Bengal Cat vs Maine Coon [Similarities & Differences]

Have you ever wondered about the differences between Maine Coons and Bengal cats? These breeds are quite similar in some ways. But they also have some significant differences. Which one is right for you and your family will depend on your circumstances, so we’re going to discuss their temperaments and needs and help you decide.

Bengal Cat Vs. Maine Coon

A major difference between a Bengal cat and a Maine Coon lies in their fur. Bengal cats have smooth, silky coats, while Maine Coons are thick-coated and fluffy. In addition, both are quite large cats, although Maine Coons can be more prominent. Both breeds are highly sociable and love to play. They are also intelligent, fast learners.

What Are The Similarities?

So, in what ways are these two cats similar? We’ll take a closer look at the similarities of these two breeds. 


If you’re looking for a cat that is gentle and has a sweet nature, either a Maine Coon or a Bengal will fit the bill. They are both affectionate, loyal creatures. 

Maine Coons are said to have dog-like tendencies because of their attachment to humans (as well as other characteristics), and Bengals love pretty much everyone they meet.

Maine Coons are sometimes more relaxed than Bengals, but both do need quite a lot of love and attention to keep them happy. 

They want to be with their humans a lot of the time or with other companion animals. If you are up for lots of cuddles and pets, either of these breeds should be suitable for you.

If you want a slightly more aloof cat that’s happy to do its own thing, look for a different companion, as these cats like their cuddles and will be unhappy if they aren’t given sufficient attention and affection.


Again, both cats are pretty active creatures. Bengals, in particular, love to play. In addition, their wild cat ancestry leads to keen hunting instincts and a desire to be practicing and honing their skills constantly. 

Maine Coons also like plenty of activity and exercise, although they may not outstrip the Bengal in their requirements.

You might be surprised to learn that Maine Coons and Bengals enjoy playing and paddling in water. 

While domestic house cats are famous for their hatred of water – even in tiny quantities – these breeds love it.

You can entertain a Bengal cat or a Maine Coon for hours by providing them with a tub or tray of water or giving them a bath to paddle in. This is great for enrichment and keeping them busy. Plus, it is good fun to watch them.

You do need to give both these cats some exercise, usually through play or through walking. Both species enjoy walking once they have had a chance to get used to a harness and leash. However, you will probably find individuals that also dislike it. And they need plenty of exercise to maintain their weight and health.

According to AnimalsA2Z, many Maine Coons suffer from obesity, and this risk can be mitigated by regular walking. Perhaps even once or twice every day. You also need to keep an eye on their diet to make sure they aren’t eating more than they need or getting too many treats.

If you don’t want to walk a cat, you should set up a good space for them to burn off energy and consider building an outdoor cat run or giving them access to free-roaming space if you can do so safely. 

These cats are high-energy breeds and need a lot of exercise to stay fit and happy.


Again, their intelligence is a significant similarity between these two felines. They are both very smart creatures and will enjoy playing games that challenge their intellect. 

According to MyCatBreeds, Bengal cats have the ability to learn tricks and can even be taught to fetch things.

Maine Coons may not learn tricks like this, but they are still very smart cats. In addition, they are insatiably curious and like to explore everything, so any new item or person in the house can expect a thorough examination upon entry.

These cats will love being given new toys or challenged with finding treats. You should try and rotate toys to keep them interested and make sure you have something new to hand when they get bored with their current toys.

Don’t underestimate the ability of these cats to figure things out, either. 

Maine Coons have learned to turn on taps when they want water, which is an incredible feat, and one to be aware of – you don’t want your house flooding!

Make sure that anything you want to keep away from the cats is indeed locked up, or you may find that they have opened the cupboard or upturned the box and got into it anyway. Smart cats are great, but don’t underestimate their intelligence!

What Are The Differences?

So, the two breeds are quite similar in terms of their temperaments and intelligence, and their activity needs. Next, let’s look at how they differ from each other.


The most obvious difference is in the looks of the two cats. You could hardly get a bigger diversity here. Maine Coons are very fluffy felines, while Bengal cats are sleek, slim, and elegant. 

One looks like a cloud, the other like a miniature leopard.

Maine Coons are often a little heavier than Bengal cats; they can weigh up to nine kilograms, while Bengal cats usually only reach about seven.

A Maine Coon’s coat has three layers, including a waterproof coat, while a Bengal cat has just one layer; it isn’t even double-coated like most domestic house cats. 

This is partly why they look so different. A Maine Coon also has a ruff on its chest, and a Bengal cat is sleek all over. A Maine Coon’s tail is very bushy.


Both cats need a lot of time from you in terms of wanting your attention, but what about other aspects of care? 

The Bengal needs a lot less when it comes to brushing. On the other hand, a Maine Coon’s fluffy coat requires plenty of care.

These cats should be brushed about twice a week, especially in the winter, when their coats are thicker. 

If your cat spends a lot of time outside, it may need more frequent brushing to take care of burs and snags in its coat.

Obviously, this is a big time commitment for some people, and groomers can be expensive, so this is important to consider before taking on a Maine Coon. Coat maintenance is critical.

By contrast, a Bengal cat should not need brushing; they have short, single-layer coats that they will groom themselves. Of course, you can groom your Bengal cat if you wish to, but for the most part, this won’t be necessary.

Final Word

Bengal cats and Maine Coons are entirely different creatures, especially in terms of their looks. However, they both make wonderful companions, full of love and affection and a need for cuddles. 

They will be glad to spend time with you at any point, and they are very loyal creatures.

If you are struggling to choose between the two, think carefully about your setup and what you can offer. They require a lot of space and commitment, particularly Bengal cats, which are high-energy. 

Think about things like grooming and exercising when weighing up your decision.

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