Are Cats Allowed In Restaurants What You Need to Know

If you spend a lot of time traveling with your cat, you’ve probably wondered “are cats allowed in restaurants?” After all, you took Fluffy with you because you enjoy spending time with them. Well, I’ve found everything you need to know about whether or not you can take your pet to a restaurant.

While there are several counties in the United States that allow dogs on restaurant patios, unfortunately, it doesn’t extend to cats. (at least not at this time).

In fact, there are 10 states that allow dogs to eat with their owner out on the patio and they are:

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Maryland
  4. Minnesota
  5. New Hampshire
  6. New Mexico
  7. New York
  8. Rhode Island
  9. Tennessee
  10. Illinois

I know that it doesn’t seem fair, because cat owners are not allowed to take their pets into restaurants. We’ll take a look at why not below.

FDA Animals in Restaurants Laws

The Food and Drug Administration Food Guide specifically says that no live animals of any kind are not permitted on the premises of grocery stores, a restaurant or other food establishments.

This prohibition applies to dogs, birds, cats, and other animals. However, there are cities around the United States that are like New York that is signing legislation that allows dogs in restaurants, patios, and courtyards. (maybe one day, it will happen for cats?)

Should Cats Be Allowed In Restaurants?

Most restaurants will not allow pets because they can carry a myriad of diseases, and many people are allergic to both cats and dogs. Unlike dogs, cats tend to climb on furniture and no one wants to risk the chance of cats climbing on the dining room tables or countertops.

You can teach a dog to sit under a chair quietly as you eat. Cats are too independent and they ignore their owners and do as they please. Their curiosity tends to get the best of them and they can get too close to other customers who don’t want anything to do with your kitty.

Where Are Cats Allowed In Restaurants?

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for some cat-friendly restaurants, it’s going to take some time to find them. Most people just don’t want cats inside their establishments.

Unless your cat, guinea pig, cockatoo, or pet ferret is crated and quite, don’t even think about asking about it. In most cases, regulations in covering food establishments and pets specifically pertain to dogs.

Are Pets Allowed In Restaurants In California?

California is a state that seems to accept a lot of things that most states won’t. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any food establishments in California that accept cats.

Breweries That Allow Cats

I’ve found some breweries that allow well-behaved animals on leashes. These are located in different areas around the United States. If you have any questions, be sure to contact them before you take your feline friend.

Breweries allow both cats and dogs as long as they are on a harness and well behaved:

Sierra Nevada: According to their policy, well-behaved pets are allowed in designated outdoor areas behind the Taproom. You can bring your dog, cat, and rabbit.

Bens Tune Up: A brewery in Asheville, NC allows both pets. You may want to contact them, the last time I read some reviews it said that pets of all kinds.

Should Pets Be Allowed In Restaurants UK?

If you’re on an international trip with your cat, there are some places that allow both cats and dogs in their restaurants. The EU Regulations do not prohibit the presence of animals in pubs, restaurants, and takeaways.

Basically, it is up to the owner on whether they allow animals in their establishment. When visiting International restaurants, make sure that you read their website to see if you can bring Fluffy with you.

According to the Irish Times, dogs and cats are now legally allowed in restaurants.

How to Find Cat Friendly Restaurants?

If you really want to take treat Fluffy with a night out on the town, you’ll need to find some pet-friendly restaurants, pubs, eateries, and cafes across the United States.

It will take some time, but I have no doubt that you’ll find some that allow you to bring your feline friend. Most food establishments are not as cat-friendly as they are about dogs.

But don’t give up, I have no doubt that you’ll be able to find some. In fact, I’ve put together a list of 16 cat-friendly restaurants you may want to consider visiting.

Four Top Tips for Pets In Restaurants

If you do happen to find a restaurant that allows your cat to enter, make sure that you’re following these tips to make your experience and the other guests as pleasant as possible.

  1. Keep your cat on a harness at all times. (Find the best cat harness to buy)
  2. Make sure that your cat sits next to you or under the table to keep them out of the way of other customers.
  3. If your cat is not used to dogs or other animals, make sure you shorten the leash, to ensure that they don’t distract others or start fights.
  4. When you’re done eating, pick up your pet and carry it in your arms if you are passing someone or a guide dog, or assistance dog.

Basically, use common sense when your pet is in public. Not everyone loves cats and not everyone wants your cat rubbing up against their legs or begging for attention.

Bottom Line

Depending on where you’re traveling with your cat, you may just have to order in and eat with your kitty. Unless you can find a sitter who will watch your cat while you enjoy a night out on the town.

If you really want to take your cat with you, then spend time browsing online to find out where people accept cats in their establishments.

They won’t be as easy to find, because it’s not really heard of for cat owners to bring their cat with them to eat out.