What Is The Best Cat Tree For Senior Cats?

If you have an older cat, then you’ve noticed that they are not as agile as they once were.

Just like humans, cats can struggle with arthritis or other mobility issues. That’s why we wanted to share the best cat tree for senior cats.

What Is The Best Cat Tree For Senior Cats?

The best cat trees for older cats are the ones that are designed with senior cats in mind. They have been built to accommodate cats with mobility issues, arthritis, low activity levels, and other orthopedic or neurological conditions that can affect felines.

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Top Pick

This is our top pick for senior cat owners.

Amazon Basics Multi-Level Cat Tree Indoor Climbing Activity Tower with Scratching Posts, Cave, and Step Ladder, Large, Beige, 19 in x 19 in x 50 in
  • Multi-platform indoor cat tree and climbing activity tower for cat playtime, scratching, and snoozing
  • Includes a sturdy cat tower made of chipboard with plush beige carpeting, plus tools and instructions for easy assembly

This means that unlike the cat furniture that is designed for younger cats that has hanging toys for entertainment, stairs to encourage exercise and aerobics.  

Elderly cats have different requirements that you will want to consider so they can utilize the cat tree without issues.  

What To Look For In A Senior Cat Tree?

Safety: Invest in a cat tree that makes your senior cat feel safe. The furniture should be their safe haven where they can find someplace to scratch, sleep, relax, and feel secure. 

Material: Most cat trees are soft padded plush material to provide comfort to your feline friend.

Your older cat will spend more time sleeping on the perch, so make sure that the cat trees are constructed with quality material that’ll last.

Make sure you check all the bedding areas on the cat tree, such as inside the house, and all the lounging hammocks. 

You’ll want to opt for one that has soft material in the bedding areas, platform and anywhere they’ll be walking and sleeping. 

Supportive: Before making your purchase, make sure you look at everything including the type of wood or steel that is used in the construction of the base of the furniture.

You’ll want to ensure that it is supportive enough to hold your cat’s weight, especially, if you have more than one cat. 

Ramps: Cats use a lot of energy to jump on furniture and other high places. Even though your geriatric cat still likes to jump, they won’t be able to jump as high as they did when they’re older.

Senior cats can struggle with sore joints from arthritis or other ailments.

So it’s important to find a cat tree with a ramp that will allow them to get up on the furniture without having to exert a lot of energy jumping. 

Scratch Post: All felines love to sharpen their claws, even older cats. Choose one that is designed with sisal rope or other durable material. This will prevent the post from becoming ragged quickly.

5 Of The Best Cat Trees For Older Cats

#1 AmazonBasics Cat Tree For Senior Cats

AmazonBasics climbing furniture is great for older and larger cats. It comes in 6 different styles, so you’re sure to find the one that fits your cat’s needs.

The tiered platforms are perfect for cats that need more space and love playing, climbing and relaxing.


  • Relaxation: Perfectscratch-friendly haven for your pet to jump, play or just lounge for hours.
  • Height: High enough for your cat to look outdoors while lounging by the windowsill.
  • Multi-Platform: Easy for your cat to maneuver while being able to access the enclosure and scratch posts.
  • Colors: It comes in neutral colors that will fit with your home decor.
  • Durability: Constructed of durable materials that will last for years.
  • Damage Control: Great deterrent from having your cat scratch furniture, blinds, drapes or climb kitchen counters.
  • Sturdy: Consists of a large support base that won’t tip over while your cat is lounging, jumping or playing.
  • Assembly: Comes complete with all the necessary hardware.


  • Steps: Are small and may not be suitable for cats that are overweight.

#2 Paws Road Luxury Cat Tower For Senior Cats

The Paws Road Cat Treat Tower with Double Condos with a scratching post that is wrapped with natural sisal. Perfect if you have more than one cat or your cat loves spacious areas.

It can be purchased in either grey or beige to help match your home decor. It’s sure to make your older cat feel safe and secure while taking a catnap.


  • Relaxation Spots: Your kitty will enjoy napping in the private cozy apartments that are created with felt or plush, making it extremely comfortable for their old joints.
  • Height: The padded perch stands 34” high, to give your cat the perfect bird’s eye view of what’s going on around them. Place the cat tree by a window and allow your cat to lounge and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Dangling Ball: Even older cats will love the dangling fuzzy ball they can bat whenever they feel like stalking and batting something. It can be detached if it becomes bothersome to your older cat.
  • Quality Material: Designed with a luxurious plush material that will help absorb the shock on your kitty’s joints.
  • Durable Base: Designed with a heavy-duty base that won’t tip over when your cat is moving around or just lounging on the top hammock.
  • Washable: The top cover is removable and can be thrown in the washer machine for easy cleaning. Perfect for cleaning up vomit, or any unexpected accidents.
  • Privacy: The dual enclosed condos will provide your kitty with a quiet place to curl up and take naps.
  • Assembly: It comes with easy to follow step by step instructions.


  • Smaller Cat Tree: Once put together it is a smaller cat tree that is perfect for smaller home or an apartment.

#3 Trixie Pet Product Playground For Senior Cats

The Trixie Elsa senior cat tree is great for the geriatric or chubby felines. It is extremely sturdy and makes moving around extremely easy on your cat. 

They will love the extra-wide hammock that gives them the perfect place to perch their bodies.


  • Scratch Posts: Covered with sisal rope that will be able to withstand your cat’s sharp claws.
  • Stairs: These plush stairs will make climbing to the top so much easier for your senior cat
  • Platforms: Designed with plush material and plenty of space for your cat to maneuver the ring-shaped platforms.
  • Bedding: Removes easily and can be thrown in the washer machine on the gentle cycle.
  • Assembly: Easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary hardware.
  • Wood Dimensions: “30.5 x 26.75 x 34.5”
  • Sturdy: Designed with your cats safety in mind. It is very sturdy, including the platforms and stairs and it has more than enough room for larger cats.


  • Parts: Some people complained about some of the pieces of hardware missing from the box, so make sure you check it when it arrives.

#4 Trixie Baza Senior Cat Tree With Hammock and Scratch Post

Your older cat will love the Trixie Baza Cat tree and so will your kitty. The jute scratching posts will give them their own place to sharpen their claws, which will save your furniture and carpet.

It’s the perfect safe haven for your cat to play, relax, or use as a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts. 

It comes in assorted different colors to match your home decor. You can purchase it in the following colors; Baza Grande, Cream, Gray, Baza Senior, Cream, Baza with Brush, Gray, or Original Baza Cream.


  • Fabric: Wrapped and covered in a long-haired plush material that will be extremely comfortable on your kitty’s joints.
  • Posts: Are wrapped in natural sisal to help keep them durable and long-lasting.
  • Toy: Even older cats can be spunky and they will love the hanging toy on a string.


  • Couldn’t find any negative reviews, it is a great product for the cheap price.

#5 Feandrea Medium Cat Tower With 3 Bed Condo For Senior Cats

The rustic brown and white Feandrea Cat Tower with Condo is perfect for prince and princesses. Spacious cat caves that are lined with cuddly imitation fur will provide your kitty with the best sleep ever!

They can choose between the spacious cat cave or the perches on top. Either way, they will love the stability and feel safe and secure whenever they’re on it.


  • Scratch Post: Completely wrapped in sisal to withstand the sharpest claws.
  • Napping Spots: Comes with 3 beds and a house to help your kitty hide and get their much-needed rest.
  • Washable: The cushions are removable to allow for easy cleaning.
  • Vintage Design: The aesthetics will look great in any household.
  • Faux Fur Mats: Your cats will enjoy cuddling and sleeping on them.
  • Suitable: For younger or older cats.


  • Cushions: Tend to get dirty quickly, especially if your cat sheds a lot

Final Take Away

Just because you have an older cat, doesn’t mean they don’t need toys, condos or other accessories they used to love when they were younger.

As your cat ages, you just need to realize that you need to make changes to their diets and lifestyles to make their life more comfortable. 

All cats love having some furniture to play and sleep on. Mine sleep on their perch all day long, especially when they’re trying to get away from children.