Do Maine Coons Drink A Lot Of Water? [Their Water Obsession]

You may have heard that Maine Coons love water, but it’s possible you don’t know quite how much – and this could lead you to question whether Maine Coons drink a lot of water and perhaps why they are so obsessed with something that many domestic cats positively loathe.

Do Maine Coons Drink A Lot of Water?

Maine Coons do drink a lot of water. However, most Maine Coons also absolutely love to play with water, and many owners find that they have to put water dishes inside other containers to minimize the mess. If your Maine Coon is water-crazy, let’s see why and how you can deal with this aspect of their personality.

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Do Maine Coons Drink A Lot?

Let’s start at the beginning. Do these fluffy felines tend to drink a lot of water, or do they just like to play with it?

Maine Coons drink a lot of water, which is generally considered a good thing by vets. Many cats suffer from kidney issues in later life because they do not drink enough. Cats have a low thirst drive and rarely know when they need to drink.

Many cats get the majority of their moisture from their diets in the wild, but domestic cats are often fed dry biscuits. Unfortunately, these don’t contain enough water to keep the cat hydrated, and this puts a strain on the kidneys that can eventually lead to renal failure.

It’s important to help any cat stay hydrated by giving it a mixture of wet and dry food and ensuring there is a constant source of fresh, clean water available for them (preferably in several rooms around the house).

Maine Coons, however, are less problematic than other cats because they love water, and they will often drink it while playing in it. In addition, they sometimes put their dried food in their water dishes before consuming it, and they will also drink from water glasses if these are left around – so don’t leave your drinks within cat reach!

You may want to invest in a bottle of water, so you don’t end up sharing your glass with your fluffy friend.

According to PawsForAdvice, you may see your Maine Coon dipping its paw in the water bowl and drinking the water off its paw instead. This is very cute to observe, although it isn’t clear why they choose to do this.

In short, yes, Maine Coons do drink a lot. This is a great thing for their health, although it can sometimes contribute to wet, messy floors!

Why Do Maine Coons “Dig” In Their Water Bowls?

A slightly more annoying habit than drinking off their paws, you may notice that your Maine Coon dips its paws in the water and scratches around in it. This can lead to water spilling all over the floor. 

Instead of your cat drinking from the water bowl, they may then drink instead of what remains in the bowl.

You might be wondering what this is for. Why doesn’t the cat simply drink from the bowl instead of making a mess and then drinking off a potentially dirtier floor?

Unfortunately, this behavior is instinctive. Cats want to know that the water is fresh, and running water is far less likely to have bacteria growing in it. So it doesn’t matter if your cat has just watched you fill the bowl – it still wants to paw at the water and make it move around.

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These cats also like to remove any potential debris on the surface. It doesn’t matter that this debris isn’t there. Because the cat is relying on its instincts, not on what it sees in front of it.

You may also find that your Maine Coon tries to push its water bowl away from its food. On the whole, cats prefer to drink far away from where they eat because the water is less likely to be contaminated by dead animals if it is not near their food source.

Another possible reason for your cat digging water out of its bowl and then licking it off the floor is that the bowl irritates the cat’s whiskers. Maine Coons have particularly long whiskers, and if these are touching the sides of the bowl when the cat drinks, they are likely to find it uncomfortable. In addition, cats prefer wide, shallow bowls to deep ones.

That could be why your cat behaves oddly about its drinking water – so what about other water? First, let’s look at Maine Coons and faucets.

Do Maine Coons Like Playing With Water?

Although this is not true for all Maine Coons, most of them really enjoy playing in the water. You may find that your cat tries to join you when you get in the bath or take a shower or that it lies in the shower after you’ve finished, batting at the remaining water.

Maine Coons are also very smart cats, and some of them will watch how you turn on a faucet and then turn it on themselves. They often drink this water instead of the water in their bowl, as it is fresh and running, so it satisfies their instincts.

Some owners report that their cats want to play in the water used for doing dishes or are keen to splash around in any other source of water that they can find. Many seem to enjoy the feeling of water on their paws and even on the rest of their fur.

If your Maine Coon is keen on water, it will make bath time a lot easier. Get a cat-friendly shampoo and give your kitty a good wash when it comes to grooming time, and you will be wowed by how gorgeous its coat looks afterward.

Not all Maine Coons like water, however. If you aren’t sure whether your cat does or not, it’s a good idea to offer them the opportunity to experiment rather than lifting them into a bath. Some pet owners will tell you their Maine Coons love to swim, here’s how to tell if yours enjoys being in the water. 

Make sure they have a way to get out of whatever water you offer them and don’t force them to have a bath if they don’t like it.

While Maine Coons are very gentle creatures, trying to cram an unwilling one into a bath is not going to end well for you!

How Can I Stop Water Getting Everywhere?

The problem with having a water-obsessed kitty is that it will spread water all over the house, and if you don’t want damp seats, puddles on your floors, and a perpetually soggy atmosphere, you need to control your cat’s access to water.

If it becomes an issue, try closing the bathroom and kitchen doors or keeping the lid of the toilet seat down. You can also put your cat’s water dish on an absorbent mat or try keeping it inside a secondary container to catch the spills.

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A little table is often a good solution; this will catch the water and still let your cat lap up what they want. Try investing in a cat water fountain to ensure they always have fresh, running water ready; this may take their attention away from the household faucets. 

Final Word

Maine Coons do drink a lot of water, and they love to play in it too. So if your Maine Coon is taking an interest in your bath or shower, don’t be surprised. Invite them to join you and have some great fun with your water-loving kitty!

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