Do Maine Coon Cats Like To Be Held?

Maine Coons are famous for their amazing size and appealing looks, but what about their nature? Are these cats affectionate, and do they like to be held, or do they have an independent streak? It might be a bit of both!

Do Maine Coon Cats Like To Be Held?

Maine Coons love to be held as long as you make sure they are comfortable and have established a good bond of trust with you before you pick them up. They are very affectionate cats that love to cuddle with their humans. But you have to earn this right first, or they may strongly object to being picked up and held.

Are Maine Coons Affectionate?

Yes, on the whole, these cats are affectionate creatures, and they are known for being extremely gentle. However, you may find that your Maine Coon has a somewhat independent streak. Although they love their people, they don’t tend to be particularly clingy cats, and they will be reasonably happy doing their own thing for a while.

However, they love to cuddle with and be held by people they trust, so you can expect some quality snuggle time when they are comfortable with you. Your Maine Coon loves burrowing in the bed, just to sleep close to you.

They will happily sit in your lap or allow you to carry them around as long as they feel safe.

On the whole, Maine Coons that have been handled and held a lot as kittens will be more comfortable with this as adults. Cats that have had less handling will usually be less relaxed if they are picked up, but they will still cope on the whole, as long as they are with people that they trust.

Maine Coons are certainly affectionate felines on the whole, and that means they do like to cuddle, at least most of the time.

How Do I Know If My Maine Coon Trusts Me?

So, how can you tell if a Maine Coon trusts you? They share much of the same body language that other cats use to communicate trust.

One of the most unmistakable signs of trust is exposing their stomachs. When cats roll onto their backs, they are showing you that they trust you won’t hurt them. This may or may not be an invitation to touch and tickle the tummy (at risk of your fingers), but it is a sure sign they don’t see you as a threat.

Another noticeable sign of trust is the slow blink. You may have observed that if you look at your cat, it blinks once and looks away. This is a sign that it trusts you enough to close its eyes when you are present and also indicates that it doesn’t want to initiate a staring contest with you.

Staring can be a challenge, so you should avoid staring at your cat. Instead, imitate its blink and look away to show that you feel the same way.

Other signs of trust include sleeping near you, which indicates your cat feels safe enough to let down its guard completely in your presence. Purring, tail curling, and pawing are further indications of affection. 

If you’re new to owning a cat, check out this article on cat tail language to help you understand what cats are telling you with their tail. 

Cats have scent glands in their cheeks, so if your cat rubs its cheek against you, it is marking you as its – a sure sign that it loves and trusts you.

How Do I Get My Maine Coon To Trust Me?

Building up trust is just part of getting a cat, and it can take time, especially if your kitty has come from a bad home or is older and less adaptable. 

You will have to work on getting your cat to trust you, and the process can’t be rushed. Even young cats will often take a little time to warm up to new owners.

Maine Coons, in particular, tend to be loyal to their direct family members but wary of strangers. So to start building bonds with your cat, talk to it, feed it, and spend time with it as much as possible – until it indicates it wants space by walking away from you.

Do not raise your voice around your cat, and don’t make sudden movements if it is nervous. Instead, pet it gently and respect its choice if it does not want to interact with you at times. Over a period of weeks and months, your cat will come to see you as a source of pleasure, food, and security, and its affection for you will grow.

Just like with people, trust needs time to develop, but once your cat trusts you, it will be more accepting of being picked up and held. Try not to pick your cat up when it indicates that it doesn’t want to interact or be held; this will help it to trust you more.

What Do I Need To Think About When Holding My Maine Coon?

Maine Coons are enormous cats, and some find being held uncomfortable. If you want your cat to enjoy being held, you must make sure it is comfortable in your arms.

This means supporting it under its back legs and allowing it to rest its front legs on your other arm. Practice picking your cat up while it is young if possible. As this will give you both a better idea of what to expect and how to handle each other.

With an older Maine Coon, test whether it likes to be picked up by gently slipping your hands under its stomach as though you are going to lift it. If it objects, don’t pick it up. If it allows you to lift it, be very gentle and pick it up briefly.

It is often a good idea to practice lifting your cat when you are sitting down. You can place it in your lap or on the seat beside you. This will usually alarm your cat less than if you lift it all the way to your full height. 

If your cat struggles, you’re less likely to drop it if you’re sitting down.

Place it back on the floor and pet it or leave it alone to show you respect its decision. Don’t try and pick it up again for a while.

Are Maine Coons Lap Cats?

According to MaineCoonCentral, only about 30% of Maine Coons are lap cats; the rest prefer to sit beside their owners rather than in their laps. This may be partly due to their size. Being large might make it harder for the cat to get comfortable in its owner’s lap.

If you want your Maine Coon to sit in your lap. Encourage the behavior by making the space as comfortable as possible. You may find that placing a cushion there helps. You can also provide treats and petting as rewards.

However, some Maine Coons will never be fond of sitting in your lap, and you’ll have to accept this, sadly!

Final Word

Many Maine Coons enjoy being held and fussed by people they trust, but they are usually wary of strangers. Some Maine Coons will not permit a stranger to even touch them, let alone pick them up and cuddle.

Make sure that your Maine Coon feels safe in your arms by holding it close to your body and supporting its limbs. If your cat is not happy, put it back on the floor and enjoy its affection in other ways.

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