Do Maine Coons Get Along With Dogs?

Have you ever wondered if Maine Coon cats get along with dogs? These cats are often called dog-like in their behavior, so what happens if you decide to introduce one to an actual dog.

Do Main Coons Get Along With Dogs?

On the whole, a lot of Maine Coons will get along with dogs well. The breed is friendly, intelligent, and will enjoy the company of a dog just as it enjoys the company of a human or another cat. Maine Coons can bond with and come to adore dogs, especially if introduced at a young age.

Will A Maine Coon Get Along With A Dog?

There is no certain answer to this as it will depend very much on the individuals and the context in which they are introduced, but many Maine Coons do get along well with dogs and will happily bond with them.

This is particularly true if the two are introduced while young. Kittens and puppies are far more accepting and adaptable, and they are much more likely to form friendships with each other than older cats and dogs.

However, in many cases, an adult cat can learn to accept an adult dog (and vice versa). Of course, you will need to work harder on the acceptance, and the introduction will have to be done very carefully. Still, it is possible for adult Maine Coons to get along with dogs even if they have never encountered another dog before.

This depends a lot on the cat, the dog, and the circumstances. If your Maine Coon is laid back, secure, and generally friendly, it’s more likely to tolerate a dog, especially one that is also relaxed and friendly. On the other hand, if your kitty is anxious, jumpy, or insecure, it may be harder to introduce a dog successfully.

It can still be done, but you need to take your cat’s nature and the nature of your dog/potential dog into account. For example, certain breeds of dogs are more likely to take to and be accepted by a Maine Coon than others.

Which Dog Breeds Are Most Suitable As Companions?

According to PetsKB, Maine Coons are more likely to get on with some dog breeds than others.

Examples it suggests include:

  • Basset hounds
  • Pugs
  • Retrievers
  • Collies
  • Beagles
  • French Bulldogs

On the whole, you want to choose a breed known for friendliness and lack of aggression. If you choose a dominant breed that prefers to be the center of attention, you may have problems.

You should then look at the individual, as breeds have a lot of variation in them. Even ones that are known for friendliness can produce individuals that don’t like other pets. Select with care.

Which Dogs Don’t Pair Well With Maine Coons?

Certain breeds of dogs do not generally get along well with Maine Coons. Although there can be exceptions to the rule, it is usually best to avoid trying this sort of pairing, especially with adults of either species.

These dogs include:

  • Whippets
  • Greyhounds
  • Huskies
  • Terriers
  • Shih Tzu

Any dogs with an intense “chase” instinct are unlikely to make good friends with a cat. 

Equally, dogs that prefer to be the center of attention are better off without a companion. Massive dogs can be too rough with Maine Coons – although these kitties are large, they are still significantly smaller than a husky or a greyhound.

How Do I Introduce A Maine Coon To A Dog?

Let’s assume that your Maine Coon is the established party in your home, and you are introducing a new dog. As mentioned, it is easier to introduce a young dog, so if possible, avoid bringing an older dog into your home. Most animals are more accepting of juveniles.

Ensure your Maine Coon has plenty of spaces where it can retreat from the dog if necessary. It should have at least one safe room where your dog cannot go or is not allowed to go. 

Do not allow your new dog to follow it there; if the cat is moving away, ensure the dog respects its need for space.

You should keep the two animals separate initially, so your new dog can get used to the house, and your cat can smell and hear the dog without being directly confronted with it. 

You can give your cat a blanket your puppy has used to introduce it to the smell and vice versa. If either animal seems very upset by the scent, remove the blanket and try again later.

When both animals seem at ease with the smell, wait for your puppy to fall asleep and then allow your cat to enter the room and examine it. Then, be ready to intervene if necessary. Provide your cat with lots of love and reassurance at this time.

Try to play with both pets at the same time, so they learn to have fun together. Feeding them on opposite sides of a stair gate or other grate is also an excellent way to get them to associate each other with good things without allowing them to get aggressive over food.

Ensure that your dog does not chase your cat until they have established a reasonable playing boundary, and teach your dog to respect your cat’s space. If your dog is larger than the cat, you need to supervise play sessions until you are sure they are safe with each other.

Soon, they will establish a relationship in which the Maine Coon is either fond of the dog or ignores it. 

How Do I Introduce A Dog To A Maine Coon?

You might be looking at the opposite situation, where the dog is the established pet, and you want to get a Maine Coon. This is often easier, especially if you have adopted a kitten.

Ideally, you want to keep your kitten in a communal space so that it gets used to and bonds with you, but you shouldn’t introduce the dog straight away. 

This can be quite challenging at first, especially if your dog is used to being with you a lot. But, you will have to do your best. You may be able to keep your kitten in the living room or kitchen, with your dog in the other room.

Once your kitten or cat has started to bond with you and feel safe in the home. It’s time to introduce it to the dog. Keep it in its carrier for this initial meeting. Let the dog approach the cage and sniff it. But be ready to remove your dog if the cat gets very distressed or the dog seems aggressive.

Introduce them slowly, and eventually allow the dog into the room when the cat is not in its carrier. Monitor both animals closely and remove the dog if either animal starts to be confrontational. If all is going well, encourage them to play together and reward friendly behavior.

It can take several months for a true working relationship to be established. But you will probably find your pets are firm friends once it has been.

Final Word

Although it will depend heavily on the temperament of both animals, many Maine Coon cats do get along with dogs. Both animals are loyal, friendly, intelligent creatures, and they can bond closely with each other in the right circumstances.

Once the bond between cat and dog forms, you’ll have two loyal companions for as long as they live!

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