Can You Take A Cat On A Cruise What You Need to Know

Can you take a cat on a cruise? If you love traveling with your cat, there’s a good possibility that you’ve asked yourself that question, at least I know I have.

The short answer is that Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. On certain transatlantic sailings, those between New York and Southampton, people are allowed to bring their cat or dog. However, your four-legged friend will not be able to sleep with you in the cabin.

What Cruise Line Allows Pets?

If you were planning a getaway on the Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival or any other cruise line, you’ll have to leave your four-legged friend behind. It’s tough to decide if you should leave them at home or board them, but either way, you won’t be able to bring them with you.

Unless you book a cruise on the Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. It is the only ship that allows people to bring their furry friends, and only on some itineraries.

Four-legged friends are only welcome on transatlantic voyages. These ventures travel between the Brooklyn terminal and Red Hook in New York City. Or from Southampton, England (which is around a two-hour drive outside of London) or Hamburg, Germany.

A Look At The Queen Mary 2?

It is a British ship that regularly crosses the Atlantic Ocean taking an eight-night trip between Southampton England, and New York. They have been taking these trips for more than 175 years.

They have all the amenities people expect when taking an extravagant cruise. They are best known for their formal nightlife and proper afternoon tea.

Who These Cruises Are Best Suited For?

Pet Owners: They are the only ones with kennels at the sea, which board both dogs and cats. They’ve recently doubled the kennel capacity from 12 – 24. Pet owners are even allowed to walk their furry four-legged friends on a sectioned off portion of the deck. that even has a fire hydrant from New York.

Older Travelers: These cruises are a magnet for an older crowd of both British and American passengers. You will find families on board, but mostly during the summer crossings. They even have an English nanny program that helps take care of the little ones.

Those Along for The Journey: This cruise doesn’t explore new ports, instead you’ll spend a lot of time doing various activities.

If this sounds interesting for you and your cat, let’s take a look at what you need to do to get ready for you and your feline friend to go on that next cruise.

What About Pet Fees?

When you’re traveling with your cat, you’ll be expected to pay a pet fee. At the time of this writing, the kennel price for your cat will be $800 for a round trip ticket.

Once onboard, your cat will reside in a kennel that is (30 by 35.5 by 27 inches). It’s nice knowing that you can visit them whenever you want.

Steps to Take for Cats to Travel With You On A Cruise Ship

If you really want to travel with your cat on a cruise, then you need to book with the Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. I’ll share some tips below to ensure that you can your kitty can both be accommodated.

Step One: Contact Your Local Travel Agency

At the time of this writing, the only cruise you can take with your cat is the Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. However, this could change and it doesn’t hurt to check with your local travel agency to see if they can help you find a different cruise line.

Pet lovers without emotional support animals, will love the fact that there is one pet-friendly cruise line.

Step Two: Book Early

Pets are confined to a specific area on board, so you’ll want to make sure that you book early. It’s based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Make sure that you find out about the kennel availability and reserve it as soon as possible. As I mentioned above, they only have 24 kennels available and once those are filled up, you’re out of luck.

Step Three: Visit Your Vet

Anytime you travel, you need to take Fluffy to the vet to make sure they are up-to-date on their vaccinations (rabies). Don’t forget to get a health certificate, just in case you need it to board the ship.

Don’t forget to refill any medications that your kitty may need while you’re on vacation.

Step Four: Check Requirements Of The Destination Country

Every country has its own specific requirements about pets entering their country. Be sure to check with the department of agriculture or the embassy of the country you’ll be traveling to.

Pets that disembark in Southhampton or Hamburg are required to have a microchip, PET passport, PETS certificate, and have up to date vaccinations against tapeworms, and rabies.

In New York, you’ll be required to show proof of a current health certificate and up to date rabies vaccination.

Make sure that your cat meets all the requirements before traveling. I’ve written an article that walks you through the process of getting a passport for a cat.

If your pet isn’t properly documented, they will have to be quarantined as soon as you board the ship. Always read the pet policy before you travel.

Step Five: Book Your Transportation to The Cruise Ship

Decide whether you’ll be driving, or flying with your cat on a plane to board the ship. If you’ve never flown with your cat, read this article “how to travel with a cat on a plane” it has tons of information to help ensure that your feline friend can fly.

Be sure to check which airlines allow you to fly with pets. Most are pet-friendly but choose one that allows your cat to fly in the cabin.

Step Six: Cat Travel Pack

You will want to bring Fluffy’s favorite toys and their cat harness and leash. Food is provided by the Cunard, if your cat has special dietary needs, make sure that you let them know in advance.

Your four-legged friend will be pampered with freshly baked treats, fleece blankets, a food bowl, plus their own little life jacket.

A Look At the Queens In Liverpool

Here’s a video that will show you a timelapse of the cruise out on the water. You’ll get a better feel of whether this is the right one for you to take.

What’s A Cat Lover To Do?

If you just want to go on a pet-focused vacation, then spend time browsing the Internet. Some companies offer pet-related getaways. I was even able to find one that isn’t dog-friendly and only caters to felines.

For example, I found the Meow Meow Cruise 2019. It’s the 5th year this carnival paradise has been happening. You’ll be on board with other cat lovers and you can share photos and talk about your cats.

You’ll take a 5-day trip and visit Key West, Cuba, and Cozumel. This trip is specially designed for cat lovers, you can find out more about the Meow Meow Cruise.

Bottom Line

The Cunard pet-friendly cruises are the only ship that allows animals. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find other pet excursions, it just takes time.

It may take some time to find the right pet-friendly cruise. If you follow these tips, I have no doubt that you and you Fluffy will sail the open waters in no time.