariationsBeige, Black, Blue,
Cream, Ebony, Fawn,
Gray, Lavender,
Orange, Red
Silver, Tan
Beige, Black, Blue,
Brown, Chocolate,
Cinnamon, Cream,
Ebony, Fawn,
Gray, Lavender,
Lilac, Orange, Red,
Sable, Silver, Tan,
Blue, Gray

What Is A Scottish Fold Cat?

The Scottish Fold is a rare breed, famous for its characteristic folded-over ears. With round heads and large eyes, the cute face of this breed is hard to resist, and they have an awesome personality to match.

Scottish Folds love being with their humans more than anything in the world, and their intelligence means they love learning new things and playing games. A low-maintenance breed, the Fold is a non-demanding, lovable feline who makes a wonderful addition to any home. Plus, they are an excellent choice for families and first-time pet owners.

What Is An Exotic Shorthair Cat?

Some people label this breed the “lazy man’s Persian,” thanks to the two breeds’ similarity in appearance and personality. But while the Persian requires regular brushing to maintain its long coat, the Shorthair has a short, dense coat that is easy to maintain.

The Exotic Shorthair is a quiet and docile breed that is easy to look after. They love to sit on your lap for a fuss and will also enjoy short bursts of playtime with their owners.

What Is A Russian Blue Cat?

A Russian Blue is an affectionate and loyal cat who will love to spend time with its owners while maintaining an independent streak. Famous for its bright eyes and thick blue/gray coat, the Russian Blue is a low-maintenance pet that loves slotting into your routine.

This breed is relatively common and an excellent option for families. You may have to take some time to socialize with this shy feline, but you’ll be rewarded with a devoted companion once you do.

What Are The Similarities Between A Scottish Fold And An Exotic Shorthair?

The Scottish Fold and The Exotic Shorthair are medium build cats with dense, fluffy coats. They shed in moderate amounts and are not hypoallergenic. They are relatively low maintenance; one brush a week should be adequate.

The Scottish Fold and Exotic Shorthair are friendly breeds who love to spend time with their humans. Neither likes to be left alone for too long and thrive on their owners’ decent amounts of love and attention.

Both breeds are intelligent, though they can be challenging to train. The Exotic Shorthair will choose when it wants to display its intelligence, while the Scottish Fold will enjoy plenty of attention to complete the task you’re asking of them.

What Are The Differences Between A Scottish Fold And An Exotic Shorthair?

The Scottish Fold stands out from every other breed thanks to its distinctive ears. The Exotic Shorthair is a crossbreed of the Persian and American Shorthair; their appearance is similar to the former. They have round heads and a slightly squashed appearance to their nose.

While the Exotic Shorthair is a product of 1950s experimentation, the Scottish Fold descends from a naturally occurring mutant gene first found in a Scottish barn cat called Susie.

Exotic Shorthairs don’t like being left alone for too long, but their calm and easygoing personalities make them ideal for urban living. On the other hand, this breed can also thrive in a farmyard environment where they will act as expert mousers.

The Exotic Shorthair makes the perfect lap cat who is quiet but curious. Scottish Folds prefer slightly more independent living and will often separate from their owners to curl up in a comfy corner for a nap. 

The two breeds have very different lifespans; a Scottish Fold is highly likely to outlive an Exotic Shorthair.

What Are The Similarities Between A Scottish Fold And A Russian Blue?

Both the Scottish Fold and the Russian Blue are pleasant and respectful breeds that rarely get themselves into trouble. These breeds enjoy a routine and will thrive best when you guide them in healthy behaviors.

While Russian Blue cats are more playful than Scottish Folds as kittens, both breeds tend toward laziness when they reach adulthood. 

They love their humans and are keen to show their affection, though they display this in different ways. For example, the Russian Blue will jump onto your lap for a cuddle. But the Scottish Fold prefers to laze around next to you rather than on you.

What Are The Differences Between A Scottish Fold And A Russian Blue?

Scottish Folds are a slightly more gentle and curious breed than the Russian Blue, and they are more likely to respond to you when you call their name. However, the Russian Blue is slightly more independent and cautious than the Fold.

One of the most apparent distinctions between the Scottish Fold and the Russian Blue; the Fold has distinctive folded ears, while the Russian Blue is a larger cat that can grow to 15lbs in adulthood. 

Russian Blue cats have a distinctive blue/gray coat and vivid green eyes, whereas there are a lot of variations in appearance for a Scottish Fold.

The Scottish Fold is a relaxed and friendly breed that is curious but not super energetic. They need a good routine to maintain their fitness, but overall, they are a low-maintenance breed. 

Russian Blues also thrive on routine and can be independent kittys’. But when a Russian Blue gets clingy, it gets very clingy and can demand your time and attention.

When a Russian Blue finds a toy it likes, it can play independently for hours, whereas the Scottish Fold requires interactive play to keep it moving.

What Are The Similarities Between An Exotic Shorthair And A Russian Blue?

The Exotic Shorthair and Russian Blue are both medium-sized cats that are low maintenance. Both breeds have short, thick fur, though the Exotic Shorthair comes in a much more comprehensive range of colors than the Russian Blue’s distinct blue/gray coat.

Both are friendly cats who get along with humans, families, and other pets, though the Russian Blue can be shy around strangers until it becomes familiar with new people. Both are loyal felines who will love to spend time with you and curl up on your lap for a cuddle.

What Are The Differences Between An Exotic Shorthair And A Russian Blue?

The Russian Blue originates in Russia, but the Exotic Shorthair originates in the United States. The Russian Blue is a lithe and muscular cat, while the Exotic Shorthair appears more fluffy and rounded. 

While they both possess shorthaired coats, the Exotic Shorthair is higher maintenance (in terms of grooming needs) than the Russian Blue. In addition, the Exotic Shorthair has a higher prey drive than the Russian Blue and is slightly more challenging to train.

Final Thoughts.

All three of these cat breeds make beautiful pets for the right family. However, the Russian Blue wins for first-time pet owners or those suffering from minor allergies (thanks to their hypoallergenic qualities). 

However, the Scottish Fold is a more friendly cat in larger groups of people, and they are incredibly easygoing pets.

Meanwhile, the Exotic Shorthair makes the perfect lap cat, who also has a playful and curious side. This breed also has a low prey drive, making them a suitable pet for indoor living. Each breed has its own delightful qualities to bring to your home.

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