How Much Do Savannah Cats Cost? [What to Expect?]

The Savannah cat is an excellent option for owners who love an exotic pet. However, the cost and ownership of this breed are expensive, and it’s worth evaluating all of the factors before investing in this feline.

Continue reading to discover the costs of having a Savannah cat and breeding facts. Ownership costs and everything else to help you decide whether or not the Savannah is the right pet for you.

What Is The Cost Of A Purebred Savannah?

Most purebred Savannahs carry a price tag in the thousands, but this can range from $2,000 to $20,000 depending on the filial number and generation of the cat.

Why Does The Price Of Savannah Cats Vary So Much?

The price of Savannah cats varies due to several factors such as the Breeder’s reputation, the filial number, the genealogy of the cat, and its general health.

It’s rare to find a Savannah cat that costs less than $1,200; if you do, you need to ask yourself why the price tag is so low before making a purchase. 

Common reasons for a Savannah cat to carry a lower price tag include genetic conditions, deformities, illnesses, or age. And it is almost always more expensive to purchase a kitten than an adult cat, regardless of the breed.

Which Factors Affect The Cost Of A Savannah?

There are many factors affecting the price of a Savannah, as detailed below.

GenerationAmong the significant financial factors is the generation of a Savannah. The earlier the generation, the more closely your cat is related to the wild Serval. Therefore, the more likely that your cat will possess its ancestors’ wild and exotic characteristics.
Breeding CostReputable breeders charge more for Savannah cats because of their investment in breeding these animals. Producing an F1 Savannah requires breeding a domestic cat with an African Serval. The Serval will cost upwards of $5,000 alone, on top of which the Breeder has to secure all of the appropriate permits to house and breed a wild cat
Reputation of the BreederAs we explored above, Breeder’s invest a lot of money into quality breeding programs and therefore charge a higher price for the quality of kittens they produce. While it’s tempting to grab a bargain from a backyard breeder, it’s not recommended as you have no idea what you’re actually getting.
GenderFemale Savannahs are worth more than males, thanks to their breeding capabilities. In addition, many males experience hybrid infertility and are of no use for breeding purpose

What Is The Most Expensive Savannah Cat?

An F1 Savannah cat is the most expensive, with price tags that start at $10,000 for females and $20,000 for males. This high cost is because the cat is purebred, possessing pedigree parents with full registrations.

F1 Savannahs are genetically tested to safeguard against medical conditions and deformities, ensuring they are in the best health condition. 

Also, the markings on Savannah’s coat can increase its value as buyers search for the most exquisite patterns.

What Is An F1 Savannah?

An F1 Savannah is a first-generation cat, meaning it has 50-50 parentage of a wild Serval crossed with a domestic cat. This unique heritage gives the feline several striking features.

How Much Do Other Generations Of Savannah Cats Cost?

The cost of an F2 Savannah drops significantly, with prices starting at $5,000 for both males and females. This is because although the cat is purebred, they don’t meet the strict standards set for an F1 breed. 

In addition, their heritage is not 50-50 with the Serval. An F2 Savannah has one domestic parent and one F1 Savannah parent.

The cost of an F3 Savannah starts at $2,500 for both males and females, though the females can reach higher prices thanks to their breeding capabilities. This price varies due to several factors such as age, quality, and health of each kitten.

F4 Savannah’s start at $1,500 for males and females, with the females again reaching higher prices thanks to their reproductive abilities. 

F5 – F7 Savannah cats are the cheaper breeds as their ancestry is further removed from the wild Serval. Purchasing an F5 – F7 Savannah could set you back anywhere between $1,200 – $4,000 for a female and $1,200 to $9,000 for a male.

What Do I Need To Consider Before Purchasing A Savannah Cat?

All Savannah cats are expensive to purchase and maintain, so you must ensure that this is the right pet for you before investing.

The Savannah is a beautiful and exotic-looking breed. Early generation Savannahs (F1, F2, and sometimes F3) are a more energetic breed who require large open spaces, plenty of exercise, and lots of attention from their owners.

The bond an early generation Savannah forms with its owner is strong and unique, which can be extremely rewarding but is not without its challenges. Earlier generation Savannahs can struggle to adapt to new people or circumstances.

Simple engagements such as family dinners or vacations can be problematic with a Savannah in tow. So before purchasing an early generation Savannah, you need to ensure that you can provide them with a spacious and nurturing environment; and have the time and dedication to focus on this beautiful creature.

Later-generation Savannahs (F4 and onwards) fit more readily into a family environment thanks to their friendly nature and ability to adapt to change more readily. In addition, they possess fewer “wild” genes than earlier generations, giving them more pet-like qualities.

These later generations still require lots of space and attention, but they are easier to train and more laid back than the F1-F3 generations.

What Should I Look For In A Breeder?

Once you’ve decided that the Savannah cat is the right pet, you’ll need to source a breeder. Reputable and experienced breeders may be a little more expensive than standard breeders, but it’s often worth paying a little extra for the guarantees these breeders bring.

A Savannah’s environment will impact its overall health and appearance, so you want to look for breeders who raise their animals in wide-open spaces and clean environments. Avoid any breeders who keep their cats in cages.

When approaching a breeder, they should present you with at least one of your kitten’s parents, registration papers, and a complete health record. If the Breeder can’t provide you with these documents, you may want to think twice about your purchase.

Why Are Savannah Cats So Expensive?

F1 Savannahs carry a hefty price tag because of the breed’s quality. In addition, most early generation Savannahs are barren, meaning they won’t produce. This leaves F1 cats in high demand and short supply.

F1s are the most unique of the Savannah generations thanks to their unique heritage, but breeding the Serval with a domestic cat often results in stillbirths or early deaths in their kittens. Few F1 kittens survive than die, making a healthy F1 kitten a rare and highly sought-after animal.

Final Word

The Savannah cat is a rare and exotic breed worth investing in to provide you with a unique and lovable pet. Prices range from $1,200 to $20,000 depending on the cat’s ancestry and health of the cat, and it’s always worth doing your homework before investing your money.

You’ll need to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of each generation to decide which is suitable for you before sourcing a reputable breeder who will deliver exactly what they promise. 

The Savannah cat is one of the most desirable breeds on the market, which can be yours if you’re willing to pay the price tag.

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