How Tall Should My Cat Tree Be And Will My Cat Get Hurt?

Cats are notorious climbers. If you’re a cat owner, you know this more than anyone. Your furry buddy has scaled it all: shelves, tables, countertops, refrigerators, you name it!

You’d be surprised to find that this feline tendency to climb high up isn’t random. Cats intentionally seek high places because they provide good vantage points. This is why cat trees are popular, after all. 

However, this feline love for heights provokes an important question: “How tall should my cat tree be?” and will my cat get hurt if they fall off?

Luckily for you, we’re here to answer all of your questions today. Hop in!

How Tall Should My Cat Tree Be?

Ideally, we’d say that a 5-6 feet tall cat tree is sufficient for an ordinary cat. A kitten should have one that is no bigger than two feet tall. Basically, you want to get one that is high enough for your cat to climb and the condo should be big enough for your cat to sleep.

At that height, a cat tree can provide an excellent vantage point for your cat. Moreover, it’d be tall enough to give your feline friend lots of climbing fun. We’ll also look at how to prepare your home for a tall cat tree.

Can A Cat Tree Be Too Tall?

Cats love heights, that’s for sure. But you don’t want to get one that is too tall that it becomes dangerous for your feline. An accidental fall could cause head trauma, sprains, and abdominal injuries. 

Have no worries, though. Injuries can only spring from dramatic falls

Think of something like a five-story fall. In comparison, a dive from the top of a cat tree is nothing. While you want your cat to get up high, you don’t want them to be too high.

Will A Cat Fall Off?

It’s completely normal to think your cat will fall off the tree, especially, if you’ve gotten a tall condo. However, cats are great climbers because of their extendable claws that allow them to grip the surfaces.

Their back leg muscles help push them upwards, while centralizing their body weight close to the cat tree so they don’t fall backwards. If you’ve ever watched a cat climb a tree, you know they are good climbers.

If they do fall, rest assured they’ll twist their body in mid-air so she/he lands on their feet. You won’t even know they fell off the tree, unless you have a wobbly tree and it falls down from the weight of your cat.

What Size Cat Tree Should I Get?

This answer will vary from person to person. People with vaulted ceilings will be able to get a huge 87″ tall cat tree without any issues. These people can even build their own, if they want something taller.

For people who live in a home or apartment with an average ceiling height of nine feet, will have to measure how much space they have. Don’t forget to leave room for the ceiling fan, if you put the cat tree next to it.

If you live in a tiny home, you’ll likely have 7 feet of ceiling height to work with. Not to mention, you won’t have a lot of space for a cat tree.

What Is the Best Place to Get a Cat Tree?

So you found a cat tree with a suitable height; the question now is, where to put it? Of course, this is different for every house or apartment, but we like to abide by a general rule: Choose your most spacious room.

Although a cat tree isn’t generally demanding in size, it can crowd an already small room. You need somewhere with lots of space and minimal furniture.

After choosing the room, you’ll need to pick the right corner. Look around you—which corner of your room offers the best view? 

Remember, you want to give your cat a broad view. Choose a place that has windows and plenty of light. A suitable corner in your living room or bedroom with good lighting would suffice. I’ve written an article to help you find the best place to put a cat tree.

How To Make Your Own DIY Cat Tree

The tallest cat tree that I found online available is the 113″ Lorinda Floor to Playground Cat Tree. It’s basically a jungle gym your cat will love. The downside is that it costs $949!

This is why so many people choose to make their own cat tree, especially, when they want one that is extremely tall, or bigger than the average tree.

If you’re a handy person, it won’t be hard to make a cat tree. This video will show you how to make a cat tree with multiple platforms and scratching posts. Yes, it will cost you some money to buy the material, but you won’t pay near as much as buying one that is pre-built.

Secure Your Tall Cat Tree

Be sure to choose a quality cat tree that is stable and won’t tip over when your cat’s are playing. Children will likely be tempted to climb the tree, especially, if you get a really tall one.

You never want to let kids climb or play with your cat’s furniture. Teach them when the cats are on the tree, they should be left alone and to never play on or around the feline furniture.


Cats are big fans of heights, and cat trees give them a fun way to practice their climbing. Ideally, a cat tree should be 5-6 feet: Tall enough to climb, but short enough not to overpower its surroundings.

A good cat tree should also be able to keep your cat occupied. Make sure yours is equipped with a scratching post, a bed, and condos.

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