How Many Cat Trees Do I Need For 2 Cats?

Hi cat mommas and daddies! Is it time to spoil your little fellas? Cat trees are definitely the way to go! Are you wondering ‘how many cat trees do I need for 2 cats?’ Look no further! This is exactly what we’re here to discuss. 

Shopping for more than one cat can be tricky. Just like children, it’s not always easy to please these little felines. So how should you decide? 

If you think that you’ll have to get two and not one cat tree, think again. Yes, you can get one cat tree for multiple cats. Allow us to explain. 

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How Many Cat Trees Do I Need for 2 Cats?

If the cats have grown up together since they were kittens, you should be fine with one cat tree. However, if the cats don’t know each other well enough, or one is a bully, they may not want to share the cat tree.

There’s no definite answer to this question. Some people would say two, while others would swear one is better. Not all cats are alike, so, naturally, the answer varies. 

One Giant Tree

Contrary to popular belief, getting one tree for 2 cats isn’t inadvisable. In fact, some might say it’s exactly what’s needed for multiple cats. We all know tensions can run high when there are two cat-bosses in the house. A cat tree can remedy that! 

Shared Space

When a cat tree is large enough, there’s plenty of room for both cats to coexist peacefully. Whether each one claims a certain spot, basically drawing the line for the other cat, or they take turns like civilized beings, they would be sharing the tree. Here are some of the best cat trees for large cats, if you have bigger cats.

This way, they either know exactly where each one stands, or they’ll just play nice with one another. Both things lead to harmony between the little furballs.  

Time Out

Just like cats like to be alone, they like having their own space. While some cats are more territorial than others, all cats need their own privacy. A cat tree can do just that, provide your cats with the time out they need. 

It’s one thing if your cat is the only spoiled feline in the household, but if there’s more than one cat in the house, they’re likely to need some me-ow time. Get it? Me-time? 

A cat tree is for the cats who are just sick of it all and need a breather. If there’s a place for each of your cats to retreat and let off some steam, it would keep them from being stressed or simply grumpy for having zero privacy: less stress, less tension, happier kitties. 

Having a cat tree that can accommodate both cats means that they’d both have their own privacy. Better yet, they’d have their own privacy even while sharing the tree, which is just perfect!  

Fighting? Nah

Cats can bring their guardians endless joy until they start fighting. Do you know what can help reduce if not put an end to these dreadful quarrels? Cat trees! 

A cat can start a fight for several reasons, but it ends the fight for one reason alone: to prove it’s the more dominant one. It’s a cat’s instinct to fight. Ending the fight is all about proving you’re the strongest. 

That’s where cat trees come in handy. Their vertical position enables them to demonstrate their dominance without engaging in a furious battle. Remember when Simba and Mufasa were sitting on top of Pride Rock? It’s the same idea; being so high up means that you’re the one with the higher status. 

Therefore, why would a cat go through the hassle of a fight when he/she could spare himself/herself the headache? With a couple of leaps, it could get to the top of the cat tree and communicate to the minions down below just who’s the bravest of them all. It sure is easier than fighting! 

Two Separate Trees

Having two separate trees isn’t really necessary unless the idea of your cats sharing anything together is impossible. Some cats simply can’t be around others, no matter what. If your cats can’t be near each other without tearing at each other, then definitely go for two separate trees. 

Another instance when two trees would be better than one is if one is too small. Whether you had already had a cat tree before a new kitty joined your home or you’d rather get smaller trees rather than one, getting a new one would be for the best. If it’s too tiny to house both of your cats at once, they’ll inevitably fight over it, so let’s not let that happen. 

Which Cat Trees Are Best for 2 Cats

cat tree for multiple cats

What should you bear in mind during tree shopping for your kitty duo? 

Hiding Spots

Now that you know just how important hiding spots are, make sure the tree has two of them! You want to reduce the risk of any conflict as much as possible, as well as make sure your cats feel safe and comfortable. 

If your cats are in the habit of squabbling, it’s vital that you make sure the condos in the tree have not one but two openings in them. Yes, cats love hiding, but they’re worst nightmare is being cornered. 

When a condo has only one way in and out, a cat can corner the other inside it. This would be extremely stressful and scary to the cat stuck inside with no escape. Its safe haven could suddenly turn into a cage. 

This could be easily avoided. Simply make sure that there are two openings in the hiding spots of the cat tree you buy. Your cats would rest easy, knowing they have an escape plan. 

Besides, just wait and see how much they’re going to love this feature when they’re in a playful mood. They’re going to absolutely love it! 

Skyscraper Trees

The higher the tree is, the better. It’s actually important for indoor cats specifically to have a large and high cat tree. 

If your cats don’t go outside, chances are that they’re going to want some extra room. Because buying a bigger home for a cat doesn’t really make sense, even though our little fellas deserve the world, you could buy them bigger homes. 

Giving your cats more vertical space would mean more to them than giving them horizontal space. You’d be giving them room and nurturing their feline instincts. So choose a tall tree to make your cats feel like they’re outside on a real one! Believe us; they’ll love it! 

A Versatile Design

While this isn’t really a must, it’s more fun. While you’re at it, why not give your furballs lots of new things to do.     

The pro of choosing a house with different options is that your cats will get to pick their favorite ones! Not all cats love the same things; some cats might love plush beds, while others prefer hideaways. This way your cat will have so many things to choose from! 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can find something that’s just as great and within your budget.

The Bottom Line

What it comes down to is that you most likely only need one cat tree for two cats. You don’t need to get two separate ones unless your cats can’t stand each other at all. 

A single multi-cat tree would get your cats to share yet maintain their privacy. It’d give them somewhere to play, scratch, and hide. It’s like a gigantic cocoon for your little ones. We wouldn’t be pushing it if we say it might cease some of the cat fights that ensue at your home! 

Carefully pick out the design that you think your two furballs will love and introduce them to their new home! While you’re at it, why not find out where is the best place to put a cat tree?

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