Do Maine Coons Like To Burrow?

Do Maine Coons like to burrow? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are considering adopting one of these beautiful animals. Maine Coons are beautiful felines that are often said to be “like dogs,” but do they burrow like one? The answer isn’t quite as simple as you might think it is. Allow me to explain why in this article!

Do Maine Coons Like to Burrow?

Maine Coons aren’t known for burrowing in the soil, however. While dogs may enjoy digging and Maine Coons share many of their characteristics, they are not generally burrowers. Like all cats, they can dig. And some individuals may enjoy doing so, but they are not known for burrowing underground – although many enjoy being under the blanket on a bed!

Why Do Some Cats Dig?

There are several reasons some cats dig – and whether you get a “digging” cat or not is somewhat down to chance. Some felines show an interest in digging and turning the earth, while others will not ever think of doing so.

If you have ever seen a cat – a Maine Coon or otherwise – digging, you might have wondered what it is doing this for. After all, we usually associate digging with dogs. So, let’s look at why a cat might dig. 

Below are some of the explanations a Maine Coon will burrow. 

Territory Marking

A Maine Coon might be digging to scent mark its territory. Cats have scent glands in their paws, so digging and turning the earth marks it as theirs, which is common for digging. 

Although Maine Coons are not particularly territorial felines, they may start marking the ground as theirs by digging it up if they feel threatened. If so, you are more likely to see them digging at the edges of their territory, where intruders will come across their scent.


Your cat may dig simply to exercise their muscles and give themselves something to do. Remember, Maine Coons are huge, strong cats, so they may feel inclined to stretch and challenge their bodies sometimes.

Digging can help to keep them strong and may stimulate their brains. 

Although it is relatively rare for most cats to engage in this sort of activity, you may see it happen from time to time, especially if your cat enjoys being outdoors and exploring.

Concealing Food

Most cats do not hide their food by burying it, but yours may do at times. This is more of a dog characteristic, but some cats seem to feel the need to conceal tasty morsels under the earth. 

You might, on occasion, see your cat burying food in the garden. It is probably more likely to do so with something it has caught itself than with food from its dish.

Sometimes, a cat covering food up is showing their disdain for it – so if you’ve just decided to try your Maine Coon on a new kind of food, burying it could be a sign of displeasure! 

However, it is pretty rare for a cat to take food outside actively. Usually, they will demonstrate their annoyance by scratching at the floor around the dish as though they intend to bury it, even if the floor is hard and cannot be dug up.


Many cats pay little attention to insects, but others find them very interesting. So if your Maine Coon is curious about the critters in the garden, it may dig to try and get closer and examine the bugs or worms it might see outdoors.

Your cat might decide to try and dig up all sorts of different things, so don’t worry if you see it scratching away at the earth and sniffing out tiny insects. It shouldn’t do itself any harm.

Hiding Their Toilet

Some cats dig where their “litter box” is, and some will dig at the soil even when they haven’t used it because the feeling of bare soil underneath their paws stimulates their burying instinct.

Bear in mind that in the wild, many felines cover up their waste to conceal it from potential threats. Domesticated Maine coons are likely to still have this instinct. Most cats prefer to cover their waste with at least some dried leaves, while others actively try and bury it in the soil.

If you find that your cat is digging at the soil, it is pretty likely that they have left a little deposit around somewhere.

Do Maine Coons Like To Burrow Under The Duvet?

Some people report that their Maine Coon likes to sleep in the bed with them and isn’t happy unless they get under the blankets! It’s not surprising if your Maine Coon insists on sleeping on the bed. But you might be a little taken aback by them wanting to cuddle up under your duvet.

Why do they do this? It’s quite likely that they do this mostly for warmth and physical contact. Maine Coons are highly affectionate cats, so they like to be as close to you as possible. Some prefer sleeping under the duvet is and will burrow in the bed until they get in their favorite position. 

It is also probable that being large cats, they don’t feel as concerned about potentially being squashed or find the duvet as suffocating as some smaller felines may do. Nevertheless, if your Maine Coon insists on burrowing under the duvet by you, don’t be too surprised. 

Why Do Maine Coons Dig Around Their Water Bowls?

Most Maine Coons love water. Maine coons drink a lot of water, but most develop a habit of playing with their water bowl than drinking it’s contents.

Some people say that their Maine Coons dig in the bowls or wave their paws around above the bowls. Some Maine Coons like to dip their paws in and then lick the water off their paws.

Why isn’t totally clear, but it’s likely some instinct left over from their ancestors. For example, Maine Coons are often so enthusiastic about their water bowls that owners have to place the dishes inside another container to prevent them from making too much mess. 

Some Maine Coons also like to dip their food in the water. Again, it isn’t really known why they do this, although it may be some leftover instinctive behavior, or it may just be done for the fun of it.

So the answer to whether Maine Coons like to burrow in their water seems to be yes!

Should I Be Worried About My Maine Coon Digging?

Digging is not likely to indicate a problem. Although a stressed cat might turn to digging as a way to mark its territory and relieve stress. If you believe your Maine Coon is not happy. Look out for behavior such as excessive licking or running frantically around the house.

Digging could be another sign of stress, but it isn’t particularly known for this. Usually, it will just be because your cat is playing, hiding food or waste, or has spotted something of interest disappearing into the soil. You probably don’t need to worry about it.

If you are concerned about your Maine Coon burrowing. Talk to your vet about it, but on the whole, this behavior would not be considered abnormal or concerning.

Final Word

Maine coons are not known for burrowing in the soil. Although they do often like to burrow under the blankets on your bed. If your cat is a keen digger, it is probably simply exercising its muscles and marking its territory.

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