Are Bengal Cats Indoor or Outdoor Cats?

The Bengal cat is a medium-sized domesticated breed of cat. They come in many different colors and patterns. One interesting thing about the Bengal cat is that they are not fully outdoor or indoor pets. This article will discuss what that means and give some tips on caring for your furry friend!

Are Bengal Cats Indoor or Outdoor Cats?

Ideally, Bengal cats should have some outdoor space. However, you can keep a Bengal cat indoors, provided it has plenty of enrichment and activity. Bengal cats are highly active and athletic. And an indoor-only Bengal will need an immense amount of play and care to keep it happy.

It’s perfectly fine to let a Bengal cat be both an indoor and outdoor cat. However, as a pet owner, it’s vital to understand the dangers they could face.

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Why Might I Keep My Bengal Inside?

You might keep your Bengal cat inside for many reasons. The first is the cat’s safety. Bengal cats are valuable, rare, and beautiful, and they are vulnerable to being stolen. Therefore, it is essential not to put them in this position.

They could also very easily get hit by a car; road traffic accidents are a major cause of death in all cats, and Bengal cats are no exception.

This is one of the most significant risks to your furry friend, so it’s a risk best avoided, especially as roads get busier and busier in our modern world.

If your kitty enjoys spending time outdoors, consider setting up an area specifically for them. There are many outdoor playpens you can use to help keep your feline friend safe. 

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Bengal cats are also vulnerable to getting lost, and nobody wants to lose their cat. If your kitty wanders away from home or gets spooked by something, just like any domestic cat, it may not be able to find its way back.

Furthermore, it could get into fights with other cats or get injured by dogs. Bengals are large animals and can fend for themselves reasonably well. But that’s no reason to risk your cat’s health by letting it roam free. 

Your cat might get chased by a large dog and could even be killed by one.

A final reason for keeping Bengal cats indoors is that they tend to be excellent hunters. Because they have wild ancestors, they have superb hunting instincts, and they are powerful, fast creatures. For the sake of birds and other wildlife, keeping your Bengal cat indoors may be the best option.

There aren’t really any ways you can stop a cat from hunting. Cats are dangerous predators to all sorts of small creatures. A Bengal cat’s wild ancestry is more likely to have a high prey drive and spend a lot of time hunting.

These are all excellent reasons to keep your cat indoors – so what reasons might you have for letting them out?

Why Might I Let My Bengal Outside?

Bengal cats undoubtedly enjoy being outside. While their wild instincts cause a problem for their prey, they also make the cats less likely to be happy and settled if they are constantly kept inside. In addition, these cats need a lot of stimulation and exercise, and it can be hard to provide this in an indoor setting.

Many Bengal cats prefer spending time outdoors, and as they are keen climbers, this environment offers lots of opportunities for them to exercise. The outdoor world will contain new scents, smells, things to watch, do, etc.

Outside, Bengals can climb, dig, hunt, explore, and meet other creatures. Outdoor activity is a great way to keep your Bengal happy, relaxed, well-exercised, and stimulated.

A Bengal cat that is cooped up all the time is likely to get restless and bored, so you should consider how you can let your cat enjoy the outside world safely.

Another potential reason to let your Bengal outside from time to time is safety. Familiarizing your Bengal with the area, it lives in can make it safer if it does accidentally escape sometimes. An indoor cat that has never encountered the outside world is highly vulnerable and likely to get lost.

It’s easy for indoor cats to escape, and many get disorientated and frightened fast. By allowing your Bengal some chances to go outside, you reduce this risk.

What Do I Need to Know About Before Letting My Bengal Outside?

Consider how you can minimize the problems listed earlier to make it as safe as possible for your Bengal to go outside. To do this, you need to think about the specific dangers your cat might face in your area. 

For example, if you live somewhere with busy roads, you need to think about keeping your Bengal in your yard or garden.

If you live in the open country, think about foxes or coyotes, etc., and consider keeping your Bengal cat inside at night or when these animals are at their most active.

Another danger is humans. Some people will poison stray cats that wander into their yards. 

You may feel that your local area is too dangerous, and there aren’t any reasonable steps you can take to reduce all the risks effectively. However, there is still something you can do to try and keep your kitty safe.

The best option is to install a cat run in your garden. You can give it a large outdoor space with grass, sunshine, and even a water area to play in if you have enough room. This space can contain perches and climbing spaces and give your cat a chance to safely enjoy the great outdoors.

Most cats will enjoy being in a cat run, and it gives them protection from other animals and people and gives other animals protection from them!

Remember that this run needs to be very secure. Bengal cats can jump up to three times their own height, and they are strong felines that can easily push through damaged netting or wire. To keep them safe, use quality building materials or purchase a commercial run from a reputable supplier.

You may feel that you don’t need a cat run, and that’s okay; this will depend heavily on your living conditions and the potential risks around you.

Can You Walk Bengal Cats On A Leash?

Another great way to give your Bengal some quality outdoor time without the hazards mentioned above is leash walking. BengalCatClub explains how you can acclimatize your kitty to leash walking by getting it used to the leash and harness first and then taking it out.

Leash walking is a great way to keep your cat safe and give them the freedom to explore new environments. It’s also a great bonding exercise for you both. These cats are very intelligent. Most should adapt to walking on a leash reasonably well, especially if they are taught at a young age.

You can take your Bengal out for walks just like you would a dog and allow them to explore new areas.

However, don’t walk your cat without a harness. Their collar alone is not safe to clip to a leash; this could hurt the cat’s neck if you or they pull. Always use a safety harness and get your kitty adjusted to it before you try taking them outdoors wearing it.

Final Word

Bengal cats generally prefer to have at least some access to the outdoors. That isn’t to say a Bengal cat can’t be happy indoors. Especially, if it has plenty of space, toys, and interaction. But in general, these felines prefer to spend at least some time outside.

Before letting your cat out, assess and mitigate any potential risks. Ensure they have a safe place to play outside safely to help give you peace of mind.

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