Is My Cat A Ragdoll or Siamese? [Differences & Similarities]

If you’re wondering whether a kitty is a Ragdoll or a Siamese cat, the good news is that it should be fairly easy to tell – there are some big differences between these gorgeous felines (as well as big similarities), and depending on how the cat behaves, you’ll be able to tell!

Is My Cat A Ragdoll or Siamese? 

Some of the differences between these breeds include the fact that Ragdolls are less clingy and needy than Siamese cats, and Ragdolls tend to have longer, fluffier coats. In addition, Siamese cats are often more energetic and excitable, while Ragdolls are calmer. On the whole, Ragdolls are a little trickier to train than Siamese – they prefer to relax than to work.

Both the Siamese and Ragdolls make great pets. However, it’s essential to know the differences and similarities to find out which breed is best for you.

How Needy Are They?

Siamese cats are very needy cats and are known for being clingy and requiring a lot of attention. A Ragdoll cat also likes a lot of attention, but Ragdolls tend to be a little more relaxed about how they get it. 

While Ragdolls and Siamese will both follow their owners around the house and meow for attention, Ragdoll cats are usually content to sit beside their owners and will wait patiently instead of insisting upon lots of fuss.

It is what makes a Ragdoll a popular choice for families. Ragdolls form powerful bonds with their owners but get along with other pets and members of the family.

Siamese cats like to be the center of their owner’s attention at all times. And will be jealous of other pets or things that take your focus off them. 

They will constantly meow until you give them what you want. This breed to be on the move, following you from room to room, and can get impatient with too much sitting still.

A Ragdoll cat, by contrast, will usually be content to lounge beside you. They like to be snuggled and given lots of physical contact, but they are happy for you to do other things at the same time as petting them. 

You can read a book or write a letter with a Ragdoll beside you, while a Siamese is unlikely to stay settled for long.

How Do They Differ In Appearance?

A Ragdoll’s coat differs from a Siamese’s coat, although both have very beautiful, silky fur. According to ExcitedCats, a Ragdoll has long hair and will shed considerably more, while the shorter-coated Siamese is sleek and sheds less.

A Ragdoll needs to be groomed about twice a week (depending on its habits). A Siamese may not need to be groomed often, if at all, and they feel very different when you touch them because their fur is short.

However, the two cats tend to have similar colors and patterns. This makes it easy to confuse them from a distance. They usually have dark legs, paws, and faces, contrasted with light-colored bodies. 

If you are trying to tell the difference between the two by sight, look for longer fur – that will usually indicate a Ragdoll cat.

Ragdolls are also slightly larger and heavier than Siamese cats, and they have a greater variety of colors, which may help you distinguish between the two visually.

Training Differences

A Ragdoll is not as easy to train as a Siamese cat, although both breeds are highly intelligent and generally enjoy being taught tricks. 

Siamese cats can be stubborn when it comes to training, but they also like a challenge because they are active cats. 

Training is a great way to spend quality time with your Siamese and ensure they get the activity they crave.

By contrast, Ragdoll cats would rather relax beside you than be taught how to do things. They like to chill out and may not feel much inclination to listen, although they may well understand. 

You might struggle to motivate a Ragdoll, even with treats, if they aren’t in the mood to learn something new.

You might also find that even if you can teach a Ragdoll how to do something, they aren’t keen to do it all the time! While they do enjoy games and will play when they are in the mood, most of the time, they would rather laze around.

Ragdolls tend to dislike being yelled at or scolded, so use positive reinforcement when training them. And make sure that the experience is enjoyable. This may make them more willing to learn.

Activity Levels

That laziness also transfers to their activity levels. Ragdoll cats like to sleep. They want to snuggle and relax, and their floppiness is partly what has led to the name Ragdoll. If you are expecting an active cat, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

A Siamese, on the other hand, prefers a lot of activity. Siamese cats are high-energy and want to be learning and doing all the time. They will enjoy the stimulation of tricks, but they also just like playing.

New toys often prove highly popular with Siamese cats. Be prepared to spend a lot of your time throwing balls, trailing strings, and devising puzzles to stimulate your Siamese and keep it engaged and happy. 

Cardboard boxes are a good toy; they can be cut up, stacked, or turned at different angles to appeal to your cat.

Sometimes, you may find it hard to keep a Siamese occupied. 

Although they like a lot of attention and some play. Ragdolls are more relaxed and are often content to nap – as long as you are around to rest beside them!


In terms of personality, the two cats differ significantly. 

A Siamese is often a sensitive cat, and they can quickly get depressed and anxious if they don’t feel they are getting enough attention or yelled at or ignored. 

While they are sensitive to scolding, Ragdolls tend to be more laid back and relaxed about life.

While both kitties need a lot of attention and love. You may find a Siamese harder to satisfy and more prone to gloominess or sulkiness than a Ragdoll. If you had to choose between the two and you had a busy lifestyle, a Ragdoll would be the obvious choice. Although both cats are high-maintenance and require lots of attention.

They are both highly affectionate creatures, too. Still, Ragdoll cats tend to be affectionate with everyone. Whereas a Siamese is usually very closely bonded with their immediate family and can be nervous or disinterested in strangers.

If you have a Siamese, the chances are that it will love you above everything else. While it is extremely affectionate and loving toward its humans. A Ragdoll is keen to socialize with everybody it meets. Even strangers, to the point of this being a dangerous personality trait. 

Ragdolls are vulnerable to being stolen because they are so trusting.

Both cats are very loyal, and FAQCats says that they can show signs of jealousy at times. 

If you have other pets in the household, you will need to make sure you still give one-on-one time and attention to a Siamese or a Ragdoll. They both require this reassurance of your bond. Both breedswill be unhappy and clingy if they think you are giving someone else too much love.

Final Word

Siamese cats and Ragdoll cats are quite different creatures, despite the similarities in appearance. They share certain characteristics, both being intelligent, affectionate cats, but they have incredibly different needs and personalities.

It’s essential to do careful research before deciding which cat is right for you and recognizing your cat needs. 

If you own a Siamese, be prepared to treat it more like a dog in terms of the exercise you offer. If you own a Ragdoll, be ready to carry it around like a baby and constantly cuddle it!

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