How To Sneak A Cat Into A Hotel And Not Pay Extra

How to sneak a cat into a hotel? This is a question that is asked by over 90% of pet owners who travel with their kitties and don’t want to pay extra fees. Unless, you’ve booked a reservation with a cat-friendly hotel, not every hotel or motel allows pets.

Thousands of people sneak cats and dogs into hotels, because not every place accommodates pets. It doesn’t make it right or wrong, as long as you don’t get caught and make sure your pet doesn’t make a mess, it should be fine.

Can You Bring A Cat To A Hotel?

Several leading hotel chains across America accommodate feline guests, it’s not that hard to find pet-friendly hotels. However, if you’re traveling with your cat, there’s a good chance that you’re going to run into a situation where there are no pet-friendly hotels available.

Your only option is to sleep in your car or sneak your kitty in. Just make sure that your cat is healthy and up to date on their vaccinations. You’ll also want to make sure that you bring their treats, litter box, and bed into the hotel.

This will make their night easier and there’s a better chance that you won’t get caught.

Things to Consider

I do not recommend doing this if you have a really noisy cat, or they like chewing on objects, scratching furniture, marking or urinating everywhere. If you get caught, they might kick you out of the hotel during the night and may even ban you from staying there again.

Some hotels may even fine you for having a pet on their premises illegally. If your cat destroys something, you can expect a bill and I’m pretty sure it won’t be cheap.

So make sure that your cat is well-behaved before trying to sneak them in.

How to Sneak A Cat Into A Hotel?

Try to check into the room later in the evening when most of the guests have already checked in and the lobby is empty. It’ll be a lot easier if you don’t try to do this while there are maids in the hallways.

If you hide them inside of something, make sure that their heads, tails and every part of their body are fully covered. They probably won’t like it, but you only need to keep them fully covered until you get to your room.

Hopefully, they are used to being inside of a bag, otherwise, they may cry while you are walking to your room. Here are some things you can do help you hide your feline friend till you get safely into your hotel room.


If your cat is small enough or if you have a very large handbag, you could put them in the main compartment. You might want to remove everything inside the main compartment, so your cat has more room. Otherwise, they’ll be uncomfortable and will cry out.


Carry along an extra backpack just for this purpose. Make sure that the cat can be fully hidden and your cat is really quiet. If your cat doesn’t move around a lot, you should have no problem getting to your room unnoticed.

Inside Luggage

If you have luggage or suitcase with wheels you could put your cat inside. Make sure to roll it slowly and avoid any bumps. Otherwise, your cat will freak out and make a noise.

In A Pillow Case

Most people take their own pillows to a hotel because it’s more comfortable. If you don’t want to put your kitty in the luggage or a back, you can try putting them inside the pillowcase. Just make sure that they are quiet and you can hide it around your other luggage.

Check-In First

Avoid taking your cat with you while you check into the room. If you travel with other people, leave them in the car with the cat and once you are checked in you can bring the cat in. Standing at the check-in counter with your cat in the bag can be risky.

Avoid The Main Lobby

Most hotels have more than one entrance. Using a backdoor can help you be more stealthy because you’re not walking through the main lobby where there’s a better chance of getting caught.

Use The Stairs

Most people use the elevator and if you think that your cat will meow or cry, you’ll be better off taking the stairs. I’ve been on the stairs in hotels and I hardly ever notice anyone climbing the stairs to get to their room.

Check Out Early

Just like you snuck them in, you’ll need to sneak them out. Although, this will be a lot easier as you can always make sure that you check out early. Try leaving before the rest of the guests wake up for the free breakfast, which usually starts around 6:00 AM.

How Big Is The Hotel?

Sneaking your cat in will depend on how big the hotel is. Some outfits have more than one reception staff where they can see everyone that is coming and going.

Larger hotels have several reception staffs, but there are several wants to enter the building/rooms without having to pass any of them.

Try staying at a bigger hotel that has more than one entrance. You’ll have a much better chance of sneaking your furbaby in without getting caught.

How to Hide A Cat In A Hotel

As soon as you get into your room, hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign up. This will ensure that the hotel staff doesn’t mistakenly enter your room without knocking. (this happened to me while staying at the Hampton Inn)

If someone is traveling with you, ask them to go out and get your cat their comfy bed and litter box. Place the litter box and bed in the bathroom that way you can close that door if you need to.

You can always use the excuse that someone is using the bathroom if the maid comes in with fresh towels or something else. This will avoid you from getting caught and avoid having you to pay extra fees.

When Leaving

Don’t forget to take everything with you and avoid leaving any traces that your pet stayed there with you. If they made any messes, be sure that you clean them up.

Your credit card information is on file and if they realize that you had a pet as an overnight guest, you might find an unexpected fee on your next statement.

Cat Keeps Meowing In The Hotel

If your cat starts meowing because they are scared, then try sitting with them and comfort them. Keep them confined to one area s much as possible, this will help them calm down a little bit.

They could be meowing because they are thirsty or hungry. Make sure that you have some food and water laid out for them.

Whatever you do, do not respond directly to your cat’s meowing or tell them to shush, or yell at them. This will just cause them to continue bad behavior.

Instead, put them in a room and shut the door. When they stop meowing, you can let her out. That said, if it’s the first time your cat has been left alone in a room, they will likely cry even if they don’t see you.

Should You Leave Your Cat Alone In The Hotel Room?

Never leave your cat alone on the room, if the hotel does not allow pets. If you have to leave the room, always leave a friend or family member there to watch the cat.

There’s a good chance that your cat will get caught if left alone. They will probably freak out because they are in unfamiliar territory and will make a bunch of noise.

Bottom Line

If you know that you’re going to be traveling with your cat, try booking reservations at a pet-friendly hotel that accepts cats or dogs. You won’t have to worry about trying to be stealthy with your cat and not getting caught.

However, if your in an area that doesn’t cater to animals, and your pet is well-behaved, then sneak them in. Just make sure that you’re smart about it and your cat isn’t destructive.

You don’t want to end up paying a lot of money for illegally having a cat on the premises or them damaging the room.