13 Of The Best Cats for First Time Owners [List of Breeds]

When welcoming your first cat into your home, you may be unsure what to expect and which breed best suits your lifestyle. Cats like the Siamese, Ragdoll, or Maine Coon make excellent first pets thanks to their easygoing, calm, and loving nature.

Below we’ll explore a comprehensive list of cat breeds that make fantastic pets for first-time owners. When choosing which is best for you, you’ll need to consider the characteristics you’re looking for – do you want an energetic and playful kitten that will enjoy spending time with your children, or are you looking for a mellow and relaxed cat to Netflix and chill with?

What Are The Best Cats For First-Time Owners?

It’s difficult to say which is the best cat breed for a first-time owner without knowing the personality and character that you are looking for. However, some species are incredibly loving and can adapt to a variety of forever homes.

American Shorthair

This friendly and sociable cat will love the company of humans without being overly demanding of your time and attention. Most will tolerate having children and other pets in the same house. And, they require minimal grooming, thanks to their shorthaired coat.


This Asian Leopard wild cat cross is a curious and athletic feline who loves to play. The breed shares similar qualities to a dog, and is excellent for families, can learn tricks, and loves water – you might find that they want to join you for a shower!

Visually striking, the Bengal is a confident and devoted family member who will be friendly towards guests and a loyal companion for your home.


The Birman is a quiet breed that will love an equal mix of playtime and relaxing cuddles. They are incredibly affectionate and gentle; they also have a high level of patience, making them the perfect pet for families with children and other pets.

You will need to maintain their fur with regular brushes, but they don’t shed too much, thanks to their silky coat. This breed will love to spend time with you, communicating in soft chirping meows.

Cornish Rex

This adaptable feline has many benefits for first-time owners; they get on well with young children and other pets and will happily coexist in a home with a dog.

In addition, the Cornish Rex is playful and remains that way even as they age, making it the perfect companion for children. And they are equally happy to come and curl up on your lap when you want to take some time out and relax.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is an easygoing breed that enjoys playtime and lazy cuddles in equal amounts. 

It Possesses a soft voice and simple grooming requirements. This low-maintenance pet is a great, no-fuss addition to your home.

While your Exotic Shorthair will be extremely loving towards its family, you may find that they can be wary of strangers, so you’ll need to be patient with them and provide a space to retreat when you have visitors.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is among the largest of all domestic cat breeds, accompanied by one of the biggest hearts to boot. This friendly creature will show you plenty of affection and enjoy following you around the house to see what you’re up to.

But, they aren’t overly dependent and are also happy to do their own thing for a while. In addition, they are friendly towards children and other pets and will make themselves a valuable member of your family.

They love to play, hunt, and have long hair that requires regular grooming, but this gentle giant is sweet-tempered, non-aggressive, and the perfect playmate for any family.


The Persian cat resembles a living doll with a big head and large round eyes that you will fall in love with. As well as being lovely to look at, this breed is exceptionally calm and gentle. They are pretty inactive, and you can leave them alone without hassle.

Relatively low maintenance, this is an easygoing, chilled-out cat who will mostly lounge around and enjoy cuddling with you. They do have short bursts of energy now and again but are not the type of cats to play lots of games with young children.


Cuddly and affectionate, the Ragdoll is a crossbreed of Persian and Berman, who loves to be around people, including families and children. They are a quiet, docile breed but will happily engage in a playtime session when prompted.

They get the name “Ragdoll” from their quality of relaxing and becoming limp and floppy when you hold them in your arms – they are that chilled out.

They have long hair, which requires regular grooming, and you’ll need to brush them a minimum of twice a week to prevent tangles or mats.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a loyal cat who bonds closely to its owners but can be a little wary of strangers. They are an emotionally intelligent breed that will pick up on your mood and give you a cuddle when you’re feeling down.

They are a moderately active breed that is pretty quiet (except when they’re hungry).

Scottish Fold

The folded ears of this Scottish breed give them an owlish appearance – and they have the intelligence to match. These cats will keep you entertained by possessing a quirky, curious, and outgoing personalities.

An affectionate breed, they will tolerate children, though they may struggle with boisterous youngsters. They can adapt well to different circumstances and are just as happy to live in a one-bedroom apartment as they are on a homestead.

Their long hair requires weekly brushing, which will be easy to do as they cuddle up on your lap and let out a little chirp.


This breed is gentle and affectionate and loves to be in the company of its humans. They have low-maintenance grooming needs thanks to their short hair, but they can demand your attention.

It’s often best to purchase Siamese cats in pairs, especially if your home will be empty for large amounts of the day. This breed is highly vocal and needs a companion to talk to and spend time with constantly. In return, you’ll have a loyal and loving fur baby and friend.

If you’re looking for a talkative and cuddly companion who’ll enjoy spending lots of time with you, then the Siamese could be the perfect match.


The Somali is an active and playful cat who loves attention and affection but will not be too demanding of its humans. They are just as happy to play with toys or other cats as they are to spend time with you, so you can adapt their routine to suit your needs.

Also, they are relatively quiet breeds who communicate with gentle chirps rather than large howling meows.


This hairless species is the perfect social butterfly that loves interacting with people. They are cuddly, affectionate, and playful felines who enjoy plenty of attention.

While they don’t have fur for brushing, they require regular bathing sessions.

Final Thoughts

There’s no such thing as the perfect cat breed; it all comes down to the personality and temperament that best suits your home. 

However, some breeds are incredibly easygoing and adaptable, so regardless of your circumstances, they will happily join your family and provide you with a loving, loyal pet.

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